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Re-purposing the writing process for beginner ELLs

Trio Writing authors Alice Savage and Colin Ward offer 6 practical activities to help your beginner level students write successfully in English.

For native speakers, a writing process that starts with a plan and ends with sentence-level editing makes sense.  715 more words

Adults / Young Adults

Sentence Builder Boxes: Support for beginning writers

Meeting the demands of writing with language learning is an uphill climb, so one nice thing we can do for second language writers is reduce their cognitive load. 553 more words


The Rollercoaster Effect of Language Learning

How is language learning like a roller coaster?

Diane Larsen-Freeman (2008) notes that language learning is a complex, dynamic system. According to Freeman, language learning is constantly in motion. 709 more words


Three simple ways to use power points in ELT

Power point presentations were never meant for English language teaching, but they lend themselves to lesson plans in myriad ways and are a great way to get one’s feet wet in the waters of technology  A very simple power point can be a reusable answer key, a worksheet, a game, or some other interactive practice.   530 more words


Start the Day with a Grammar Throwdown!

Students love games. A little competition can often bring out the best in them.

A Grammar Throwdown is a very simple yet effective game you can bring to any class to reinforce the grammar your students are studying or need to review. 423 more words


A seed beneath the snow...

From Anarchy in Action (1973) by Colin Ward:

Anarchist society, a society which organizes itself without authority, is always in existence, like a seed beneath the snow, buried under the weight of the state and its bureaucracy, capitalism and its waste, privilege and its injustices,nationalism and its suicidal loyalties,religious differences and their superstitious separatism…

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Political Economy