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#7_What are (global) labour standards?

Global labour standards protect, empower, and promote those who work in the workplace and beyond. However, engaging with why and how global labour standards are created and enforced requires a proper understanding of what they are. 877 more words

Labour Standards

Pith and Wit and Truth

Ancient Greek and Roman lawyers recognized that pith and wit could overcome logical rigor in the courtrooms of their day. For example, Socrates was convicted and executed, not because his prosecutors proved that he did what they alleged with irrefutable logic, but because their rhetoric convinced the jury to make one decision instead of another.1 Rather than run from rhetoric in search of truth, ancient lawyers used rhetoric to aid the truth in coming out. 946 more words

5th Circuit

Prevalence of AAUP Policies in Higher Ed

The AAUP released today a new research report, Policies on Academic Freedom, Dismissal for Cause, Financial Exigency, and Program Discontinuance, that examines the prevalence of AAUP-supported policies in faculty handbooks and collective bargaining agreements at four-year institutions that have a tenure system. 474 more words


Editorial: Oregon has a blockade restricting release of law enforcement discipline

It’s virtually impossible for Oregonians to find out anything about the discipline of law enforcement officers. Short of an officer getting charged or arrested for a crime, the public may never know. 64 more words

Oregon Legislature

Local Government - crucial and undervalued

Local Government provides some of the most crucial and front-line public services we have in society. Yet internationally, voter turnout and engagement with Local Government is generally abysmal. 3,074 more words