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Should I Attend Admitted Student Events?

As you start to receive acceptance letters, you will also receive invitations to admitted student events. But, what is an admitted student event and should you attend? 1,024 more words

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Determining the Best Financial Fit After Financial Aid Award Letters Arrive

Financial aid will play a huge role in the decision process for many students. Unfortunately, financial aid award letters can be confusing, especially when award letters look different. 1,462 more words


Be careful what you post. It might just get you rejected from your dream school.

If you’re applying to college, follow this golden rule of social media: Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents to see.

A new survey by Kaplan Test Prep… 576 more words


Facing the Big Bad Wolf

By Grace Gorman, VI Form

Facing the Big Bad Wolf

My mom has always described me as “fearless.” To some extent, when she recounts my fearlessness, she is referring to my willingness to try new, courageous things. 583 more words


Senior Grades are Important for College Admissions

Some students believe that once they have been accepted to college, they can relax and not worry about their grades anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  64 more words

How Legacy and Early Decision Benefits the White and Wealthy

by Emma Tayloe

As the admissions office prepares to announce its decisions, we as a Davidson community should think critically about our admission policies, especially if they give an advantage to certain groups of applicants over others. 1,041 more words

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College Admissions Decisions Are Coming Soon

If college admissions decisions have not already started arriving, they will soon. Some colleges will send out their decisions through the mail, while others will send an email or ask students to log into the admissions portal. 847 more words

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