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The Souls of Black Folk| BHM2015

There’s no way I could let February end without acknowledging the greatness that went down on UCF’s campus.

Our student body was graced with words of wisdom from Stephen A. 221 more words



Today was regionals for table tennis. Which isn’t important, really, except to give some context. Actually, I take that back. Regionals was very important, because I woke up really early and was very tired, and didn’t do anything all morning except play ping pong and watch people play ping pong, and in the afternoon I played (and won, yay!) two very easy matches and then I cheered for my team and did a very minimal amount of homework. 418 more words


Generation Z Apocalypse

Millennials are defined as the generation group born between the 1970’s and early 1990’s. What is the next generation, you may ask? Generation Z — and yes, we are running out of letters. 382 more words

Social Media

The Pressure of the College Hookup Culture.

Day Fifty-Eight.

To be in college means that you are no stranger to the idea of a “hookup”. And not just as a rare occurrence but more of a standard, if not expected, thing. 213 more words

365 Days

Thrift Shops, Puppies and Gelato, Oh My!

Today was the most perfect day of the semester so far. Ashley and I didn’t wake up until 11:30 am and the 12 hours of sleep was rejuvenating. 495 more words


Six Months Until Spain

This Thursday, I received some of the most exciting news of my life so far. I was accepted to a program in Madrid for next fall, so I will have the privilege of studying abroad there for an entire semester. 364 more words


13 Types of Group Members You'll Work With

When teachers sit down to plan out their course syllabus, they always undoubtedly include a group grading component, either oblivious to the fact that group work is never done in equal contributions and they genuinely believe it teaches students to work cooperatively and effectively in a group… 626 more words