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You Won't Believe What Obama Says In This Video!

Check it out, 568!

It’s ridiculous!

And then read more here about how to spot a “deepfake” like the video you just watched.  I was actually pretty stunned with how realistic the video looked.  50 more words

It's Not Just Us

So, a lot of the stuff we are talking about is stuff that I am seeing everywhere.  With our current climate–all the talk about fake news, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, etc.–our class feels very relevant. 214 more words


This is the interview of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar at BBC in 1955; watch how candidly Dr. Babasaheb spoke to analyze and predict the future of Democracy in India. 662 more words


What I'm Wondering

I thought I would gain some deep insight and wisdom from posting edited photos online.  But, I realized that my audience–a private group of people that I’ve chosen–generally trusts the content I post.  214 more words

Are You Really You, @twitteruser?

I spent some time showing you steps I take to check whether a Twitter user is who they say they are, from a challenge posted on… 41 more words

How Valid is this Video?

I watched a video for a grad school class last week.  It was done using time-lapse and drawing to animate the speaker’s ideas.  Initially, I thought about how I used animation and time-lapse to animate my own projects, and was surprised at the amount of drawing and sophistication in this video.  274 more words