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Train your brain!

Hey everyone, how are we all doing?

I know I spoke about how to physically stay fit this summer considering our fatigued based lifestyle and struggle to not feel bloated or desperate for the toilet. 644 more words


How to stay fit this summer

Being sick taught me one thing, it was that exercise was almost impossible. Fatigue is literally your worst enemy. Despite the old hole in the leg situation, I was faced with a swollen body from lack of mobility and always wanted to sleep. 630 more words


Long term side effect of prednisone 

Yep- you saw that right! My hands tremor from long term use of prednisone! I hate this drug, even tho it has saved my life several times! 27 more words

When My Body First Began Attacking Itself

My life was forever changed in October 2008 when I was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease called Crohn’s. I have never been one to really talk about it and am pretty closed up when people ask me questions, not because I am ashamed or embarrassed but because I hate the look of pity people give me when they start to hear my story. 1,606 more words

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My doctor put me on disability in July due to the severity of my Crohn’s disease and increased depression and anxiety. I couldn’t even hold a conversation without crying because I was so overwhelmed. 344 more words

Fabulously 31

I just turned 31 this week! I had a nice relaxing day and even had a massage! With surgery  right around the corner, my mom paid to get my hair and nails and done so I would feel better about myself! 119 more words