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Declaration of the Students of America

When in the pursuit of higher education, admissions processes impede holistic consideration of those for whom they exist and it becomes necessary for these misconstrued to bind together and forge a better path, a deserved respect of College administrators requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to action. 419 more words

College Admissions

Living the American Dream isn't only for the privileged

By definition, having privilege is seen as an advantage in life. Privilege comes in many forms ranging from what family situation or race you were born into to how much money you make to even where you got your college degree. 862 more words

Three Years of Science: Is It Really Required?

By Xenia Rangaswami (’15)
Staff Writer
February 2015: Op/Ed

      There is often a preconception that high school students should take at least three years of science courses. 670 more words


Liberal Arts Colleges

Too often students and parents overlook some of the best colleges in the country because of the name, “Liberal Arts College” and what this term actually means. 223 more words

St. John's Guam

Just Say "NO" to College Negativity!

Remember the Nixon-era “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism?”  Well, they’re back – but this time they are not just the media – they are your friends, relatives, neighbors and people you work with.  1,340 more words

Canada versus U.S.

Usually, when Canadians speak of “Canada vs. U.S.” here it is with reference to a hockey series.  However, in celebration of Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day (July 4) holidays, here I’m going to point out a few differences in terminology and other things that you might run across when looking at engineering programs at Canadian and U.S. 865 more words

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