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Here they are a couple of new features of my collages. Thanks to No Image Yet for this post and thanks (again!) to SFMOMA… 43 more words


Irresistible Canvas

I won’t lie, I totally named this after the song I was listening to as I made it. Thank you, Fall Out Boy.

I think it fits though, don’t you? 13 more words


I Dream My Painting and then Paint My Dreams

It’s interesting how the colours from one day inspire the next. Yesterday’s page was a complete inspiration for today’s page. I am not normally a bright colours person, but I’m loving these pages! 113 more words


Embrace Imperfections Process Video

I’m very happy to share the video for yesterday’s 366 Days of Art piece! This one was so fun to make and the colours have totally inspired me (today’s art is totally based on yesterday’s colours!). 13 more words

366 Days Of Art

Inspired - Nina Garner

So inspiring!

I fell in love with Nina Garner‘s mixed media artworks.

Her clever interventions are a mix and match of analogue photography cuts,  96 more words


Embrace Imperfections Watercolour Page

Today was a conglomeration of a lot of different materials and techniques. It was messy and fun, the way all art should be!

I set up the camera (really, my iPhone on a selfie stick) and managed to video today’s art so I’ll be working on getting that up tonight. 113 more words


Chinatown News

I finished my sculpture.  It is collage on wood blocks.  It’s called Chinatown News.  I like to find new ways to display and share my collections.   56 more words