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The Bridge Across the Sectors

By: Linda Lattimore

If the business of business is business and the business of non-profits is community, should we blur the lines?

Despite the multitude of opinions on the matter, the “reasons for being” of each type of entity are in fact becoming less distinct.  976 more words

Linda Lattimore

Collective Wisdom

Vernacular – of the place – locale – indigenous.

Its important to bring back the Vernacular.

Globalisation poses a great threat to our Future.

The rampant deforestation, unthought development, insensitive architecture; all are contributing to a future exhausted off Resources. 151 more words


Is the Business of Business - Just about Business?

By: Linda Lattimore

Can a corporation use the company’s revenue to finance humanitarian projects or ones that protect the environment?  Or, is this considered a misuse of profits that should be returned to the shareholders in the form of dividends or an increase in the value of their investment?  872 more words

Linda Lattimore

Like diamonds, entrepreneurs are formed under high pressure and a lot of heat.

It is impossible to be “ON” 100% of the time. I don’t always feel brilliant or sparkle. There are days that I just want to wear old PJs and fuzzy socks, binge watch TV comedies and eat salted caramel gelato. 391 more words

Peer Advisory Boards

Cryptic greeting

The usual encomiums from the usual suspects came out in full force yesterday for Stephen Sondheim’s 85th birthday. He was declared the greatest genius the world of musical theatre has ever known. 1,052 more words


Learners who work together and help one another learn more than those who learn in isolation.

Learners who work together and help one another learn more than those who learn in isolation. That’s number 10 of 12 truisms that have influenced how I have been doing my work as a learning and performance consultant over a number of years. 669 more words

Sometimes you just need to laugh ...

This is the glass door I ran into on my first morning in a new office.  Five minutes after I arrived.  And I had to laugh at myself!   528 more words