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“1- to have lived the life they desired, not the life others preferred they live…

2- that they had not “worked” so hard… 398 more words


Re-Introducing the Inukshuk Collective as Precipice-Collective

Our circumnavigation has come full circle.  We pause here, five years later, to plan the next five years.  Join us in reflection by reviewing some of our past blog posts, exercises, and events.   116 more words

Behind the Scenes with Nyvrem

Business Support Officer Mervyn Lim, 29, runs Nyvrem Porktography, a page dedicated to cosplay photography in his free time. Passionate and dedicated, Mervyn is also no stranger to the fashion photography scene. 1,676 more words


Collective Bargaining without Unions

As John Lennon once prompted . . . . Imagine . . . . but in this case collective bargaining without unions. The nation talks about universal medical coverage, so why not universal labor coverage? 253 more words


The Westbrook Chronicles

If you clicked on this, because you thought I was going to discuss basketball, I am sorry; that is not about to occur. In fact, in my lifetime I have only attended one basketball game, I spent the whole time utterly lost and the last fifteen minutes wondering why the guy to my left kept yelling “defence”. 1,476 more words


Behind the scenes with Rescend

Lead editor/videographer William Wong, better known as Rescend in Singapore’s cosplay community, shares his honest thoughts on cosplay photography. The 34-year-old runs Twenty0NineWorks as a hobby, specializing in cosplay photography. 2,901 more words