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Ray Allen is Giving Away His Sneaker Collection In A Treasure Hunt

Basketball player Ray Allen is known for his extensive sneaker collection and he’s currently giving away part of it in a public treasure hunting game. The NBA shooting guard has been placing Nike and Air Jordan shoes around his neighborhood in the Hartford, Connecticut area which has sent … 7 more words

Alannah Jones


I had an interview recently with Alannah Jones, a beautiful young  designer who I had the pleasure of studying with. Although she was a year above me, I had the opportunity of seeing her at work, watching her produce her collection and making Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy proud with her great talent. 473 more words




Getting ready for your first day at work can be just as intimidating as the job itself. From deciding what to wear and following corporate rules, to wanting everyone to silently approve of your choices; work wear can be tricky and how! 452 more words


Liberace Studios Video: The Lasagna Suit

Andreas, Dallas and Billy unpack, check condition and repack the famous Liberace costume called the “Lasagna Suit”.  This vintage Vegas original inspired the copy made for the HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra”, which is also in the Foundation’s collection.


Normless Norm

Enveloped in the speech of your deadly tongue.
Movement of a siren, a satar.
Of a species which lure the innocent to your mindless games. 130 more words


A Celebration of Irish Women Poets on Bloomsday 2015

For his Winter’s Tale,
Master Shakespeare calls
for a covered stage
with the scent of candle-grease 2,364 more words
25 Pins In A Packet Women Creators

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My favorite poems in this grouping from June 15 are Elaine Feeney's "Bog Fairies," Shirley McClure's "Mastectomy," Jessica Traynor's "Pearls at Blackfriars," and Breda Wall Ryan's "Becoming the Ancestor at Downpatrick Head," in that order. Thanks go to Christine-Elizabeth Murray at Poethead for featuring them, along with poems by Rita Ann Higgins and Celeste Augé.