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Time To Shine

Today is the day I am officially back for good, with a new series and a fresh start. This series is going to be about the good things, because I feel its good to focus on the positive so that’s what I will be doing for this summer, if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below… 300 more words


FDCPA trials

FDCPA cases rarely end in trials. (Actually, very few non-criminal cases get tried.)  Here is a judge’s findings of fact and conclusions of law in a recent bench trial of an FDCPA case.   8 more words


Louis Vuitton resort 2016-2

Louis Vuitton a fait son show à Palm Springs, Californie. Nicolas Ghesquière met en avant des mini-shorts, des chemisiers bardés de ceintures de cuir, de la soie, des pantalons fluides taille haute, des jupes coupées dans le cuir mais qui restent fluides et des blousons de motard.


The Lucy Pedigree

We have a wonderful team of very keen and knowledgeable volunteers. In this post Frank, a room guide who works on Tuesdays, is looking into the Lucy family pedigree and a rather interesting letter! 660 more words




After a fairly arduous slog, an actual publisher has picked up my first collection and it is scheduled for release mid-2016.

Cue the celebrations, which in our house amount to a slightly larger portion at dinner and an early night.

So cue them!


Man Barricades Himself In Own Home

Nothing happens, no one cares! (G. Carlin)  :-)

Reportedly, a man died, and wasn’t discovered for several days.  Upon inventorying his belongings, authorities discovered 1200 firearms! 106 more words