What can collaborations tell us?

A new Spotlight Gallery exhibition opening at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA) will highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration on museum collections, choosing a Kiribati suit of armour as its focus. 531 more words


Beat the brrrr... with Coastal

The recent cold snap (or Nor’easter, depending on where you live) has us chattering our teeth, hauling the sweaters back out from under the bed, and dreaming of warmer days ahead. 195 more words


The Algal World: Diatoms

I was first attracted to diatoms by their exquisite beauty. When I studied aesthetics many years ago, beauty was often defined in terms of categories such as symmetry and form, and diatoms are definitely exemplars of both. 902 more words


How I choose covers for short stories ...

A few weeks ago I posted about how I choose covers for my novels. Today I want to talk about choosing covers for short stories. … 401 more words

Freya Pickard

Vienna on the Hudson at the Lovely Neue Galerie

The intimate, deeply civilized and charming Neue Galerie on Fifth Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side is one of the many hidden gems of Manhattan that too many people miss in their rush toward the neighboring Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim. 1,348 more words


Unauthorized Collections


24 July 2003

It has come to our knowledge that some organizations and individuals in colleges, units or offices collect fees, rentals and other charges from students or clients  of the University without proper authority… 6 more words

Fiscal Matters