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Why I Don’t Miss Meat & Why Ulcerative Colitis is Gone Forever

Why I Don’t Miss Meat & Why Ulcerative Colitis is Gone Forever

by David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathoic Doctor
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center… 827 more words


Researchers identify Dendritic cells that restrain intestinal inflammation (colitis) in epithelial cells

Intestinal mucosa forms a strong interface between the body tissues and external environment, by forming a well-structured barrier against physical, chemical stress and microorganisms. In fact, the epithelial layer, mucus, antimicrobial peptides, secreted immunoglobulin A, and innate and adaptive immune cells together form efficient and complex mucosal barrier. 321 more words


Off to the hospital I go... 

So I landed myself in the ER for the first time in a few years. I was having so much pain I thought I may be having a bowel obstruction and I wasn’t gonna play the “wait it out” game and came in after taking oral steroids with no relief. 607 more words

Behind every sick man there is an amazing woman

My wife Taylor said something to me the other day that meant so much to me. Being the man in our relationship I find myself always apologizing because I can’t accomplish a simple task around the house or something along those lines because of my health issues. 227 more words

Helpful Tips for Dry, Itchy Skin

Although I am a pediatric gastroenterologist, which means a “Kids Tummy Doctor”,  many of my patients with chronic diseases suffer from dry, itchy skin.  This, if left untreated, can be painful, make children cranky and frustrated and can lead to excessive scratching.   357 more words


Getting to know the school nurse on a first name basis.

I hit puberty early. Uncomfortably early. Well, puberty isn’t really comfortable for anyone, is it? I hit puberty earlier than most girls, and long before the awkward videos in the fifth grade. 725 more words

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The first step

“The disease is a gift” is a thought, my thought, built brick by brick along a path started, forcedly, 26 years ago, on July 7, 1989. 522 more words