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Fashion 2010 Women's Collection

Men, tremble! Women’s fashion http://www.flanmark.com has never been so romantic, feminine and sexy as this summer. And for us to be always trendy and appealing, just need to ask tendencies approaching summer season. 14 more words

“Organised material is knowledge and knowledge is organised material” — Denis Diderot

The «Making Nature» exhibition begins by saying “how we think about animals is fundamental to how we understand ourselves and our place in the world”, and is split into four main themes: Ordering, Displaying, Observing and Making. 265 more words


Creative Industry Practice - Bookbinding

A fun, more advanced bookbinding workshop looking at applying book cloth, stitching, and hinging. 121 more words


Quotable Characters

A quote is a sentence or a speech rewritten or spoken by someone who is not the original speaker or author. In a formal setting it is always important to indicate who the original speaker or author is. 2,115 more words


Snow Princess

Barbie Snow Priness in paint the town red fashion


Anne Sexton


A woman
who loves a woman
is forever young.
The mentor
and the student
feed off each other.
Many a girl
had an old aunt… 959 more words