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Alt-Righters are Alt-Feminists Since They Support Preferential Treatment for Women

It’s very simple, really: alt-righters believe that men are supposed to sacrifice their own lived to “defend” women from whatever outside forces are considered threatening to them. 906 more words


Reverse Culture Shock

When people think of traveling, culture shock is often only addressed concerning traveling from your home country to a foreign one. However, if like me, you have spent  half your year away from home, then your home country can be as alien as any foreign one. 426 more words

cfp ‘Alternatives to Capitalism’ SASE Research Network Conference, due Jan. 29, 2018 (note extended deadline!)

As you may remember the cfp I posted almost a year ago, Joyce Rothschild and I co-organized a mini-conference “Seeking a More Just and Egalitarian Economy: Realizing the Future via Co-operatives, Communes, and Other Collectives… 590 more words

Economic Sociology

Libertarianism Is NOT Opposed To All Forms Of "Collectivism"

Is Libertarianism Individualistic?

One of the most common criticisms of libertarianism from conservatives and progressives alike goes something like this: “Libertarians want a world where everyone is reduced to an atomized, ‘free-thinking’ individual competing ruthlessly with other individuals in the marketplace in Social Darwinistic fashion, with no institutional loyalties or connections to anything beyond themselves. 2,429 more words


A culturist by heart

I and my roommates were having a quiet dinner when our American neighbor decided to drop by. Now, he is someone you can talk to on a variety of topics and our conversations continue long into the night. 1,027 more words


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“People are people because of people”

People hurt people because we are hurt people .

Classify people as beings in a collective

Yet in this collectivity I can’t find the me and people fail to recognise ,to open up, and see that because of harsh words ,verbs and humiliation through humility .You have torn the you ,from me. 43 more words


You Should Let Me : Individualism vs Collectivism

Civilized society is a battle between individualist and collectivist mindsets,

Shall refer to this often.


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