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Music* Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod / Collage* Kurszán – selected works

Music & Visions – projects selected by Giovanni Papalia + ThePT

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Jesus Built My Hotrod, from Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs album, Sire, Warne Bros., 1992. 372 more words


another poem about pasteurized milk

I’ve been in love
on top of Heights the likes of which makes one feel light headed and prone to nosebleeds
ah yes I’ve seen day as if the sun was hovering just above you and i… 288 more words


i hate falling in love

it’s disgusting
gets you hard
gets you wet
your mouth begins to salivate
heart starts beating harder than a preteen who’s seen his first pair of tits… 560 more words


Featured Work!

This week we’re featuring this new painting, it’s one of my favorites! You can check it out here: www.jameswalkerstudios.com

It’s 16″x20″ and composed of acrylics, ink, and aerosol.

Thanks for looking!

the suns that have occurred

The apocalypse is the time when the moon was bloody and the stars fell like leaves, where the sky was no longer there. For the Aztecs, the… 116 more words


the do's and don't's of paying $2200 for a studio in san francisco

ignoring important issues of mankind in congested city sky
relatable to piled over trash on corner
homeless man laughing at his imaginary voices
he says i stepped on his friends foot… 441 more words