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You need relationships in business

Build relationships

If you’re in business, of any kind you need people.You need relationships with people.

Have successful business relationships in place before you need them. 69 more words

Small Business

Soliciting (and Offering) Feedback

How do you know if what you are writing is any good? Too often I reread something I wrote years ago (or days ago) and discover it’s shamefully incoherent. 1,083 more words


"Come work with us!"

That’s the tagline of hitrecord.org.

Hitrecord.org is a collaborative and extremely diverse site full of music, graphics, animations, books, art, and short films with its own television show called “HITRECORD ON TV”. 103 more words

Learning designs with Collaborate for synchronous online activity

In this post we explore three ways Collaborate could form part of the learning design for a module and the way different learning experiences are offered by using synchronous online activity. 928 more words

Learning Design & Development

Made in our own image .........this is none of the above...time to spread some #BIMlove....

Greetings earthlings!

And a quote from the Talking Heads…

“This isn’t my beautiful house, this isn’t my beautiful wife, my god what have i done? 666 more words

the empty kingdom (in words)

The Empty Kingdom

(As told by Natasha Havrilenko)

Snow collected with endless vigor, transforming rows of mansions into thick, blanketed forts. The silence broke momentarily as struggling engines and vehicle doors ejected guests to 186 West Gate, the address of the reputable River Gate Inn.

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The #1 Way to Become a Better Musician

What would you guess is one of the best ways to grow as a musician? Practice more? Get a better instrument? Get paid more money? Of course those are great ways, but for me collaborating with other musicians has been invaluable for my musical growth. 462 more words