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Collaboration Publication - Last Call

Time is running out to get your poem into the


collaborative poem being hosted on forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com, here

No more poems will be accepted after August 31, 2016, 12 am Eastern Standard Time, at which time we will need everyone’s permission to publish in…

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Blinded by greed and illusory need, We can blot out the guns and the loss of our sons And our daughters who bled and the child that lies dead For some war of attrition, caused by the ambition of cold politicians. * ‘It is over the sea’ and ‘it can’t affect me’, So the litany goes. Insecurity grows And the synthetic fear they created is here So we're watching each other, distrusting our brother and hate one another. * As lambs to the slaughter, we think as we ought to, Obedient sheep, we are living in sleep. We are manipulated till war is created Believing the snipe and the media hype till their mandate is ripe. * They call it our duty and blind us to beauty, Creating confusion. Refuse their illusion! My peace begins here, in rejection of fear, When I choose to be free, to wake up and to see that my brother is me.

Enemies Project

I very much enjoyed collaborating and performing The Single Market with Lucy English for the Enemies Project SW Poetry Tour in Bath, run by SJ Fowler & Camilla Nelson. 30 more words

Paul Hawkins


So happy to be one of the poets Anne Benjamin invited to write with her in this new collaborative tanka project, along with Jan Foster, Claire Everett, Marilyn Humbert, Patrica Prime, Luminita Suse and Carmel Summers.  47 more words


The Torment of Salmoneus

*By Rebecca Shapland and Phen Weston*

Burning cold water licks his toes
And the winds tug and pull at his clothes,
Whisper with woe it’s too late it’s too late… 178 more words


Threadbare Fragments

No broken doll
was she…

She who drifted in
reflective whimsy
while fragments of her visage
slipped to dance
beyond erudite hues,

into and through… 119 more words


Ludic Convulsions

When your world
falls apart,
and all that’s left
for you are selfies,
and photos of
your food
my memories will
be imprinted
in wood… 90 more words