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That look to me

About six years ago I started this blog and I suppose the blogaversary compels me to reflect about blogging. And one thing I think is that the whole thing is way too big. 944 more words

Collective Wisdom

YourView Links

The goal of the YourView project was to develop a platform for identifying collective wisdom, focusing on major public issues, aiming to remedy some of the defects of democracy.   127 more words


Resolving the Shakespeare Authorship Conundrum

The question of who actually wrote the works attributed to “William Shakespeare” is a genuine conundrum.  In fact it may be the greatest “whodunnit” of all time. 301 more words

Argument Mapping

Cre8iv Board: 365ideas4change number 89

In business, “Innovative” gets resounding nods. “Creative” gets slightly raised eyebrows. Innovation and creativity are nonetheless the proverbial yin-yang of corporate success: can’t have one without the other. 123 more words

Personal Development

I wish I had a son!

Until my teens, the inequity of the genders was a hushed possibility. My parents provided me the same opportunities and resources that they did my brother. 322 more words

Collective Wisdom

An Open Meta-analysis Manifesto

Meta-analysis has become an indispensable part of modern science.  By pooling data from many studies, and using special mathematical techniques, meta-analysis answers more questions, with more power and precision, than is possible either with single studies or informal reviews. 1,810 more words

Collective Wisdom

Resistance is Futile

The Hive Mind, the idea that an entire colony operates like a single organism with one mind, is a notion that’s been picked up by people who don’t usually wear bee veils. 1,063 more words

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