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The Problem of Laziness

I would like to talk about laziness, but I am creating my own definition of laziness for this purpose. When I am talking about laziness I’m referring to the same thing that Gurdjieff calls “waking sleep” in the Fourth Way, and which Colin Wilson describes as “the robot” part of us or a sort of “threshold of indifference” that we all experience. 1,506 more words


People talk about freedom a lot. There is a dominant idea in this country that we are fighting for freedom, or retaining freedom, or our highest ideal is freedom, or some such. 1,443 more words

Off The Shelf; Colin Wilson

The extremely talented Mr Colin Henry Wilson was an English writer and Philosopher whose earliest works were concerned with what he called ‘phenomenological existentialism’. He was originally part of a group of novelists and playwrights working during the 1950s who became known as the angry young men due to their disillusionment with traditional British society but later branched out into fiction, the occult, the paranormal and true crime amongst various other subjects. 390 more words


Energy Exchange

I have had anxiety issues for a very many years; however I’m not sure how long because I was not really paying attention to it when I was younger. 1,819 more words

Predators win game two, take 2-0 series lead over Anaheim

ANAHEIM, Cal. (WKRN) – The Nashville Predators scored three straight goals on their way to a 3-2 win Sunday night in Anaheim.

With the win, the Preds swept the first two games of a playoff series 2-0 for the first time in team history. 60 more words


Forsberg goes to bank in Predators' 3-2 win over Ducks

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — On his first shift of the playoffs, James Neal pounced on an unattended puck in the slot in front of the Anaheim Ducks’ net. 681 more words


Our Minds Are Lying to Us

When I was younger I was much more dramatic about life. I was either consumed with something I thought was exciting or worth my focus or I was feeling hopeless and moping around about how miserable I was and all the things I wanted that I couldn’t have. 1,679 more words