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The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will ~ March 16, 2018

Ok folks, here we go! Although I slept for 9 1/2 hours last night, throughout all day today, I have been sleepy and kind of “out of it” with a subliminal headache.  1,585 more words

Silent passion, nature of God

We began as human and awakening takes us closer to be the NATURE of GOD, silent passion of being here, in now.

The rest could never be known by words and mind. 154 more words


Coffee & Conversation - Merpeople, Bucharest & a New Home

As happens more often than not, The C.C. informed me there was a need for me to attend the keyboard. This invariably means a conversation……  a conversation that is always a joy for me….. 618 more words

New Age

Thoughts on Creativity - A Ramble!

Where does creativity reside? In your soul? In your head? In your cells? In the atmosphere? 477 more words

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A Dreamer's Tea

A Dreamer’s Tea

Dani-Kaye Golding March 10 2018, 16:39 PM


We are all connected

We are all one

We seldom do as instructed

We ask “why” when it’s done… 91 more words



This is another song my soul wrote. Below are the lyrics. It came via the muse, inner voice and vision, over a period of months, usually around dawn one or two sung lines at a time, accompanied by at least the guitar but often with a whole band or orchestra, but not every day and not only at dawn. 389 more words

Inner Voice And Vision

Why You Should Experience Homestay Travel In Nepal

The concept of what we now call “homestay travel” has been around for a long time. Look back long enough and homestays were the only way you could travel around either locally or globally. 1,189 more words