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Wur Bradford Season of Change: call for participation

Wur Bradford ‘Season of Change’ : call for people to get involved

Do you have a skill would would like to share, an idea or workshop you would like to try out, a conversation you would like to have, or a campaign you would like to see happening, relating to the theme of change? 303 more words

Wur Bradford


Lets remember something boys and girls, do you remember when things like slavery were legal? Maybe you don’t, but it surley happened. Slavery was legal, racial segregation was legal, protests were illegal, women couldn’t vote, so… why should we, as a society, define ethics with the state as a metric? 25 more words


Book Review: The Andean Cosmovision

This is a precious book on a number of levels. First, it is written by a Western man, a dedicated seeker on the Andean path through the teachings of Don Américo Yábar, who has consistently held intent to integrate his learnings back into life at home…and share what he’s discovered over more than twenty years. 395 more words

Spiritual Evolution

The Individual

So there’s a thought going through my head and I’m not entirely sure how I want to discuss it. It’s not simple to manifest simply in writing; nothing I can write can explain how important it is for… 183 more words


Family values

Hold her hand in public, knowing

that your bodies will always belong

to a stranger’s potential violence. Be cast

from your home, her deathbed, your place… 213 more words

Current Affairs

Album Review: Ras Moshe and Stefan Cristoff- Rêves Sonores à Alwan

Awesome new album from Montreal’s Howl! Arts collective listen to it here and enjoy my complete rundown of the tape.

“In the realm of contemporary music, free jazz and electronic sound art have run in similar directions.  130 more words