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Solar system

I love making collages. I’ve been making them since I was a teenager. When I am looking through magazines to find images and words that catch my eye and combine them, I feel totally in the flow.  157 more words

Playing With Mixed Media, Watercolor & Collage

As I’ve been experimenting with styles, I’ve been mixing watercolor with collage and ink, and having a lot of fun with it. The first one I tried was a bouquet with butterflies, in homage to Odilon Redon. 399 more words


Mr Spinrod is Interested

2017  46″X 69″   Mixed Media/Collage, acrylic, ink, pencil, pastel,metallic paint, tape,  and glitter.on paper



clouded brain
which system opens your head
upload stars and create streams
of spacelight

I’m a bit late consulting the Oracle this week.  I found this collage I did awhile ago, which for some reason reminds me of the televisions we had when I was a child, and the Oracle was insightful as to my brain at that point in life (or maybe even now…) 36 more words


Running with the Cows (or, "Til the Cows Come Home - Georgia Road Trip, Part 10)

For a long time I’ve been meaning to write about the Cows of Georgia. I’ve been meaning to write about them, because they were one of the ubiquitous features of our trip to Georgia last summer.   990 more words

Deborah Semel Demirtaş