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Baby to the Movies: Yay or Nay

I feel like I carry the burden of preaching theater etiquettes to the ignorant masses. I always find myself shushing and tut-tutting the delinquents – the mobile freak, the late-coming shadow maker, the ultra-loud popcorn churner and the script narrating know-it all. 351 more words

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Rules of Toddler Club

The first rule of Toddler Club is that you absolutely must talk about it. Recite it, rehearse it, socialize it until all of you know exactly how to engage with toddlers. 79 more words

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Bye Bye Baby TV: The Screen Time Dilemma

Recently, I came across Dahl’s 1964 classic ‘Oompa Loompa’ poetry, Television, on a friend’s facebook wall. In quintessential Dahl style, he mixes gore and fairytale to warn us about the idiot box: 288 more words


Kids roaming free in Fine Dines - Yay or Nay

Biggest discovery of the day – Facebook has withdrawn its Poll functionality. Why Mark, why? LOVE Priscilla’s pregger pics, by the way! (What, just in case he reads alright! 397 more words

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One. Two..Buckle Your Shoe, Fasten your Belt, Bumpy ride ahead...

“That’s my secret, Capt’n.. I am always Angry!”

– Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk)

Ok, so Bruce Banner mouthed the words. I am sure as hell though, that he took inspiration from a two year old in the middle of a meltdown. 386 more words

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Saga of Year One

Close your eyes and think of that moment that rocked your life, one that changed you inside out, one that changed the way people looked at you forever after. 822 more words


Find a Guide

One of the great things about the long evolutionary and developmental journey that brought our species to where we are today is that we have encountered pretty well every problem known to mankind. 179 more words

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