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You Get Free Stuff! You Get Free Stuff! 

During the first week on campus majority of colleges have fun back to school events going on! As a freshman maybe I am lame but don’t feel like a loser if you go to on campus activities. 96 more words


With Excellence

People often comment on how busy I am, and they’re correct in saying so.

I am an RA for two residence halls, I co-lead a campus ministry, and I hold a management position with our school bookstores on top of my academic commitments. 243 more words


Don't Tell Me To Put My Phone Away During Class

Like that’s going to do anything. Telling me to put it away might have worked in high school but it doesn’t work in college. 220 more words


Get Into the Swing of Things: 4 Ways To Quickly Prepare to Go Back To College

Summer, for many of us, has been long and relaxing. Others may have spent the summer in school, working, or interning somewhere. Either way, with school quickly approaching once again, it is important to get back into the swing of things. 494 more words


FYI Friday: Excel Grade Calculator!

Remember way back in May right before finals when you were using your TI-84 plus to frantically figure out what was the highest grade you needed to pull off a C in your ECON 101 class? 294 more words


College Goals: Freshman Year

College. No parents, few rules, and a huge responsibility. I’ve been waiting to go to college for years now, craving independence and freedom. I think with any new experience, I always have goals in mind. 413 more words



I know, it’s kind of a vague topic, but this is a topic that can easily go in the most positive light or the most negative. 715 more words

Growing Up