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Trash pickup changes to affect 15,000 starting next month

You may be affected when the City and County of Honolulu changes its trash pickup schedule next month.

Newly structured refuse collection routes will be implemented the week of June 6, 2016 by the Department of Environmental Services. 128 more words


These retro BMW concept cars are seriously stunning

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

BMW loves showing off its classic cars and for good reason. The automaker has been behind some of the most iconic and innovative cars ever made.  107 more words


Rebecca Solnit

But sadness is also beautiful, maybe because it rings so true and goes so deep, because it is about the distances in our lives, the things we lose, the abyss between what the lover and the beloved want and imagine and understand that may widen to become unbridgeable at any moment, the distance between the hope at the outset and the eventual outcome, the journeys we have to travel, including the last one out of being and on past becoming into the unimaginable: the moth flown into the pure dark. 13 more words


Robert Penn Warren

Never expect to be able to will a poem into existence.
It must happen to you because
You are what you are–
With all your defects. 25 more words


W. S. Merwin

Little soul little stray
little drifter
now where will you stay
all pale and all alone
after the way
you used to make fun of things. 12 more words