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X is for "eXcuse me!"

“Excuse me. Do you need a hand?”

Yesterday, the baby-faced checker turned around and offered his help to the woman at the register behind him. She was in one of those scooter carts and couldn’t reach the groceries in its basket. 472 more words


Radical Librarians Collective National Gathering 2017 Poster

A poster for the national gathering that’s happening this July in Glasgow. Come along!


Flying Pig

Miraculously, I managed to complete this week’s Life Book lesson before the weekend.  It was one of Tamara Laporte’s lessons on illustrations and whimsical characters, in this case an animal character.   73 more words

Sewing on Wallpaper??

Hello everyone! Perhaps my last post “Skippity Skip” was a tad premature……muscle aches, lethargy, and general flu like symptoms lasted for quite a few days, and today I finally feel a bit better…(she says cautiously) 166 more words


CameraHeads by LornaPhone

Number one patron to the LornaPhone arts, Jackie, asked me to paint a series of 8 old-school cameras, each 8 x 8 inches, for her to see every day on the walls of her house.   365 more words


Sublimation Printing

Using the heat press is a really quick and fun way to generate print samples. I enjoy this method as it gives me the freedom of experimenting with paper collage yet the end result become embedded in the fabric. 208 more words