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Expertise in field and the Big Buddy Program By Ashley Martin

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Succeeding in public relations takes more than just big ideas and good interpersonal skills. To become an expert, you have to gain extensive experience creating campaigns for a multitude of clients and become familiar with all of the various types of brands out there. 457 more words

The Key to Quality Ghostwritten Content?

Hint: It’s not unicorns.

Quality ghostwriting does not, despite the name of the work, materialize from thin air.

It’s a process that involves research and an understanding of the client. 342 more words


How to be an Object of Pity

Hint: Grow a gray beard and present folding-money

Twice now young women have bought me coffee at the coffee shop on the campus where I teach. 428 more words


#34 Padlet: Your Online Pin Board

Padlet is basically an online pin board where you can pin images, web sites, audio clips, documents…all sorts really.

It’s great because it’s free (always good), can be worked on collaboratively (also good), and is REALLY easy to use (no-one is going to complain about that). 64 more words


Box Improvements: Easier Use for New and Existing Users

In January 2016, Box released usability design improvements, a first time user on-boarding experience and an in product tour for existing users.  The design changes streamline the Box experience and the user tours offer tips on how to most effectively use Box. 156 more words


The Alchemy of a Thought Remembered

Follow the Instinct to Say Again

We talk endlessly about the question “What is remarkable?” in my social media class. I am convinced that the bits of life that we remember to tell someone else are the very things that make for great conversations. 297 more words


Words Have Power


verb col·lab·o·rate \kə-ˈla-bə-ˌrāt\

Simple Definition of collaborate

  • : to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something

  • : to give help to an enemy who has invaded your country during a war…

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