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Signs, signs, everywhere

A collaborative project between a talented group of four. This will be displayed as Accent Signage Systems’ outdoor sign.

TREND ALERT : statement earrings Via Byalona

As statement earrings are currently trending, I was searching for the perfect ones to fit my style and I found them in this LAVOISIER  gold earrings from… 220 more words


Be careful who you collaborate with...

As a blogger occasionally a company will reach out to me to collaborate with them. Let’s just say now, I haven’t collaborated with any of these companies and here’s why… 564 more words


When Freelancers and Employees Collaborate

External agile talent provided by Freelance consultants has a presence in a growing number of organizations in the country, from huge multinationals that hire dozens of external experts to solo consultancies, who may hire a Freelancer colleague to obtain  help with SEO, website design, or project subcontracting work. 514 more words


Lost in Translation! #MondayBlog

One of the best things about the blogosphere is its ability to shrink the planet.

With a simple click, you can discuss writing with someone in London, exchange recipes with someone in India, or brainstorm with someone in Denmark. 364 more words


Introducing One-On-One Coaching from Curriculum Trak

We are excited to announce another program to support individual users in their specific use of Curriculum Trak. As any educational professional can tell you, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. 171 more words