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What Colour is the Sun?

Collective Consciousness

Every piece of art, every picture you drew as a child, every science fiction film you have ever seen – it’s yellow right? Of course it is, everyone knows the Sun is yellow, even scientists call it a yellow dwarf. 504 more words

Collective Consciousness

"We're All Experiencing Changes ..."

“We’re all experiencing changes. As Mother Earth and humanity change, so do we All.”

— Merlin

Channeled through Ellen on 11-8-15


November Energies Update

The nature of our being, is being transformed at this time of our collective evolution. We are returning to a more organic consciousness that calls for us to remember and to reinstate our sovereignty of self, through connection. 638 more words

Energy For The Month

The Turning

It happens

in our world

in long-scaled cycles

that our inner lives

express something

that continues on the outside

that we each agree to explore here….. 503 more words


Madness of the World

It’s been an incredibly emotional and painful month both on a personal and external levels. Today I literally feel the ‘madness’ of the world like it is sitting in my front room screwed up in pain and desperation. 584 more words

Fear in the City of Love

I used to believe that there was a time when my life would sort itself out and that somehow I would not feel as though I were in a perpetual state of “winging it”. 799 more words

Money doesn't grow on trees...

So much to do these days,

Feels like some sort of race…

No, this time I decide to slow my pace…

Needed some relief…but they say that money doesn’t grow on trees, 97 more words