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Wherever You Are: Chapter 16 - The Competition

This would be the first business-related competition that I would ever attend. It wasn’t too formal, just a few kids in the finance and management programs were going to be there, along with some professors and other “honourable” people. 3,328 more words


Google announced back in May that it was introducing some new limited edition cases for a variety of popular Android devices, starting with a partnership with electronic music artist Skrillex. 209 more words


I'm a mess - Ed Sheeran (2 people)

Oh I’m a mess right now
Inside out
Searching for a sweet surrender
But this is not the end
I can’t work it out
How going through the motions… 349 more words


On va s'aimer - Gilbert Montagné (2 people)

On va s’aimer, à toucher le ciel
Se séparer, à brûler nos ailes
Se retrouver comme les hirondelles
On va s’aimer, tellement tu es belle… 337 more words


I pray for you - JJ Lin (2 people)

Liúxīng zhuìluòle tiānkōng yīrán zài
Děngzhe nǐ xǔ xià yī ge xīnyuàn
Jiùsuàn xiàzhe yǔ nǐ bùyào hàipà
Fēngyǔ zhōng yǒurén wéi nǐ chēng sǎn… 353 more words


The Documentary And The Reasons Why| Socially Unexpected Normal 

As many of you may know I decided to create this short film. It was the brain child of a 10pm caffeine filled exhausted me. I had spent the day chasing little people (two children under the age of too). 317 more words

Cerebral Palsy

(UPDATED Availability) Mac × Giambattista Valli Collab

📰Update: It appears that this collection is Available in some MAC stores today. Official online release is still scheduled for July 6th. Be sure to call your local store before heading out!!! 128 more words