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An Open Meta-analysis Manifesto

Meta-analysis has become an indispensable part of modern science.  By pooling data from many studies, and using special mathematical techniques, meta-analysis answers more questions, with more power and precision, than is possible either with single studies or informal reviews. 1,810 more words

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Resistance is Futile

The Hive Mind, the idea that an entire colony operates like a single organism with one mind, is a notion that’s been picked up by people who don’t usually wear bee veils. 1,063 more words

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Parenting hurts.. literally

There are some things about parenting that are left unsaid because the truth might discourage procreation. So, take the ‘red pill’ responsibly, remember no babies = no species and if my blog scares you off parenthood, DO NOT name me on the Day of Judgment. 231 more words

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A molecular biologist

I swear, this won’t be another one of those articles telling you how wonderful Hamilton is. So, so many of those have been written: It’s fair to say no new musical has created this much critical acclaim and excitement in four decades. 870 more words

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The many faces of Madame T

This week got me by the throat – literally! I was knocked out cold (hot, actually) by a virus I under-estimated. It slowed down my brain functioning close at the edges of permanent stupidity. 176 more words

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New Moms Alert: This video could save your life!

The first three months of motherhood has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Period. You can of course read about my Year One experience in this… 138 more words

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'90s Game Classes for T Co.

I was passing by the schoolyard of a local public school for underprivileged children. It seemed like Physical Training hour and the kids were in groups playing varied games. 249 more words

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