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David Marmota: "The new has never attracted me as much as the old".

David Marmota is a collage artist based in Barcelona. His work made out from vintage magazines is known for his geometrical patterns and colorful compositions. He has also colaborated with the band… 457 more words

slave to sensation

I can never explain
Words are too plain
Letters are too normal
For my thoughts are abstract
Beyond the map
I’m so hopelessly lost in the pit of your eyes… 136 more words

Painting with fabric; tiny fabric houses in jars.

I paint with fabric. Make-believe is real. I imagine and create (happy people in) tiny, quirky houses. Breakfast is ready when you wake up, naps are encouraged- this is what I think about when I sew a tiny house. 315 more words


Inspired - Armand Brac


This week we celebrate the beauty of these dada style collages by the French artist Armand Brac.

Dada style handmade collages.

Dada style handmade collages. 32 more words


Sammy Slabbink

selected works

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Sammy Slabbinck (°1977) renders dynamic collage prints & original paper collages, combining found imagery with contemporary compositional styles.  The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with exaggeration and proportions.   68 more words

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