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Quartz: Students are now being told whether they got into university through Snapchat

Quartz: Students are now being told whether they got into university through Snapchat. “Snapchat is no longer a mere photo-messaging platform for idle teenagers; it’s a powerful marketing tool for retailers, a strategic branding method for celebrities, a megaphone for messaging for politicians and startups. 7 more words

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Colleges Use a Team-based Approach to Read Applications

As more and more top students apply for coveted spots at Ivy League and highly competitive schools, several of these schools have developed a new team-based approach to efficiently analyze and evaluate each applicant. 314 more words

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Is the College Admissions Process Unfair?

This is the question everyone is buzzing about, especially after recent reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears poised to challenge affirmative action policies in university admissions.  659 more words

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Admissions Letter

Dear Dean of Admissions,

I am very much interested in enrolling in George Mason University. I’m a Northern Virginia Community College graduate and I have applied to GMU before. 773 more words


So you're thinking of transferring...

The essays were written, the thick (and thin) envelopes received, the deposit placed, orientation attended, and classes started.  It seemed like the whole college admissions was behind you and – barring going to graduate school – the idea of worrying about letters of recommendations and standardized test scores was nothing more than a distant memory. 306 more words

It's about time we started doing something about affirmative action with colleges.

I believe I’ve written before about how I don’t like when universities use race-based affirmative action. For me, the only way to combat sins of the past like denying perfectly smart minorities access to college is to just stop the practices that were used to originally deny them. 96 more words

Commentary: Who benefits from discriminatory college admissions policies? White males -- Guest Opinion

If the Trump administration really intends to examine discriminatory college-admission policies, as a New York Times report suggests, it had best be prepared for what it will find: A lot of white people who benefit from admission preferences that have been around far longer than affirmative action. 11 more words

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