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Vonj - Words of songs Chapter 40 "Soul Prism"

“Soul Prism”


Your spirit is monumental,

Your strength is eternal,

 The gift is individual,

 First part 

Yes I live!,

I don’t sleep!,

I achieve!, 164 more words


Japanese resort Hakuba Valley joins The Mountain Collective party for the 2015-16 shred season

Great news from the folks at The Mountain Collective, today. The Japanese resort Hakuba Valley has officially joined the multi-mountain season pass as a global affiliate for the 2015-16 season. 26 more words

Kat Single-Dain, Director of The Scarlet Queen of Mercy, on Bad Acting, The Creative Proccess, and Keeping Her Shit Together

It’s been a good while since my last post but I have excuses aplenty. As well as working full time for all female production/distribution company Pacific North West Pictures, and getting prepared to leave on a 3 month cross country camping trip, I have been marketing, filming and performing in original musical comedy The Scarlet Queen of Mercy. 2,313 more words


issue 1- shake a flamin' tail feather drops on june 12, 2015

we have been very busy little miscreants at the contritions of the phoenix collective …writing, researching, creating, editing, and more and more and more to bring the first edition of  the monthly phoenix zine. 97 more words


My Final Plea!

For each law that G-d told Moses, He would enumerate forty-nine arguments for ruling that an object was ritually pure and forty-nine arguments for ruling that the object was ritually impure.

3,368 more words

OOTD: LooseLeaf

If you’ve noticed my FB/website activities lately, you might know that I’m in the process of starting and running an Asian Art Collective with a bunch of amazing artists and people. 205 more words