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First Draft of Catalyst - Work in Progress

I completed the first draft of my next novel titled Catalyst! Now on to revisions. But I’m going to savor this moment for a little while. 20 more words


Knowing ThySelf | The End of War – earthempaths

The End of War Christine April 22, 2016

“Inspiration Everlasting Star It has been deep and silent in the fields of beauty these last weeks, a place where my soul has eternally echoed while my ego struggled to stay on the surface of, to be in control of these waters. 53 more words

Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Fifteen, Observation, Collected Chapters


Observation; Part Fifteen,

Chapter One: The Paintings Pt. 15, Ch. 01

People painted, projected images of the future cave walls; and stones, the past also, things no one living had seen. 221 more words


What if?

What if our consciousness really does create our reality?

It’s my understanding that what we’re learning through Quantum Physics supports this idea.

Several thoughts crowd into my head, based on the possibility of “thoughts become things”, and I’ll admit to a bit of discomfort. 351 more words


You Are Everything & Nothing

There is no demarcation between you and the rest of the universe, no line in the sand, so to speak, where you end and the universe begins. 207 more words


The Stagnant Platform

If he were inside and

I, on the same platform
I would ask the world
How sure must I be
To feel one?

If he were inside and… 102 more words