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The Earth Experience, Ascension and Source | Questions Answered by Laron ~ October 24, 2016

What a beautiful article…and an answer to prayer! For those of you who regularly read my blog, you will know that I have stumbled across some spiritual work based on the concept of “wisdom”. 3,063 more words

Dear NBC, Define Useless.

“To be an artist goes beyond usefulness; it is essential to the very nature of our humanity. “

I am going to go ahead and make an assumption about NBC’s (and our cultural) definition of “useful”.

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Subtle Activism

Trump Sheds Light on our Collective "Shadow"

“By bringing our shadow into the light of consciousness, we create the potential for transformation and healing to occur.”

In the political chaos, insanity and fear of our current election I’ve been drawn to think of our collective consciousness.

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Subtle Activism

A confrontation of free will and divine timing

We are experiencing a confrontation of two powerful forces – that of free will, and of divine timing for change. This is being experienced both on a personal level and a global level, and the two are intertwined as the individual affects the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness cannot but be affected by each individual’s state of consciousness. 278 more words


Bringing of Light


The third in our series of Paperbacks ‘Bringing of Light’ will be available early 2017, Dear Ones. In the meantime we have for you our second Paperback… 260 more words

Collective Consciousness


As I turned around the corner

the young man teaching

the kid on the streets,

became me.


and I became the kid.

The cop who… 92 more words