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Her Time to Shine


It has been a long journey for our dearest; a lifetime, in fact.

Now is her time to shine, Dear Ones. Yes, our dearest Carolyn is now engaging upon yet another chapter; a chapter that shall promise much love; not only for our dearest, but also for those who seek her company. 264 more words

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We Have Something Nice To Say!

Well, well, well; so you’d like for us to have something nice to say. Yes?


So be it, dearest. This we will.

To begin: For all those open to this suggestion we invite you to read on, as we have something nice to say! 239 more words

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Do We Speak Truth, Dear Heart?


Do we speak truth, Dear Heart?


Agreed, dearest; yes, we speak truth, indeed.

And why do you ask this question?

We ask, dearest, because there be many who find the truth distasteful. 299 more words

Collective Consciousness

Unconditional awareness of conditioning

The word AWARENESS has become accepted by the collective consciousness (masses) as a viable method for self-help, but the application of that “concept” to “improve” lives (help others) has become difficult. 635 more words


Keith, Carolyn's Life Partner, Backward Ages

Keith, Carolyn’s Life Partner, Backward Ages.  (Listen while you read) https://abcofspiritalk.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/keith-carolyns-life-partner-backwards-ages2.mp3

We will not always be successful in our attempts toward perfecting ourselves; no indeed, dear friends. 212 more words

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Parasites Reflection

Parasites Reflection  (Listen while you read)  https://abcofspiritalk.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/parasites-reflection.mp3

In all kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal) parasites symbolize the ‘living off another’s life force’. This is against universal law; an indication that one must view his/her thoughts which are parasitical in nature, and; therefore, not acceptable to the overall good. 93 more words

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Aging Backwards Video 4

Hello, Carolyn here,

The fourth video in our Aging Backwards series is available for viewing. Should you feel you are a Light Worker and would like more understanding regarding the role of Light Workers, you may find our… 19 more words

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