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Trope-a-Day: Our Angels Are Different

Our Angels Are Different: Well, ours are sub-archai emergent executive subroutines of the Transcendent collective consciousness that, on the rare occasions they need to manifest in physical form, tend to do so as brain-rippingly complex fractal nanoconstructs. 11 more words



Sydney or the bush ? Hollywood or bust? to mean staking total success or failure on one high-risk event.

Be obedient and silent, but also take a stand for what is right and if you cannot handle it leave, but decide quickly and decide using not just logic but most importantly intuition too. 203 more words

Collective Consciousness

Finding the common ground.

Since May 7th 2015, I have found myself more focused than ever before. I made the decision to leap from the ‘Someone really should do something about that’ camp, to the ‘I am going to try and do something about that’, collective of like minded souls. 857 more words


Collective consciousness

  “The collective consciousness governs our societies, and governs the most of our dealing and opinions, and even our ethics.”

If there are two opinions emerged that conflicting about something, the collective consciousness automatically tends to the closest to the group opinion.

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Personal Development

Mother's Day - History vs Hallmark

Every day I celebrate THE Mother’s day.  THE Mother upon which all life depends.

And while Hallmark exploits children to celebrate a day for Mother and Father, notice there is no Children’s Day.  502 more words

Global Domination

Political Shamanism and the Subtle Energetics of Racism - Reality Sandwich

Chris Dierkes • 1 day ago • 0 Comments

A couple of controversial thoughts re Baltimore. More accurately, some thoughts in response to the discussion concerning Baltimore in my Facebook newsfeed via my white liberal American friends.” 11 more words

Connecting Deeply to the Collective Consciousness Reflection

For the last week of April
I’ve been trying to show you ways to connect more deeply
to the collective consciousness

I defined what the collective consciousness was and is… 292 more words