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5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Student

College provides a myriad of opportunities for students to explore their interests, whether it be through clubs, internships, classes, or work opportunities. And while these experiences are important for a diverse and rounded out academic career, taking on everything at once puts students in danger of burnout. 340 more words


I'll Let You Know

I have not died, contrary to popular belief. I’ve just been crazy busy re-adjusting to college life. My roommate moved out, so Jack and I have been enjoying the alone time, reconnecting and bonding. 79 more words


Its another travel day for me! I came back home for the weekend and am sad that i had to leave today to go back. I absolutely love going to college close enough to home that I can come home on the weekends! 138 more words


Letter to the Author

Dear nerdywordybirdy,

Why did it happen that as you’ve gotten older, you’ve lost your motivation to write?  You have folders and notebooks both real and virtual that are completely full of stories.   600 more words


3 Tips to Manage Your Busy Life

Between my internship, classes, homework, and organizations I am a part of, it is difficult finding some down-time. This past week, I was very stressed with piling assignments, laundry, and lack of sleep. 246 more words


Super Bowl Sunday... Panthers!!!

So guys my baby made the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!Cam Newton (Superman).  I love him, like i love him like i love pizza which is a deep love. 144 more words