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Perfection not Perfectionism!


What Needs to be Achieved First?

Shall we explain?

Yes, please do.

Indeed; what needs to be achieved first? We speak of those things needed to begin the new in earnest. 210 more words

Collective Consciousness

FFM16-22 The Mind

There was no truth before We made it. We took fear. We took prejudice. We took hate, and We dissolved it. We became one source, one truth, one mind. 1,116 more words

Short Story

The Path of Death and Rebirth to Union with the Divine Self

Death and Rebirth what we may fear and tremble, by just hearing the word “Death”, whence so did this begin, one would wonder? Death in itself in Spiritual context, means the Death of the Self, the Unconscious self. 622 more words


Finding a good life balance in Oakland can prove difficult.With Ultimate Life Answers, this task will be less difficult. They can help you find the balance you seek by helping you find the way to a collective consciousness to ultimately gain a better life balance.


To our physical senses in third dimensional (3D) awareness, the Sun appears to be a large ball of incandescent gas that is transforming hydrogen into helium, in a process of nuclear fusion. 473 more words

Spiritual Wisdom

Interview with EM Ibrahim Hassan on 16th of July 2016 by B.Solara ~ posted July 17, 2016

Thanks to my lovely friend, A. for sharing this article about an Ascended Master here on Earth at thie time. His name is Ibrahim Assan, and his blog is The World of Truth.org. 3,147 more words