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Thursday night was a great night for me. It was the opening night for The Museum of Features Visual Poetry Exhibition and I performed a poem that I wrote with my friend Ripley. 479 more words


Collaboration as a Form of Love

By Carol Guess

The things I can’t do with bodies I can do with words.

The things I can’t do with your body I can do with your words. 853 more words

Writing Process

Beyond the Stars

As sky meets ocean,
two worlds become acquainted;
mermaids grow celestial wings
and angels learn to dive.

My mother never
learned to trust the stories that… 70 more words


One Dream

When I was young and the world
was still big
I chose

wandering, wondering—
how branches easily disrobed themselves
of skeletal leaves
while I made a closet… 45 more words


Call For Poetry Colloboration

I just came across this post that I uploaded to my Facebook page over 2 years ago. The post was supposed to end up in a poem collaboration between myself and anyone else who wanted to add a line or two to the ones already contributed. 109 more words


Outside My Reach

I often feel
like there is no way around
feeling uninspired—
like, I could spend forty-eight
years surrounded by
an entire nation,
under destructive construction, 63 more words


Collaboration Publication - Last Call

Time is running out to get your poem into the


collaborative poem being hosted on forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com, here

No more poems will be accepted after August 31, 2016, 12 am Eastern Standard Time, at which time we will need everyone’s permission to publish in…

126 more words

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Blinded by greed and illusory need, We can blot out the guns and the loss of our sons And our daughters who bled and the child that lies dead For some war of attrition, caused by the ambition of cold politicians. * ‘It is over the sea’ and ‘it can’t affect me’, So the litany goes. Insecurity grows And the synthetic fear they created is here So we're watching each other, distrusting our brother and hate one another. * As lambs to the slaughter, we think as we ought to, Obedient sheep, we are living in sleep. We are manipulated till war is created Believing the snipe and the media hype till their mandate is ripe. * They call it our duty and blind us to beauty, Creating confusion. Refuse their illusion! My peace begins here, in rejection of fear, When I choose to be free, to wake up and to see that my brother is me.