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You Say Turmeric, I Say Curcumin

Either way, we say healthy

Who doesn’t love the flavours and aromas that turmeric imbues our lives with? But we can also thank this delicious spice for some powerful therapeutic properties. 675 more words



When I wrote my last blog post I was very happy. Although I had suffered a mild bought of ME/CFS that weekend, I had a very long period of feeling fairly well and having a life. 1,351 more words


caffeine fiend

cafe latte my habitual spree

until colitis decaffeinated me

Sammi’s tasty challenge to write couplet on favorite/least favorite food/drink 9 more words

Rhyming Verse

Happy World Ostomy Day!!! #SuperStoma

Happy World Ostomy Day!!!

Having a bit of fun playing around with Phototastic turning my stoma into a #SuperStoma! But seriously, even without the cape and mask, my stoma truly is super! 192 more words


Inside Out: From Crohns to Ostomy

I remember the day my doctor told me he wanted to do surgery. I had graduated early from SickKids since they were stumped on what else to do with me — nothing was working. 1,277 more words


Ulcerative Colitis: it's why an unopened bag of lingerie makes me cry.

I’m not the one with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), before you ask. I’m not the immediate sufferer. Keeping in mind that the one with UC (my new spouse) suffers more than I ever will, I’m going to go ahead and point out that more people suffer with it than just the one bleeding and groaning while they slowly die. 1,345 more words


Booty Call

Finally got a surgery date. I felt like a right stalker with my surgeon, calling his office -“Why hasn’t he called me back?” He’d call me back on the work number I provided at 8pm, a late-night booty call. 423 more words