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50 shades of I can't

So like most I was madly anticipating the 50 shades of grey movie for the last 12 months. I read the books back in 2012 and it was what first sparked an interest and questions in me. 528 more words


Skeletons in my closet

But not in the way you are thinking , although we all know I’ve had quite a few skeletons myself.
The whole point of my trip to Sydney was to stock up on wholesale lots of beads as I have a week before the trade and gift fair to get prepared and complete the samples to display at the wholesale fair. 213 more words


Fit for your princess

I’ve just put a range of submissive collars that I made up on my other blog post $20 AUSD each
Hope you like
Chat soon xx



Why is a collar important? What’s it all about? How did it ever come to be some fetish thing? I have no idea, lol.

But I can tell you why it’s important to me. 280 more words


The Unopened Drawer.

I have a drawer in my bedroom which has not been opened since the last time I saw Sir. It is the one that contains my memories of him along with the thousands of dollars worth of beautiful hand picked lingerie and corsets he chose especially to make me feel sexy and beautiful and I’m scared that opening it will bring all the pain rushing back and will remind me that he does not think I’m beautiful or sexy anymore. 629 more words