U of S union surprised by attempt to force contract vote

The union representing University of Saskatchewan administrative workers was ”blindsided” by the institution’s attempt to force a vote on its final contract offer, says the union’s president. 494 more words

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#FourFights... Collective bargaining in HE: How it works

A [single pay spine] covers most of the UK Higher Education sector. Annual bargaining rounds have been formalised where, under the banner of the Joint Negotiating Committee for Higher Education Staff (JNCHES) five trade unions representing HE staff negotiate over pay and pay related conditions with the employers’ representative body, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA). 1,018 more words

JNCHES...what is it? How does it relate to pay and conditions bargaining in HE?

Understanding JNCHES (pronounced ‘jinches’) is necessary to understanding how the current Four Fights Dispute fits into yearly bargaining ’rounds’ alongside the four other unions which represent staff in higher education. 867 more words

COVID-19 Pandemic Shedding New Light on Collective Bargaining Debate

Governor Ralph Northam is now considering a huge number of bills on his desk, even as he navigates the state’s response to coronavirus. Michael Pope has this report about one issue that’s being hotly debated now.


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The Duty to Bargain During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Contributed by Beverly Alfon, March 31, 2020

Scales of Justice, Weight Scale, Balance.

Businesses with a unionized workforce need to consider whether their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic constitute… 332 more words

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G.R. No. 190515. November 15, 2010

Facts: Electronics and semi-conductor firm Cirtek Electronics, Inc. had an existing CBA with the labor union for January 1, 2001 up to December 31, 2005. 696 more words

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The Coronavirus: Rights to Leave the Workplace and Strikes – by Stuart Brittenden

On Monday evening Boris Johnson issued a stark call for people to stay at home. Great Britain was officially in “lockdown”. That call applies to all workers, with the exception of those regarded as “essential”. 4,489 more words