Collections: Sinful Colors Camo Glitter

I found these at a newly-discovered, fabulously well-stocked Walgreens locale during my workday travels in mid-June.

Since I’ve been having behind-the-scenes technical troubles lately, many photos and ideas have been languishing in my drafts … this trio has unfortunately been in that category. 93 more words

Nail Varnish

Two letters about the bequest of the collection Gaudion

Commandant Gaudion (1828–1902) was a patron for the Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Marseille. He brought together an important zoological collections from the Mediterannean area, therefore his name was inscribed on the marble plate of donators. 271 more words



Milk glass, as compared to other collectibles, can still be found affordably on the internet and at flea markets and antique shops. The pieces are lovely in their simplicity and for their versatility. 144 more words

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Trucks and Such Collage

Again, scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end.

Hello all! Well, today is post #4 of my the mega-collage of vehicles and the focus (as I’m sure the title gives away) is on trucks and all such vehicles that don’t fall under the categories of cars or motorcycles. 31 more words


Review: Silver Surfer Volume 3- Last Days Paperback Collection

Title: Silver Surfer Volume 3- Last Days Paperback Collection

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $17.99

Storytellers: Dan Slott (writer) with Mike Allred (artist) and Laura Allred (colors) 246 more words


Louise de Coucy: early lady-conchologist

Louise Caroline de Coucy was born 18 September 1827 in Margerie-Hancourt (France, Seine-et-Marne) as the daughter of Anne Joseph Alfred de Coucy, Inspector of Forests. She was initially interested in entomology by her yought friend Édulie Loizelot. 68 more words


Cars - Kits/Custom/3 Wheeled

Here we go… installment #3 of the mega-collage of vehicles! Today my focus is still on cars but of the more unusual varieties. Some of these vehicles are stunning while others lean more towards the bizarre… check them out and see what you think. 10 more words