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Your letters for Monday, Dec. 12 (with poll)

It’s expected that teachers are competent

Re: “Math skills are vital,” Editorial, Dec. 9.

We have a problem. One or more savants have devised a new math that the teachers have not mastered well enough to teach to our children, who are progressively failing. 1,253 more words


Craig comeback as likely as second coming

Colin Craig is talking about being open to political comeback. Is he that out of touch with reality?

Barry Soper at NZH: Colin Craig open to a political comeback… 741 more words


MacGregor found not to have breached confidentiality agreement

The Human Rights Review Tribunal decision (MacGregor v Craig NZHRRT 6) has determined that Rachel MacGregor did not breach the confidentiality agreement made with Colin Craig in a Human Rights Commission mediation process. 952 more words


MacGregor v Craig [2016] NZHRRT 6

Most of the media attention on the Human Rights Review Tribunal decision (MacGregor v Craig NZHRRT 6) is on the findings made against Colin Craig, and the damages awarded  to MacGregor totalling $128,780. 144 more words


Slater explains Craig's appeal problem

Bill Hodge, expert on defamation, has called the award of $1.27 million in damages against Colin Craig as “breathtaking, eye-watering and mind-boggling” and that it is potentially a landmark moment in New Zealand defamation history. 1,222 more words


High cost of civil justice

That a public spat over a woman is going to end up costing people millions of dollars seems quite remarkable. One person involved, Colin Craig, wanted to be a politician and the other, Jordan Williams, was a political activist/lobbyist, but the costs involved in seeking civil just (that at times was far from civil) are mind boggling. 744 more words