Plants in Toronto: In the Backwoods

Though I am not well-versed on United States history, I am even less up on Canadian history or natural history.  However, on the few occasions when I’ve ventured north, I’ve tried to learn a little more.  1,026 more words


Alumni Connect: The Haggin Museum's Core Collection Enhancement Project

by Celia Castro (MA, 2014)

Located in the Central Valley city of Stockton, California, the Haggin Museum has captivated audiences since 1931. The Haggin holds a special place in the collective memories of fellow Stocktonians ( 1,113 more words

Museum Studies

Artist Signatures

Did you know that January 23 is National Handwriting Day? This holiday celebrates penmanship and the art of writing. “Why January 23?,” you might ask. Because that is the birthday of John Hancock, a man whose name is synonymous with the word… 276 more words

Dallas Museum Of Art

ILL5 - Collections pt.1 (Initial Ideas, Research)

‘Collections’ is the project title for our new module, ‘Development of Practise’. For the project, we are tasked with searching for and collecting objects of our choosing. 423 more words


Voice and Vote: Women's Place in Parliament


2018 is the centenary of the first women gaining the vote for the UK Parliament.  I’ve been helping research and write this interactive exhibition at the Houses of Parliament for designers Metaphor, using the collections of the Parliamentary Archives.   90 more words


One liners – 66

A friend is one to whom you may pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.


2017 Top 5: #5- Short Stories vs Novels: A Taste of Both Worlds

(This whole thing was a lot more difficult than I realized it would be.  A lot of the top 5 ended up being promos that didn’t work any more.  961 more words