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Coyote - Colin Winnette


I’ve heard people say that this book is manipulative in a kind of bad way, tbh I felt it handled the subject matter quite well, obviously it’s somewhat easy to draw an emotional reaction from a reader when your storyline features a missing child and the grieving parents, but the entire mood and poise of the language of this book is something to be admired. 270 more words

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There’s a new(ish) literary journal in Austin, The Austin Review! From their most recent issue, An Executionby Gabe Durham, is a comment about the death penalty and how, in our modern technological age, the internet grants a type of anonymity that often leads to less-than-well-thought-out commentary on serious issues- like the loss of life. 194 more words

Dread Country: Colin Winnette's 'Coyote'

This week I reached into a pile of January galleys and removed a hideous green object called Coyote. It’s written by Colin Winnette, an author I’ve never heard of, for Les Figues Press, a publisher I’m not overly familiar with.  561 more words


Acid Western Resurgence?

I think anyone who reads this blog is pretty aware of how enamored I am with Acid Westerns. So enamored that I wrote my own, which is coming out in about a month (!). 209 more words

Acid Western