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Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

The drums begin to beat

and I find my soul being called,

back to the old times,

Sitting amongst the elders who have crossed over, 71 more words


Gravity gets further away,

Floating on a subliminal level,

Rolling with the dice on my tongue.
Pieces of time,

Big chunky jigsaw,

Mapped- but creative still, 50 more words

Deja Vu 

The waves rippling,

The sand between my toes,

Trying to ground myself from blowing away,

I’m at a crossroads, but I cannot stay.
The grains of sand, fall as I stand, 95 more words

I Surrender

Down on my knees,

I bow to Mother Earth,

and call upon Archangel Michael

Praying for release,

from this neverending cycle.

The sand under my knees, 162 more words

Twin Flame

Let me fly away,

I want to feel your touch,

but I’m also so afraid,

Afraid of coldness,

but more afraid of losing you.

Like you said, “this is no re-run.” 87 more words

A feather 

Where is it that you came from?

From how far have you travelled?

Who do you belong to?
Soft, colourful, hard, dim,

Shall I use you to write with? 112 more words

Unseen eyes 

Protection from the unseen eyes of the world,

Care, for the skin that surrounds your flesh.

Honesty, for the goodness of your soul,

Challenge- for the competitiveness that creates excitement, 114 more words