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Cinematic Edit - Turning setbacks into comebacks, 5 months post surgery

Here’s a quick video edit 5 months post surgery!

Turning setbacks into comebacks after getting a section of my small intestine removed in October.  If you look closely, the scar below my belly button constantly reminds me of the adversity I’ve faced and the struggles I’ve had to overcome. 55 more words


Reporting Part 2

If you read yesterday’s post Here you will know I decided to report to the hospital that I woke up during a very painful procedure to me a month ago. 418 more words

How'd We Get Here?

At the age of 5 (YES 5 years old) I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

Living with UC as a young child I remember feeling embarrassed (because let’s face it what kid talks about poop with their friends) countless trips to the doctor and colonoscopies.  391 more words


Nutmeg - Myristica fragrans



Decoction – Decoct 5g with 2g ginger, 2g licorice, 5g wu wei zi, 5g wu zhu yu, and 10g bu gu zhi in 2½ cups (500 ml) water (three doses) and take one dose three times a day or early morning diarrhea or colitis. 122 more words

Medicinal Herb


I’ve started a blog…

Basically I turn 34 this year and I’m absolutely sick of the state I’m in.

Current health issues:


Prednisolone and my experience with it...

You must know that when I started taking Prednisolone I was in a very bad condition.. I was very near death and it was actually the last thing that could help me and my ulcerative colitis.. 875 more words


Update on the PPI Med

I called the pharmacy yesterday to ask about the ppi med. I’m on. I told them about the pain it was causing me and how it’s also causing flu like symptoms. 262 more words