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Conducting Memories

I’m swept up
and away,
and wherever
swept things go
as they shimmer
and shift
along front door breezes,
and motes of sunbeam
that pierce through… 149 more words


Tarnished Amendments

Imagine me
mirror image
you do not want to see

Pick on me
schoolyard bully

you don’t want to be
is hidden in the folds… 143 more words


My oh Maya.

A boy can dream,

a little girl can dance,

a buddy can do wrong,

so I can write a song.

It rained all day,

there she sang, 12 more words

Collaborative Poetry

Buds, and leaves.

Coconuts clouds won’t split,

inside everything else fit.

No russian doll fallout,

kept safely inside storm,

far from reigning doubt.

The cost is too high… 117 more words

Collaborative Poetry


Shooting stars and fireflies

spin the night wild.

They gulped the future,

so messily,

somedrops spill,

quenched dry thirsty souls

watching lights dance.

The blue eyes turned grey, 43 more words

Collaborative Poetry

Reciprocal Cheval Glass

To know joy,
to understand what
it means to feel sublime
means to know what
horror is,

To know what pain
can do to a person, 200 more words



Snowflakes hang on spider’s web.

A moth falls in love with a light.

One wing misses a single thread,

and becoming very fragile.


As fish out of water, 108 more words

Collaborative Poetry