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Turning Cacao Seeds Into Chocolate: From Beans to Bars - Part 1

In the western world, chocolate is everywhere – the local corner store, the big box chains, on the Internet and of course in small boutique chocolate shops. 643 more words


– Pop-up shops at the top of Fall, Spring and Summer seasons

-Collaborate with brands that complement their image such as, Patricia Fields,  Jeremy Scott etc. 30 more words

Anna Sui Marketing

The Courage to Prune

Week two has arrived for my high school class that is learning about pruning, and potentially training the Pelargonium ‘citrosum’ into a planned shape. This scented geranium, commonly called the mosquito plant smells like citronella, yet has been proven to be totally ineffective at actually repelling mosquitoes. 583 more words

Horticultural Therapy

It takes a village...

Did you ever bite just a little bit more off than you could chew? I did that just the other day, and it was like the stars aligned to save my fatally flawed plan that started out, as a good idea. 606 more words

Teacher Grows


Hi! This site was created to promote myself as a musician – I will be uploading pics, videos, and most importantly music or links to music that I have created. 45 more words

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Inspired by first graders. Designed for first graders.

Animals are a hot topic in first grade and at home.

Endangered species just became another hot topic; prey, predators, suitable climates, extinction, challenges of raising cubs, and other related topics have been discussed at length in our house.   625 more words

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