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English Composition — WR 121 - Essay I

I was required to revise this essay twice, as the instructor believed I did not fulfill the assignment and instead wrote a report.

Assignment: Write a narrative essay on your writing experiences, please use MLA format… 1,183 more words

Short Story 2

(For our final assignment we had to create a short story. This one is my original draft, the one I submitted as my final assignment is titled “Jenny’s Journey” (Short Story 1) that I shared on my page) 898 more words

Objects and a Place: COM 220 Photography Project

For my COM 220: Creating Multimedia Content class, I had to take pictures of three objects and seven pictures of a place, with varying angles and types of shots. 91 more words


College Short Story

Jenny’s Journey

Soft music began to slowly fill the room, signalling it was eight am and time to get up for the day. However, Jenny wasn’t ready to wake up, she had finally fallen asleep three hours ago after a long night of agony and several trips to the bathroom. 963 more words

College Assignment 3

(Poem for FutureLearn course. Wrote this when I was 16)


Colours flow through my head,

Purples, reds and blues,

Coming in a flood of colours, 239 more words

College Assignment

(Poem for FutureLearn. I wrote this when I was 16)

To you,

So, how is it going?

I know you’re probably thinking who is this? And well that is a very good question, 213 more words

Public Relations Assignment: Industrial Hemp

For my current PR course, I need to come up with a PR campaign for a business and part of this assignment entails completing a target market analysis. 60 more words