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"COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS" ~ Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Collective Consciousness is a very important, though little understood concept. It manifests all around us in Nature, yet it is seldom remarked upon.

Naturalists don’t seem to find it strange that a flock of birds, or a shoal of fish can turn in unison, on the instant, with such accuracy that they reflect the light from a new direction, like a mirror that has been turned to a different angle.

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Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

If the politicians did a better job, my life would be better.....Wouldn't it???

Well,……Maybe yes or maybe no, who knows??? This is a statement that says something like……”I am not responsible for any of the unwanted things I see in the world around me. 992 more words



Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds (through John Armitage), continued:

We are a group of beings that are a collective consciousness. We are not the Ascended Masters, we are a group of multi-dimensional and beings from multiple worlds, humanoids, reptilians and insectoids.

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Personal Transformation

2015 Total Lunar Eclipse of Combined Harvest & Super Moon

Saturday or Sunday view depends on time zone

Per Mike Lynch of Minnesota Starwatch:  “Sunday night, we will witness a rare event, something that hasn’t occurred for 100 years and won’t occur again for another 100: a harvest moon, a super moon and total lunar eclipse.” 551 more words


The nature of Paradigm shifts

Now isn’t that a huge title!! What about paradigm shifts – in plural no less. Actually, we could speak of any sort of transition from one state of being to another in this regard. 1,870 more words


Message from the Rhino

Photo by: http://andreacampbell.co.za/

The presence of the Rhinoceros is one that fills us with awe. They are akin to a living dinosaur, carrying ancient wisdom along with them. 642 more words

Collective Consciousness