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Philip Pullman on Beyond the Robot

I was surprised to see that Philip Pullman, author of the His Dark Materials trilogy and much more, followed me on Twitter. But then I knew that he was a reader of Colin Wilson and so perhaps it wasn’t so strange after all. 190 more words


What Would the Superman Do?

(This is an article I wrote a while back, but apparently misfiled and just found. So some references are out of chronological order with other posts.) 1,751 more words

The Law of Three - Another Look

There is a concept in the Fourth Way teachings that Gurdjieff called the Law of Three. What this is, is a set of three forces that he says are necessary for any action to be made, and without the work of all three of these forces, nothing can be done. 1,553 more words

The Law of Accident

There is a law that Gurdjieff discussed in the Fourth Way teachings that is a lot less marketable and exciting than the Law of Attraction. This is what he described as the Law of Accident, which he says governs the vast majority of people’s actions. 1,526 more words

The Case for Levitation

In March 2016, “Shattered Reality Podcast” welcomed guest Michael Grosso, PhD to talk about his book, The Man Who Could Fly, which details the story of St. 1,274 more words


Some rather occult interviews

Here are links to two recent interviews, one with Dave Halpin at Occultum, the other with Greg Kaminsky at Occult of Personality. Both more or less center around  147 more words


The Problem of Laziness

I would like to talk about laziness, but I am creating my own definition of laziness for this purpose. When I am talking about laziness I’m referring to the same thing that Gurdjieff calls “waking sleep” in the Fourth Way, and which Colin Wilson describes as “the robot” part of us or a sort of “threshold of indifference” that we all experience. 1,506 more words