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What are you offering?

“Your energy is an offering”.
I heard that from someone that I admire and it really made me pause and think.
“Your energy is an offering”. 549 more words


Hieros Gamos on Earth

Gaia’s energy in January 2018 completed her renewal and shift. The last few weeks many humans arrived and merged in all aspects of Self which means the higher self (Soul) united with Body, the power, wisdom, communication with galactic and Earth frequencies are shaping the global movement of those known as (Awaken). 226 more words


Equanimity is a tightrope.

This world is a tightrope, a fine line.
One side you have those who push you off, and on the other you have those who hold your hand and catch you. 64 more words


My Allurement for A Growing Consciousness.

Okay, Ancient Alien theories aside, humanity has been evolving for a while now. Reason being is allurement for pleasure or pain. It used to be said that it was love or fear but that is black and white, absolute, and there is no such thing in this world of polarity. 364 more words

Coffee & Conversation - Diet, a Healthy Attitude & an Exercise Programme to Suit

And here we sit, dearest, once again at the keyboard. And what shall we speak about today? Shall we speak about that which we advised when with ‘the daughter’ earlier this day? 416 more words

New Age

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Stepping into Your Power ~ May 9, 2018

By Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed that the human race is very focused upon what is going on outside of each of you. 425 more words

Vibe Report for May 2018

The Golden Wave
oil on canvas, by Leilah


A lot of people have been talking about “The Event” that is supposedly coming. Indeed there is big change in the air, but the feeling I get about “the Event” (it’s always capitalized!) is that it’s like waiting for “the Aliens” to come and rescue us, or waiting for the great Solar Flare to enlighten us. 887 more words

Spiritual Development