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Carolyn's Tipz ~ Your Health

Carolyn’s Tipz ~ Your Health  (Listen while you read) https://abcofspiritalk.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/your-health.mp3

‘Your health’ is a euphemism for a more deliberate attempt to cover a huge area of concern. 355 more words

Short Stories

Light Workers Will Unite


Over the coming years the Light Workers of the World will unite in ways that shall cause huge shifts in thinking. This is truth, Dear Hearts. 347 more words

Collective Consciousness

​Cards of the day: wheel of fortune (reversed), knight of cups, & the world (reversed)

It’s okay to move on!!!

Did you see my cards of the week video on Facebook live yesterday? (If not, CLICK HERE) Anyway, the wheel of fortune reversed indicates that you may feel out of control of your life & there seems to be negative external forces at play which is true. 280 more words


A basic look at dimensions and vibrations

You will have read or heard people talking about “transcending the fourth dimensions” and meditating to increase one’s vibrations. These concepts can sound complicated and foreign if you’re not into science and metaphysics. 671 more words

Meditation on Donald Trump: Breaking Through to Oneness

When Donald Trump was elected President, I vowed never to look at a video or photo of him for the next four years. I couldn’t stand to see the visual that went with the arrogant bulldozing bully. 625 more words


Raquel Welch

I wriggle my way out. I want to be free. From the mind of Raquel Welch to the Collective Consciousness to the mind of Robert C Day. 494 more words