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Existential Assassination

By Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley

Seasons thoroughly
swindle time from my
hourglass existence,
fusing grains
into glass,
adding more to
what isn’t
than to what is, 74 more words


Brazenly Anew

It is
never enough
until it is too much –
want more, until passed out on floor.
No more

And your
eyes cradle such
contemptuousness, paired… 111 more words



I pick up the pieces
of the broken frame
ever so carefully.

The shards of glass
and coarse splinters crawl
their way inside my skin, 131 more words


Conducting Memories

I’m swept up
and away,
and wherever
swept things go
as they shimmer
and shift
along front door breezes,
and motes of sunbeam
that pierce through… 149 more words


Tarnished Amendments

Imagine me
mirror image
you do not want to see

Pick on me
schoolyard bully

you don’t want to be
is hidden in the folds… 143 more words


My oh Maya.

A boy can dream,

a little girl can dance,

a buddy can do wrong,

so I can write a song.

It rained all day,

there she sang, 12 more words

Collaborative Poetry