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My Freshman Dorm

I am officially moved in! This weekend has been crazy and very draining. I am so excited and happy to finally be in college but I didn’t know how exhausting it would be. 93 more words


Your Probably A....

If you have went through the little store grabbing things to pack your kids lunch, and trying to make it look healthy and not snatched up in a mad rush at the little store….Your probably a college mom… 113 more words


Third First Day of College

Good news! I survived the first day of college for the third time! As I walked up the hills to my class, I felt a sense of nostalgia for some reason. 1,309 more words


Routines, Goals, Etc.

As I am getting ready to head to bed for the night, I am thinking about my planner (again). It holds my homework information, exam dates, events, birthdays and anniversaries, and even what I plan on cooking for each meal throughout the week. 431 more words



A sweet friend of mine posted a photo (source unknown) the other night that read “when you cannot sleep at night, have your ever thought maybe it’s God saying ‘we need to talk and now you have time.” 466 more words


When Is it Okay to Do Too Much for Your Kids?

The sad truth is that my kids don’t need me as much as they used to. My days are no longer spent driving to school and the pool, volunteering in the classroom, packing lunches or helping out on the swim team. 523 more words