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Adrift in Soho: Beatniks, Bums and Bohemians.

The story opens in the late summer of 1955. Nineteen-year-old Harry Preston, having been granted an early discharge from national service with the RAF, moves to London from a small English provincial town to find life and adventure. 99 more words


Writing Tip of the Day 5-11-18 (John Grant)

A couple of days ago I asked two-time Hugo Award winner John Grant what advice he’d have for aspiring writers. His newest book is Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology, and Politics in Science (revised & expanded). 348 more words

Science Fiction

Do I look Yemenite in this?

This evening I had one of those encounters;

We were out for a meal at the local Indian restaurant.

Head Waiter: You from Yemen?

RK: Glasgow. 480 more words



Where would I rather,

Be, go?

I hear the cars passing my window,

See the collared doves

framed against the white sky.

There is a world out there… 327 more words


Are thought and experience philosophically compatible?

Existentialism meets the world through experience, metaphysics meets the world through the limits of experience

The assertion on trial in this paper is the idea that metaphysics and existentialism are as incompatible as they are often considered to be. 2,686 more words


On existential freedom

To be completely free, we could simply say, is to be able to act however we wish,without any constraints blocking our ability to act and think in accordance with our volition. 1,560 more words


20% Discount on my titles at Floris Books

The generous people at Floris Books are offering a 20% discount on my titles from now until the end of April. Along with Lost Knowledge of the Imagination… 651 more words