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Hello Humira

Well it’s official, I have been given the go ahead to start Biologics and the winner was Humira.

I finally got to see my specialist and I think it came at a perfect time. 723 more words

Chronic Illness

Dude, Not Cool.

Doctors and nurses ran frantically into and out of the small room I found myself in. I had never seen such organized chaos from my place in the hospital bed. 364 more words


Today is international day of happiness!

my mom would not be impressed to see ketchup on my plate 😜 but I don’t care cause #internationaldayofhappiness . aaand the processed sweet potato tots full of canola oil + cornstarch are another no-no 😋 Buuuut, I’m on #vacay sooo..YUM! 53 more words


What's working now - and what's not?

Fast-forward 4 months from diagnosis, I wanted to review what aspects of diet and lifestyle are helping (or hindering) my recovery. This is what works for me currently, one of the weird things about colitis is many people seem to be affected differently by varying foods. 1,037 more words

College with Crohn's

In the following post, I will be trying to give you an insight into my experiences of being a first year student in college with Crohn’s/ Ulcerative Colitis. 1,130 more words

Date Night

Every Tuesday night I have a date with a needle. It’s time I touch on this topic, poop.

The never ending battle of what I can and can’t eat, pain, exhaustion and which medication to try next. 337 more words