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Capricious or tight lipped?

Finding willing research informants is a concern for every doctoral researcher, thank god for it! What a contradictory sentence this may seem. But had I not known the component I have highlighted, I would have thought it is only me (and moped about ‘poor me’!). 760 more words

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Supporting loved ones- two encounters

Today a young duo came to meet me. The young girl had heard me in a college talk somewhere in a college in Delhi and the young man she brought along was her friend, going through a ‘tough’ spot.  586 more words

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Pave the way or ask for directions?

alI am amused and surprised about the number of people who meet me and DO NOT ASK for directions. Of course nobody is an idiot to offer help without being asked for it! 1,673 more words

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'Treatment' for Bipolar

my 19 years old older brother is suffering from bipolar disorder….we have already started his medication with psychiatrist…. …..mam can u suggest me some good treatment of this illness… 1,314 more words

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Support in bipolar

There are may ways to support people with bipolar. One of the key things is to understand the relationship you are in with them. As well as your proximity. 373 more words

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Understand the roots of your suffering

Several of the posts on this blog are going to be blog entries from my other blogs, which I have written in the past. Since this blog is meant to be a collective of all threads I have on the subject of mental illness, I intend re-posting them from wherever they are scattered in cyberspace, for the sake of order and access. 213 more words

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Helping with OCD

In response to a question that I received today which asks me the way forward with OCD, I intend to write this blog post. Let me begin by quoting the question directly- 485 more words

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