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7 Habits: Find an Academic Mentor

My mentors in high school, college, and graduate school pushed me to become the best version of myself. I find that a mentor for every stage of academic life is extremely important. 397 more words

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Universities Sending Acceptance Letters Via Snapchat

Wow, do I feel old: one university is sending college acceptance letters via Snapchat. “It may be time to say goodbye to getting college letters in the mail — or even those sluggish online portals that require you to hit refresh several times before you get the answer. 19 more words

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Use Social Media to Learn More About Colleges

No matter where you are in the college search process, you can always learn more about a college. Even for students who just sent out college applications, there are still things they can learn about the colleges they are considering. 660 more words


Oregon Universities Try 'Instant' Admissions To Land High School Seniors

Seniors at Portland’s Cleveland High School were packed into the counseling center on a recent November day. Some were at computers filling out college applications. Others were waiting to hear an admissions officer from Portland State University call out their names. 11 more words

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10 Things About College Admission That Might Surprise You

A lot of stuff can surprise you in the college admission process—and they’re not always the good surprises, like finding money in your jeans or those magical extra French fries at the bottom of the bag. 1,140 more words

How To Get In

Well, guys and girls, it’s here.

The last day of November.

One more day and it’s December.

I cannot believe it’s going to be December tomorrow.

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