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There was a story I wrote with a classmate called Good Luck. We wrote this story without using the letter "a". Giving credit to my classmate Emma. 245 more words

#1 Nexpick : Collect what you pick

About : Nexpick allows you to organize and keep the things you like by creating collections. You can save your collections at one place and update whenever you wish to do. 81 more words

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For Goodness Sakes -- Collaborate!

There are an awful lot of non-profits out there competing for the same dollars. In fact, some may say the competition is getting worse, as more new non-profits are cropping up in an effort to make life better for individuals in their community. 698 more words

Cemetery Graffiti

That’s just not right.

Or is it?


Image Credit: Kirk Livingston

Communication Is About Relationship

Max MSP Algorithmic Processes

Created 2014:

For own final assessment in Digital Media Software and Systems 4 in 2013, we were required to build a music performance system in… 162 more words


Try Evernote to take notes at your CPD event

Try Evernote to take notes at your CPD event.

Evernote brings all your information together into one app. Sign up for a free ‘basic’ account at  64 more words