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Nielsen Poster Auction Tomorrow Morning

By Tom Interval

Talk about a labor of love.

For the last quarter of a century, celebrated magician Norm Nielsen and his wife, Lupe, have amassed one of the most significant magic-poster collections in the world. 259 more words


A Thief's Folly-Jaylin-

Hello and this time we have another addition to the entry of a Thief’s Folly, which is an episodic series of short stories. So given that, there is no particular order in which to read, nor do you have to read the previous short story to understand the context, although I do spread out the world building amongst the short stories. 1,975 more words


Blush Collection 2016


I done a single eyeshadow collection a while back and I really enjoyed doing it, so I decided to do one for my blush collection. 252 more words


Watch "My Comic Book Collection Part 1" on YouTube

Watch me show off and talk about my comic book collection in my latest Booktube video! 😎


#Tudor Mint #collections #metal #sword #knight

There is nothing better than moving house and coming across hidden treasure that you collected as a teenager (all those years ago, cough). The treasure for me was my box of Tudor Mint figures. 131 more words

3 Things You Should Know when Buying Your First Clip/Magazine fed Blaster

Having recently purchased my first Magazine fed Nerf Blaster, after watching various videos and getting to and from Target, I can tell you that it is not what I expected. 433 more words