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Strength training in older people

Hi there,

 I was watching “How to stay young” on BBC, Angela Rippon and Dr Chris van Tulleken and it got me thinking about making my first post about strength training in older people and how important it is for them to incorporate it in their daily lives. 579 more words

From Darkness into Light

Produced for the New Media Production module as part of the Public Relations with New Media Masters.

We were tasked with producing a set of 6 photos and a photo essay to complement an existing public relations award winning campaign. 68 more words

Public Relations

August 24th, 2017: Digital Media Experience

Technology makes information and communication easily accessible. I enjoy using the internet for various amounts of entertainment including online chats, gaming, and reading.

The sites I often use is: 137 more words

Aliens & Religion

When it comes to unfalsifiable claims and beliefs, such as those regarding the existence of god or the existence of aliens, it is nearly impossible to objectively compare and evaluate the credibility of each belief system against each other. 613 more words

Unplugged on UFOs: a critical review

In his 2005 documentary, Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs, director David Sereda conducts an 80-minute interview with comedian, actor, and UFO aficionado Dan Aykroyd.

By way of conjecture, personal testimony, and video footage, audiences are confronted with the supposedly unequivocal reality of UFOs, alien abductions, and government conspiracy. 985 more words

Beyond The Reaches of Science

Just because a belief is unable to be investigated in a scientific manner, this does not mean that it is necessarily a false belief. Lack of scientific evidence does make it much harder, if not impossible, to justify a certain belief, but it does not automatically falsify that belief. 373 more words