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Glass Act - Inspiration in Colour

The second maker to be featured at our Festive Makers Market on 12th December in Inverkeithing is Glass Act.  Based in Crail, another of Fife’s gorgeous coastal towns, Glass Act are a collective of four glass artists who create these vivid and richly coloured sun catchers, panels and small hanging decorations. 16 more words


Let Us Assemble Ourselves Lightly

Let us assemble ourselves lightly
No need to fathom collective stress
We can build something far greater
Separate we can only be much less
Where do you discover your joy… 28 more words


The Collective Conscious vs. The Collective Unconscious

Image: Edmond Yang

“Our hearts resonate at the same frequency as the earth and the universe. Therefore, we are all valuable instruments in the orchestration of the world and its harmony. 1,296 more words

My Chaos

The Civil Zombie

I find myself lost again, in my thoughts, my words. At least I’m not as driven by my emotions as I used to be, following nothing more than a thoughtless trail of correlations, from point A, to point B, and what significance in between. 305 more words


Finding Our Way

On first glance, the next three links  and video might seem completely unrelated; however, taken together, they form a mosaic of awareness, compassion and navigation for these troubled, yet high potential times. 1,103 more words

Should we-Could we-Will we Anarchize

“The freedom to exchange ones labour for goods is anarchy… to restrict such an action requires government”

What is anarchism? What does it mean to be an anarchist? 1,885 more words


+++ Evolution Today = Revolution NOW +++

We are witnesses of continuos changes on every level of our being. Change is perhaps the only constant in the Universe. If changes occur slowly we call it… 999 more words