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Sometimes They Fall to the Ground Before They Fly Away

“Sometimes when they leave the nest, they have to fall to the ground before they learn to fly.”

I was at a swim meet this past weekend, talking to a longtime coach friend of mine. 463 more words


Malicat Chouyouti: Behind the Scenes & at the Forefront of Change

(By Emily Faber)

Malicat Chouyouti does not gravitate toward the limelight, nor does she seek fame or attention for her work. In fact, I almost don’t notice her studying for exams in the corner of Starbucks when I arrive to meet her. 1,282 more words


2:30 am

I laid on my stomach, my head turned towards my left. Tory was on the floor next to me, his arms behind his head. 577 more words



It’s almost the end of the school year and I cannot wait to finish my final year of being a media student at college! The day I finally leave the world of being a media student is coming closer and closer but that means problems are coming along with it. 440 more words


We Aren't Meant for Goodbyes

It was an unexpected year.

Looking around the apartment I lived in for the last two semesters in its half-packed state, it’s difficult for me to accept that it’s already May. 525 more words


Young and Beautiful

It is May 4th and I am 5 days away from starting my summer semester and i would usually dread it however my summer classes are kind of classes that i am sort of in a way looking foward too but that my friends is far from  the point of this post. 414 more words


Stress Less

By McKinsey Brewer//

Stressed about finals? Aren’t we all. “Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems on college campuses”, according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America. 323 more words