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Stronger Together: Increasing Connections Between #Academic and #PublicLibraries

Much has been written about collaborations between public and academic libraries. These collaborations generally take the form of joint libraries, special programs or consortia. They are motivated by the desire to do public outreach or community building or to provide better facilities, services or library resources to users from both library systems or, in the case of consortia, by economics. 83 more words

Academic Libraries

Guest Post For HealthcareScene.Com: Building a Bridge Between #HITsm & #SWtech

The last two weeks have presented an interesting convergence of events. As a social worker attempting to keep up with the latest technology, I use several means. 130 more words

Social Work


by T.S. Henderson

“Staring didn’t accomplish much.”

She would often say. My sister, she was right. My daydreaming troubled her, and I could never ascertain as to why that was. 422 more words



by Jeff Fleischer

Staring didn’t accomplish much.

The food was definitely there, almost mocking him through the glass container. The top half of an hourglass with one thin funnel. 286 more words


CLUS17: Cisco Spark all over CLUS - All Breakout Sessions need a Space, so all Sessions had a Space :)

This is going to be my Feedback on the Breakout sessions, as expected Cisco was ready for the challenge and the questions.

I really don’t know if CLUS had the ability for you to join a Spark room simultaneously to the session, at least not in my previous CLUS over in 2014, when I guess it was called Project Squared. 326 more words


Something in the Walls

by Brian Riggins

Starting didn’t accomplish much. I took everything out of the first box and inspected the contents piece-by-piece, resisting the urge to reminisce or get distracted. 1,682 more words


CLUS17: Contact Center Reporting : Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

I’m making contact back from Cisco Live with many interesting things to show and tell, so I decided I would write small pieces of the information I digested from the conference. 587 more words