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Stanford-bound Latino speaks about viral letter to dentist who mocked his college admission

When Guillermo Camarillo published a letter to the dentist who, he felt, belittled his admission to Stanford University on Facebook, he never dreamed that in three days’ time, the post would receive over 14,000 reactions and over 4,000 shares. 1,602 more words


The Benefits of Federal Work Study Program

If you have begun looking into colleges, then you have likely discovered that your education is going to be expensive. You’ve probably applied to grants and scholarships and, depending on where you are in the process, you may have completed your FAFSA application as well. 468 more words

How To Get In

College application protips for the soon-to-be-senior: a series

I get a lot of questions from baby juniors (now seniors, but will always be my juniors) about the giant monstrosity known as college apps. I’ve been asked about everything ranging from schools to interviews to recommendations and essays. 1,746 more words


Shelby L. Cearley

Title: Director of Graduate Admissions, Designated School Official
Company: Texas Tech University
Location: Levelland, TX United States

For the past 13 years, Shelby Cearley has served the people at Texas Tech University. 392 more words


Report all of your Financial Aid

Your overall financial aid package can come from many sources. You completed the FAFSA application and the results of that application were submitted to your school. 436 more words

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10 tips for your college admissions essay

College admissions essays can play a big part in the college admissions process, especially if students are applying to selective colleges. When numerous competitive students apply and only a small amount of spots are available, the essay could be the thing that helps the student stand out. 872 more words


Admissions Essays and Personal Statements

When I applied to all 6 of my prospective colleges I used the Common Application portal online. This essentially allowed me to fill out one application and write one essay that would be submitted to each of the institutions to which I was applying. 772 more words