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The Problem with Getting Better

Well better might be a strong word. I mean I am WAAAAAY better than I was a couple weeks ago that’s for sure, but I’m still struggling day to day. 1,083 more words


INTERVIEW: Crohn's Inspiration and Personal Trainer Michael Hulcher

Michael is a personal trainer, athlete, strength and conditioning coach, Crohn’s advocate and inspiration. Michael is on the forefront of the IBD movement by showing what’s possible and inspiring others through exercise and nutrition. 1,222 more words


Health Update: Entyvio

We’ve had a fantastic summer so far- swim lessons and pool days and a cessation of some of our normal activities. In some ways this is difficult for me; I like routine and I liked having a few hours two days/week with Evy at Mother’s Day Out when I could get school done. 977 more words

Who Am I...?

Hi there!

My name is Nicole and I have IBS.  Perhaps I start by saying the obvious, so I’m just going to say it…. I am so annoyed with by own GI system. 155 more words


The "Butt-Drops"

When the nurse (instead of the doctor) called to give me the news that I had colitis and that I would have to take an enema, I had to stop her. 670 more words


My heart is aching. For the past several weeks, Henry, my service dog, has been waking up between 3 and 5am, jumping off the bed and vomiting. 635 more words

Before I knew

I wrote the following entry about two weeks before my colonoscopy. I was desperate for some relief and I finally got it after my doctor told me to try taking Imodium to slow down the frequency of bowel movements. 1,002 more words