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Craig versus Slater gets more bizarre

Colin Craig has escalated his legal battle with Cameron Slater with a new court action, seeking 13,000 for Slater publishing a poem written by Craig. 459 more words


Check it Out!

We have been busy little beavers at the Barn over the holiday season.  The bathrooms are coming together nicely.  There will be one handicapped accessible bathroom on the main level and large women’s and men’s bathrooms on the lower level.  91 more words

Things I Hate: Bad Grammar

Many people have complained to me about a now extinct politician’s poor grammar. Here is a good example of his grammatical skills:

If you are a stickler for correct grammar, you would have spotted that there is a capital letter and a comma in the wrong place. 23 more words

Craig won't seek leadership - yet

The newly elected Conservative Party board (some members were in the previous board) is looking for a new party leader. Colin Craig has said he won’t seek re-election – for now. 189 more words


Slater versus Craig and Mr X...

It’s not surprising to see Cameron Slater making the most of the revelation that Colin Craig was the Mr X in the Dirty Politics booklet attacking Slate that was delivered to letter boxes around the country. 391 more words


Colin Craig makes Cameron Slater right and Craig's defenders wrong

I didn’t like the way Cameron Slater conducted a campaign against the Conservative Party and I still don’t. However it appears Slater was right about Craig and all those who defended him were wrong. 235 more words

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Colin Craig's 'Mr X'

This morning The Nation will reveal who the ‘Mr X’ was who featured in the Colin Craig booklet that was delivered to households around the country. 856 more words