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The Burden of Authority

I already spent forty minutes writing an essay this morning about leadership, management and showing gratitude and appreciation. (That’s definitely a recurring theme for me.) I’d gone on at some length about the comparative effectiveness of dominating management versus appreciative leadership. 246 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

Day 2 in Morocco

A bit of fair warning, this post is going to be very long. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and find a relaxing seat because we will be here a while! 841 more words


Day 1 in Sevilla and Morocco

Hello my friends!

It has been a little while since I last posted- life has been going pretty great but busy here in Spain! Almost two weeks ago now, I started experiencing pain in my lower back. 753 more words

Current Events

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Listen up.  If someone in your life is a college student, I want you to know that they are carrying a great deal of weight.  It is rigorous, exhausting, extremely intense, and sometimes it feels like being trapped in the middle of a long, pitch dark tunnel – feeling as if you may never re-emerge amidst the light again. 241 more words


Elon's Anna Wintour in training: Hannah McCarthy

Elon isn’t typically known for it’s success in fashion programs. But that’s the beauty of a liberal arts education–the skills learned in the classroom and through on-campus experiences can be directly translated into any field a student is passionate about. 733 more words


We'll always be chasing the sun

I promise – this is not the typical “My semester is going by WAY too fast!” post. (OK, maybe there is a little bit of that.) Tonight (or this morning?), I’m bringing you my latest thoughts about life at the corner of orange and blue. 489 more words


Halfway Point

Despite my impressive productivity at the beginning of the term, I let half of Hilary go by before writing another post. Though the initial burst of energy has waned, it hasn’t disappeared completely. 681 more words