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Messages de la lumière en amour

(An English translation of the Spanish original is in the previous posting.)

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(Note: Cette publication est une transcription d’une session tenue le 25 mars 2017 avec “Carlos”. 1,283 more words


Messages of Light within Love

(El texto español original se encuentra en el artículo anterior.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

(Note: This posting is a transcript of a session conducted March 25th, 2017 with “Carlos.” There is no dialogue; the whole session was the reception of channeled information.) 1,101 more words


Mensajes de luz en amor

(An English translation of this Spanish original is in the next posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

(Nota: Esta publicación es una transcripción de una sesión realizada el 25 de marzo de 2017 con “Carlos”. 1,114 more words


Divine Responsibility: The Director's Chair & Renewal

With the completion of a harvest, the choice becomes either gracefully surrendering to the stage of renewal or experiencing renewal by external forces of circumstance. As we age, we come to discover that being proactive beats being reactive any day. 428 more words

Spiritual Life

The Aura of Books

The Energy and Auras of Books

©by Deborah A. Bowman

My overflowing shelves of books

I love each one so dearly

Watching the energy released if I but look… 122 more words


Etheric Night Meetings Review the Divine Plan

For over 25 years now I have been attending “Night Meetings”. These are meetings held by the Ascended Masters, Off-Earth Leaders and Leaders of a large variety that are active with the Ascension of Earth. 1,540 more words



There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force that brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system together. 2,314 more words