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Crop of Saki & Bitches

Snaps with some edits taken by Mitch Hicks from the adorable artwork of Saki & Bitches snapped 5th February 2015.

Mitch Hicks

Snowy Owls: Textured Wallpaper Collage (February 2015)

This is a tried and tested project for small children – it’s perfect for three and four year olds. For a slightly different version of the project, please view my earlier blog post: … 177 more words

Children's Art

Alpine Landscapes: Wallpaper Collage (February 2015)

This was a second outing for this project, using torn layers of textured wallpapers to create Alpine scenes with the effect of aerial perspective. On both occasions, the project was planned for a group of children aged between four and six, although the artwork on the left was created by a child of eight. 258 more words

Children's Art

Life Cycle of a Dandelion in Art - Guest Blogger - Wendy James

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Chocolate Flowers

Nature is my inspiration for just about everything. This led me to the dandelion – the omnipresent, often loathed but mostly ignored little plant seemed an intriguing subject.  116 more words

Art And Design


Women have been conditioned to believe that it’s their job to take care of everyone else.  Brainwashed to think they should sacrifice their own desires, wants, needs, self fulfillment and lives for others.   444 more words


Dotmaster in Camden

Dotmaster snapped in Camden by Mitch Hicks

Mitch Hicks