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Effective Academic Writing and the Learning Process

Last year, Stanford professor and AI researcher Andrew Ng told Harvard Business Review that if a typical person can do a mental task with less than one second of thought, it can probably be automated by using artificial intelligence. 601 more words


Aligning Oral Communication w/ real-world pragmatics (handout)

Our recent presentation at the state TexTESOL was a blast!  Here’s a link to the handout:  Aligning OC & Pragmatics.  We talked about pragmatics, grammar, vocabulary, and lexicogrammatical chunks. 97 more words


Finding or adapting just-right materials

While traveling for a sabbatical, Alice has had a chance to talk to students and teachers at various language programs across the U.S. This post was inspired by an encounter she had with a student at a community college program in the northeast. 1,074 more words


Speed Work in the Reading Classroom

Yesterday, I went on a beautiful fall walk with a friend who happens to be a personal trainer. I told her I like to jog slowly. 1,013 more words


Using Graded Texts across the Curriculum

Along with our newest feature, downloadable, graded texts, we’ve been doing some research on extensive reading, and it turns out that in many programs, fluency reading is an ESOL underdog. 1,390 more words


Introducing Graded Texts And Five Ways to Use them

If reading exists on a continuum, then intensive reading occupies the end where students work heavily on reading skills. Intensive lessons generally include much frontloading in the form of vocabulary work and schema building. 1,432 more words


Plotlands Map 2.0

Following a long hiatus I have finally found time to resume work on the mapping of UK plotlander sites and have now published an interactive map… 226 more words