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Corruption from the top, leads to Economic pestilence and plague (again!)

By Angus Ogg

So Deutsche Bank have now joined the long queue to predict pestilence and plagues of frogs in Scotland should the voters exercise their democratic right to choose their own fate. 857 more words


Third Scotland

This is an important contribution from Gerry Hassan marking the launch of his new book ‘Caledonia Dreaming’.  This touches on the themes addressed in the essay… 521 more words


Supple Minds

‘The independence referendum is, in a stark way, beginning to reveal the real lines of power and authority inside the UK’ writes the  NEF’s James Meadway… 1,905 more words


Fumes, Oligarchs and Resilience

By Mike Small

Several elements of the Grangemouth spectacle were on the edge of farce this week. MP Eric Joyce complaining that the people of the area “deserved better representation”. 903 more words


Paul Mason at FutureFest

Paul Mason (@paulmasonnew) Culture & Digital Editor, Channel 4 News, author of ‘Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere’ (Verso). Blogs here.

Here at Futurefest

Banking Crisis

Commonwealth Games

By Mike Small

Yesterday’s announcement of the Commonwealth Games tickets going on sale was rather spoiled by today’s announcement that – in the event of us deciding our own government – we would be cast out of the Commonwealth. 588 more words


Brazil explodes in a furious feast of democracy

Incredible scenes from Brazil – this from Jerome Roos of Roar magazine  June 21, 2013

“We are against a government which spends billions in stadiums while people are suffering across the country” 1,152 more words