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As I sit here, doing battle with my eternal enemy known as insomnia (and not being able to beat the final level in my latest video game foil) whilst my husband-to-be snoozes in the other room, I am struck with an idea for a post – a post about the Michigan Secretary of State’s little secret. 472 more words


Sex Offender Fired From NY YMCA

The YMCA in Watertown, New York fired a registrant who was working a part-time maintenance job for the company. This worker had gone through a thorough review and passed–and the YMCA was confident he was not a risk to anyone. 20 more words

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Sex Offender Policies are Causing More Crime

The policies restricting sex offenders post-release have lead to increased homelessness. Several studies have tracked the increased numbers of homeless sex offenders and others have demonstrated the risk of recidivism is higher for homeless offenders. 28 more words

Sex Offender Registry

Partners and Families Sex Offenders

Maya Chung of Inside Edition just published a story on people who love offenders. It is not often the popular press gives the families and partners of offenders any opportunity to present their perspective on these issues. 9 more words

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When collateral consequences drive the sentence: The David Becker case

David Becker’s case in Massachusetts is similar to the infamous Brock Turner case. There s outcry over Becker’s light sentences of a two year probationary term. 86 more words

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Collateral Consequences Resource Center

The CCRC is a non-profit organization established with the goal to encourage public discussion of the collateral consequences of criminal conviction in the United States. CCRC’s site provides a wealth of information and its board members are available to offer advice concerning efforts to reform policies relating the collateral consequences of criminal convictions. 9 more words

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Problems Poor Face Lead to More Problems .. and Then More

A thoughtful op-ed in the Washington Post asks whether the District’s budget will recognize the struggles of low-income residents. They’re hardly unique to poor and near-poor people in D.C. 757 more words