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New Beginnings


Around and around and around we go!   Where we stop, nobody knows.

Welcome, dearest; welcome to the new. It is a pleasure to see you here reading our words, dearest. 410 more words

Collective Consciousness

Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More!

Let me tell you, all those supercells and funnel clouds the day before, let loose some serious high charged energy.  It took everything in me to keep connected to the field thru the first three readings yesterday.   2,426 more words

The Shift



Oops, dearest, shall we speak candidly?

I’m a little hesitant! But, OK; go ahead.

To blaspheme, dearest, is to take the Lord’s name in vain. 438 more words

Collective Consciousness

Today's Heartache


Indeed, Dear Heart, we are here, once again, to speak upon the heartache of negativity.

Much has been written, Dear Heart. Indeed, many have written upon the subject of negativity. 349 more words

Collective Consciousness

No More Negativity! What happened?


The Little One wishes information regarding negativity.

Indeed, dearest, we have spoken of negativity. It deserves more, Dear Heart. Yes?

Yes; though, it’s more about coming to realise those things that cause, and are, negativity. 312 more words

Collective Consciousness

Sharing Delight


We delight, Dear Ones, we delight to inform you. That is right, Dear Hearts. We delight to inform you. Sounds funny! The Little One smiles, Dear Hearts, and wonders what mischief we are planning. 268 more words

Collective Consciousness

Caught in a stasis

I can’t describe,



whittle, edit, mend.

and you can never fully comprehend,

all the places that we have went,

stop trying to console, its only another way to control, 68 more words