MADE IN Capodimonte

Today I feel like writing about a piece of Art with an interesting story behind.

I found this doll while moving some old stuff out of the basement and after reading its warranty certificate I realized that it is much more than a knick-knack, but it’s a Capodimonte porcelain doll. 110 more words


Killer Comedies

Murder, mayhem and multiple laughs prevail in our new collection of Killer Comedies. Awkwardly entertaining and darkly comedic, prepare to laugh at some of your all time favourite characters expense as they’re mauled by zombies or brutally murdered by an attractive Christian Slater in his twenties. 68 more words


How To Dress : Layering Tips To Help You Find Your Most Flattering Look

Yarra here, offering  more tips on what to buy and how to wear the styles that will flatter your silhouette. Layering creates movement and draping that accentuates your curves while giving you coverage. 242 more words


I want to help you.

Are you in debt? Are you in debt and owing more than $10,000.00 …. Then call me!
Have you heard these commercials? These commercials air on the radio and on tv inviting you to contact a third party for help with your financial troubles by PAYING MORE for help paying your debts back. 76 more words

REVIEW: Brock Lesnar - Road To The Undisputed Title Part 1

As we covered here on the WWE Network Chronicle, a new section has come to the service! This section is titled “Collections” and is essentially a playlist feature. 1,829 more words

WWE Network


       Just before the star of New York Fashion Week, the perfect moment to launch Olivia’s line collaborating with Nordstrom. 

When I was younger I used to see Olivia in fashion magazines and I was always fascinated with her outfits. 221 more words