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How do the hell do I know what I wanna do

I’m involved!  Like really involved – with everything. So many different sectors. And its confusing!  And each sector I can see parts of me and my personality. 308 more words

3 Books Every Ambitious Girl Should Read

I will be the first to admit that I really don’t read as much as I would like to. I love the idea of reading and I do manage to do it sometimes but sitting down with a book and a cup of tea is definitely something I’m determined to start doing more often. 439 more words


What if...

We created a collective of WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS
who give backTOGETHER.

and we were committed to EMPOWER women entrepreneurs in developing countries families can eat, get the medicine they need, and go to school. 48 more words


The town hall square

I walk slowly over the Town Hall Square, a characteristic public place in Copenhagen.
It´s cold, and it is drizzling.
The square is a political space whose paving stones are filled with memories of demonstrations.
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Once I graduated school, the thing I thought I would miss the most about it was the feeling of being together as a class. The feeling of being part of a collective whole, almost as if we were a conspiracy against the school and the teacher in front of us. 227 more words

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Filming for our film

Today me and my group met up to film. We arranged for four actors to come along (all of which are  studying performing arts), however one of our actors were unable to turn up due to being ill, obviously we had to work around this problem. 157 more words


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

This article was originally published in the Spectator in Fall 2013

Our society is extremely individualistic. It’s a fact. We are not a collectivist culture. We don’t actually care about the “we.” We are far more concerned with the “I.” I accomplished this. 635 more words