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On linear patterns and drifting problems

Exactly where moves depends on such complex factors as the structures of those present, the context, and what has been anticipated. It may move toward more formulated understandings, if such formulation is relevant to the play space or if it becomes part of a further exploration.

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Hapara workspace

See: https://sites.google.com/a/hapara.com/hapara-workspace/overview

A place where teachers can create customised, connected and collaborative assignments in the cloud, using a variety of online resources, goals, activities and rubrics. 31 more words

The "Smart" Questions Facing Education

Integrated Curriculum: The Synthesis of Student and Teacher Learning

Teachers, for the longest time, have been doing the learning assignments for their students. They ask questions yet they often provide the answers to these same questions. 543 more words

A self report on my experience using W3Cx's HTML program on EDx.

Studying HTML on EDx has put me in an interesting position. It’s one of surprise…

In university life, I took classes on CALL and, to be honest, I never found it to anything more than decorative fluff lackluster in content.

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Looking Back at Blogging BCM240

Since opening my WordPress account for my studies of media and communications, blogging has not necessarily come easily for me. As I reflected in my first BCM240 Blog, … 1,214 more words


Students creating knowledge

Moving from the traditional model of learning to new learning with online technologies has the potential to engage students in the active creation of knowledge. Assessment tasks are not about testing memory but challenging students to work together to share their knowledge and insights, present ideas and propose solutions. 375 more words

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