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In a world where the technology is advancing as the time ticks by, the education world is demanded by society to catch up with technology. 213 more words

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Intermediate Composition - 3rd February, "Formulating an Argument"

Selfe creates Kairos, not only in 1999, but also today in that Selfe brings up the relevancy of using technology in classrooms and how technology is affecting education, literacy, and the educational system. 466 more words

College Assignments

Intermediate Composition - 29th January, "Tying Together the Reading"

I relate to each of the four readings because I have had at least one experience, or interaction, in dealing with each of the issues touched upon by the four pieces. 337 more words

College Assignments

Intermediate Composition - 29th January, “Out of the Closet and Into the Network: Sexual Orientation and the Computerized Classroom” by Jonathan Alexander Response

1. Teacher and students of writing should consider sexuality in a networked classroom because Alexander explains on page 208 of his paper that “considering the cultural weight given to sexuality, composition classes are excellent forums for discussion of the ways in which talking and writing about sexual orientation is tantamount to talking and writing about ourselves” (Alexander, 208). 350 more words

College Assignments

Intermediate Composition - 27th January, “Race, Rhetoric, and Technology: Searching for Higher Ground” by Adam J. Banks Response

1. Banks places an emphasis between race and technology because even though he says that no technology, software system, or internet website should be racist, evidence of racism is present in technological databases. 413 more words

College Assignments

Intermediate Composition - 22 January, Literacy Task #1 Response

In regards to the Literacy Task #1 writing assignment, I feel confident about my personal stance in the connection with technology and writing, and how the two cooperate with each other, as well as how the two collide, both outside and inside the classroom. 195 more words

College Assignments

Intermediate Composition - 22nd January, Writing: Pass and Fail

A failure story in my experiences with auto-correct in writing on Microsoft Word is the time when I was writing a paper for a class about two semesters ago. 358 more words

College Assignments