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Locals agree to surrender self properties for collective benefits

December 30, 2012

Villagers of Phonsavang, Noy, and Napho Tai in Phonhong district, and Mai Nongkhouay and Pakcheng of Viengkham district, Vientiane province, who are directly affected by the construction of a reinforced concrete road, have agreed to surrender their properties for collective benefits. 183 more words


What is government for?

Lane Crothers outlines the three main purposes of government and how most of us benefit from the security and the benefits it provides.

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Does fasting have a collective benefit?

Selected from: Fatâwa as-Siyâm Shaykh Ibnu ‘Uthaymeen, p24

Question: Does fasting have a collective benefit?

Response: Na’am… 92 more words

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