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First Things First....

I have started this page to help me achieve my weight loss goals. It’s easier to get off the couch and put down the ice cream when you know people are watching.  664 more words

Chronic Illness

10 Things To Say!


I have complied a list of ten things to say to someone with Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis!
Since everyone always says ‘what not to say to someone with Crohn’s or Colitis,’ I thought, why not have a list that says ten things you should say to them… It’s all meant to be fun, so please don’t take this seriously… 405 more words

Kudos to : Phillies' Jake Diekman

Phillies’ Jake Diekman has had UC since he was 10 years old. I admire him because many IBDers do not have the energy to be active.   110 more words

Chronic Illness

If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gunna love someone else?

RuPaul knows her stuff! That saying has been ringing in my ears for some time now. Just a forewarning this one could get deep! When I first got ulcerative colitis the thing that scared me more than anything about any of it was the thought of having to have a colostomy bag (there’s colostomy and ileostomy bags, I have an ileostomy but I prefer to just say it as it is and say shit bag or poo bag etc which is how it will be referred to from this point). 991 more words

To my consultant.

Dear Mr “Bowel Specialist”,

Do you know what it’s like to put your life in the hands of someone else? Give them all your faith and all your trust that they will help you and do whatever it takes to make you better? 2,456 more words


Doctor means to teach

I got a certified letter in the mail today indicating that my doctor was going to discharge me as a patient if I didn’t return his phone calls that I have been avoiding. 363 more words