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When Writers Write

I’m a writer.

You may have noticed this. The thing is, most of us who read are writers (more or less … sometimes way more and sometimes way less) and therefore … 166 more words

Why - The Inspired Word

"Happy Diwali 2017!"

. “Happy Diwali 2017!”
may collective consciousness rise and shine

(and don’t fear ogres — they may turn out to be your friends or relations!)


New Earth *

The beginning of a New Earth is more like a scream widens in storm. Every day a bit louder, an inch more into invisibility of present. 669 more words


Q9. Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

Are All Light Workers Clairvoyant?

This question was asked by ‘The Daughter’. Yes indeed, our dearest’s daughter has asked this question.

It will take almost an essay to answer this question, Dear Heart; so we shall put it sharply and to the point.

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New Age

Sensing energy in built environments

Here’s a fun exercise to try to start developing your own sensitivity to less physically apparent energies. We are part of a continuum of energies ranging from the very physical and measurable energies that science can measure to those that can be explained by quantum mechanics but cannot yet be detected. 1,161 more words

Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness to replace God - author Dan Brown

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfils the role of religion, U.S.

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Blockages Removed

“I want independence. I want freedom from constraint. I want recognition. I want self determination.”

Yes indeed; these are the words our dearest has written. In a brief moment of time, some three weeks to be exact; our dearest has obliterated years of mental torment. 434 more words

New Age