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Coincidences or Consciousness?

So, I just watched Lethal Weapon and Die Hard virtually back to back.

Apart from Die Hard being the superior film in pretty much every respect, even though they share similarities in genre and other aspects…Die Hard has some interesting things to note regarding the imagery – specifically towards the ending. 1,962 more words

Collective Consciousness

It's too early for it to not be dystopian

I was born in the back end of paradise at the foot of a wall. Now I’m old enough and ugly enough to fend for myself. 270 more words


Tomorrow's End ~ A Review

Sharmishtha Basu has kindly created a review for our first printed book ‘Tomorrow’s End’. We delight with our dear Trisha in bringing this to your attention. 594 more words

Collective Consciousness

L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “The Forces of Consciousness and how You Function through Them”

“As all unfolds perfectly.  It is what is needed now and what happens next.  It is the perfect unfolding, leading you to exactly where you need to be. 

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A Glimpse into Our Next Volume, Dear Hearts

A Glimpse into our Next Volume, Dear Hearts ~

‘Bringing of Light’; to be published early 2017.

In our next volume we will outline those who are in opposition, so to speak, but amongst the 4 billion Light Workers currently working towards bringing the New Fantasy of Love and Perfection to the Earth Fantasy. 324 more words

Collective Consciousness

Polarity and the Genetic Cellular Database

By rahkyt

Source: Sacred Space in Time

We are not alone in this world. None of us. We are alone in this world. All of us. 512 more words


The Answer is Always Music to My Ears

Sometimes you’ve got to let the Universe sing you the answer to your most troubling of questions. There is more than one way to achieve enlightenment I can hear ‘them’ say. 51 more words