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What You've Missed... (P.S. It's A LOT!)

Hi everyone!  Long time no see!

Many of you know that I have left Joanna the Montrealer and have started www.athomewithjoanna.com

This was due to more and more of my posts being based outside of Montreal and I wanted a more general site, so individuals would not assume that all I wrote about was about the City I live in. 205 more words


Grander than Emoji

Everyone is a microcosm-

while art can push our subconscious “buttons” to merely emote

language (if intelligent) can encourage us to go beyond the stroking of “self” and… 33 more words


Drawing Culture takes to the streets

We had a wonderful couple of days this weekend with Drawing Culture out on busy Shop Street.

Now just to take a look at all these drawings and see what the people have created. 21 more words


Is being “technical” enough to be a Quality Assurance professional?

When asked what are the needed skills for software testing, many will give importance to technical skills. But the predominant skills are, social skills and communication. 538 more words

Quality Assurance

Focused on Refocusing.

As I sit in my backyard, with my feet in a kiddie pool, sipping on ginger ale, and soaking in some sun, I want it to feel like the Bahamas.   485 more words


I'm Right And You're Wrong

How many times have you been a conversation were someone was insisting on being right? It seemed like they weren’t even listening to what you had to say. 283 more words

Your best teammate might someday be an AI algorithm

(Source: www.technologyreview.com)

Google is launching an effort that it hopes may turn humans and intelligent machines into productive work buddies.

Through a project called People + AI Research, or PAIR, Google will release tools designed to help make the inner workings of AI systems more transparent. 516 more words

Money Matters