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The Guardians & One Who Serves ~ Nothing Can Be Stopped at This Point ~ August 24, 2016

Channeled by James McConnell, 08/24/2016

The “Guardians”

Hello everyone! This is not “Sananda”. We have asked if he wouldn’t mind stepping aside for this particular moment. 1,266 more words


The steps were laden,

right up ahead, the guide leads us out of this safe haven,

that had us on lock down, initiation was not a sound that we recognised in our imaginary towns. 124 more words



It’s dark and the stars are hiding

behind a veil of mist

even the moon seems paler than before

sweet slumber beckons

yet, it’s impossible to sleep in comfort… 222 more words

'Changes', Our New Book


Changes, is our new book, Dear Ones. It comprises many new understandings for those who wish to know the truth. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; Changes, has been completed this day. 332 more words

Collective Consciousness


For those of you who have expressed concern, (all one of you) I AM a Pleiadian Ascended Master, and the Pleiadian messages I publish come through my higher self while I am in 6D vibration in The Akashic Records. 1,237 more words


You Are Worthy

When you believe that you are worthy of your dream, you have conquered your greatest obstacle. With self-Love and self-worth you become an instrument of the Creator, helping to lift the vibration of the collective consciousness. 48 more words