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* Session Reports and Rapporteurs

For each of our six sessions, we nominate one of our number to serve as rapporteur: their task being to follow closely the discussions and presentations during their assigned four-hour session, and to prepare a short report of activities, presentation, discussions, findings, conclusion and, if any, recommendations. 348 more words

Report: Work Plan

* 99 Sustainability Concepts and Key Terms you will do well to become familiar with (Quick Reports)

It is obviously impossible in three short days, even of eight hard hours each, that the members of our seminar can become familiar with the long list of concepts which follow (and which of course do not even starts to empty out the full vocabulary which is necessary to master in order to move from observer to actor on the sustainable development scene).   740 more words

ISG Project

* Quick Reports

As part of the collaborative learning process each member of the class is required to prepare and present to the class two  Quick Reports  on some aspect of our topic in which you tackle a topic, author, event,  institution or school of thought, which you then summarize, analyze and present with your comments to the others for their attention and critical reactions. 498 more words

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South Jr. High students learn teamwork, respect from video game creation

How often do you hear about video games having a positive affect on young people?

Well, it definitely had a favorable impact on a group of sixth – eighth graders at… 147 more words


Perfect Site For Teachers

For Online Teachers

Online Teaching and Tutoring Job Searching Tips

WHAT online teaching is and it’s required skills.

Exactly like a traditional teacher, an online teacher must be equipped with certain characteristics that set him/her apart from his/her competitors.

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WHEN LESSONS ADD UP STUDENTS ENGAGE (And Teachers Teach Better) - The Shift Paradigm Series

Imagine yourself in classroom. Where you are observing a teacher and her students. You watch the lesson that she is teaching. Scan the room. Look at the students. 1,525 more words

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WHEN LESSONS ADD UP STUDENTS ENGAGE (And Teachers Teach Better) – The Shift Paradigm Series   How the English teachers can change passive students to active learners. The article describes the process. Thank you for sharing.

What's a Collaborative Learning Space?

Installing a collaborative learning space (hereafter: CLS) in a Law Library isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and with the right selling points it should help in making legal education and the law library even more important to the schools and communities they serve. 774 more words