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Poetry Analysis: My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke (Part 1: The Literal Meaning)

Here again, I want to share about my literature’s assignment about the analysis of a poetry by Theodore Roethke. This analysis was made by me and once again please underline that my mother tongue isn’t english thus probably there are some errors due to my imperfection in eloquence. 962 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia (Part 1)

On this opportunity, I’d like to share about my college assignment to make a re-make article, so here I gather 5 statements about the reason why it’s necessary to add Indonesia as one of your tour destination list. 512 more words


My Day with My Mamaw...

I promised y’all when wrote my last blog (Reflecting on 101 years of Life)  about my Mamaw that I would follow up with another one about the day I spent with her while working on a project for Developmental Psych in college.   890 more words

A Story Behind Every Mask

In middle school, you probably had various creative projects sprinkled amongst the run-of-the-mill “boring” assignments, right? Typically, teachers would assign mind-numbing essays, book reports, or the deathly boring worksheets; but once in a blue moon, they would come up with a clever little art project that matched the current chapter’s topic. 953 more words

Past Stories

The History Of Cliodhna Editing Things

I’m a big believer in your mistakes being important in order to learn. I try to regret as little as possible as it led to here and as long as I’ve learned, that’s all that matters. 517 more words

Help me finish a survey!

Hey guys!

so, for a college assignment I had to make a sample survey.

And It would be great if you all  give your responses and take the 2 min survey. 6 more words