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More Than Skin Deep

Hailing as the Trojan Horse of the Beauty Industry, the Body Shop continues to champion sustainability, collecting a UN award along the way.

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The Sentient Clockwork

The Cogwheel’s Awakening

Let us imagine a state when one morning we woke up sensing very clearly, without a doubt that we are fully integrated, embedded cogwheels in a vast, cosmic machinery. 2,234 more words


A few pieces of thoughtfulness


Resuscitating The Stillborn Baby

Fast Sinking

The world is in a great predicament today. We are sinking into a deepening global crisis, barbaric chaos is flooding even the highly developed western societies.  1,967 more words


Climbing The Mountain Fuelled By Envy

Anchored To Comfort Zone

Although our natural tendency is inclined towards rest, taking holidays, staying within comfort zone, in order to grow and develop we can not stop, but have to keep changing, moving. 2,849 more words


Reading A Book

A Good Book

Reading a good book can seemingly transport us into another world. A skillful writer can create such a colourful story, “tasty” reality that the reader can feel oneself entering into that world, oneself playing the actions, living the lives the story portrays.  1,669 more words


The Method

Early Scientists

Each great, several thousand years old culture has their legends, traditions, mythology describing the creation, origin of our world and the forces acting in it. 1,550 more words