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painted abstracts make unique backgrounds

I’ve been experimenting with a new method of creating colorful, visually interesting backgrounds for things like book covers, business cards, and blog headers. It begins with painting 8 x 11 canvasses which are mounted on a board instead of a frame.  216 more words


Dialogue Studio: Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters was a German artist probably most famous for his collages although he did lots of other work as well such as graphic design, sculpture, installation art, paintings and poetry. 59 more words

Graphic Design

Dialogue studio : Kurt Schwitters

I was googling Kurt and I found that in images before I read anything about him. Very good first impression.  I liked him also because he probably got more difficult surname than me. 112 more words

Friends Instead

Being alone is like being on the phone,

Talking to nobody. Being unique is

Not a pleasant experience, no, not

Indeed. I don’t care to chat with myself… 114 more words


Kurt Schwitters

Interesting name for an interesting chap. Believed to have paved the way for Pop Art this 20th Century German artist, both influential and revered, was a key figure in the modernist movement. 301 more words



The second day to mark making was fun learning how to do a collage portrait. I’m not the one to really do collaging really so it took me out of my comfort zone. 117 more words