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5 ways to turn a passion into something to list on college app

The following post was originally published on our sister site, The Prospect.

If you’re interested in becoming a writer or an athlete, it’s usually easier to find a school activity to meet your needs and list on your college applications. 94 more words

To College (and Beyond)

New Beginnings

Hello! Welcome to Talk of the Campus. Thanks for stopping by!

This is a blog that I wrote while working for the Bates College Admissions Office in my junior and senior years. 121 more words

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Being Optimistic Versus Being Realistic

College admissions – When you decide where you want to spend the best three/four/five years of your life. Unfortunately, chances are, a thousand others want to spend those years in the same place. 188 more words


Opinion: Stop conceptualizing affirmative action as "reverse racism"

When people of color are admitted into colleges, they are often told that they only got in because of their race. Credit: Jenny Chang/The Foothill Dragon Press… 913 more words

Four Ways to Create Privilege for Your Students

Most students in attendance at ivy leagues come from wealthy families. In 2013, for example, only 15 percent of Yale’s student body came from families earning less than $65,000 ($12,000 more than the median income in the US). 307 more words

Pursuing My Dream...Again

Two years ago, in August of 2013, I was in the same place I am this year; preparing an application to Texas Christian University. Now, back then, I had never really considered TCU. 1,627 more words