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Goats Vs. Union Workers? My Money's on the Goats

Goats may be ornery for herbivores, but they’ve got nothing over union bosses defending their turf.  And, in this libertarian’s mind, the only thing worse than a labor union is a labor union of government workers. 746 more words


Ige Should Sign Bargaining Bill

There is a power in a union.

Conservative political pundits prognosticate about the onslaught of austerity facing our nation. Many of these same pundits–often analysts of the Fox News variety, but also fiscally corporate members of the Democratic Party–believe that labor unions are an impediment to economic prosperity and argue that collective bargaining sets wages and work conditions above what the free market demands. 931 more words


New NLRB Nominations May Lead to New Joint Employment Test (or to my misuse of Lynyrd Skynyrd song lyrics)

In the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, “Gimme Three Steps,” we find our hero cutting a rug down at a place called The Jug with a girl named Linda Lou. 669 more words

Teachers, The Age of Iowa Nice Has Passed

First, happy Fourth of July (or July 5th since I didn’t get this posted yesterday!) to my American readers. To any readers from the England, sorry. 1,030 more words


Manitoba public-sector unions launch court challenge over wage freezes

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s public-sector unions launched a court challenge Tuesday against wage freezes imposed by the provincial government.

More than a dozen unions, representing 110,000 government workers, nurses, teachers and others across the public sector, said the government’s plan undermines collective bargaining rights and is unconstitutional. 425 more words

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Unions — Not Corporations — Stand for Freedom of American Workers

Freedom is one of the most cherished American principles. But freedom means more than the ability to speak your mind, practice your religion, or choose your own democratically elected leaders. 612 more words

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'This wasn't a big shock to us': U of S offers 'early retirement' to eligible CUPE 1975 members

The University of Saskatchewan is poised to shed more jobs as it cuts costs in the face of a $16 million reduction to its $312 million operating grant, which was announced in March as part of the Saskatchewan Party government’s 2017-18 budget. 482 more words

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