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PSA - Dear all 12-14 year olds..

I have never met a person of my own age who recalled their early teenage days with anything but uncomfortable disgust. It’s a time of awkward transitioning when you’re not a child but you’re really not an adult, you have no idea who the hell you are and you’re all around confused about pretty much everything. 514 more words

College Assignments

Francis Bacon!!

A new project I am taking part in is called Inside Out. This entails picking an issue or event that took place after 2000, either inside(personal to myself) or outside(9/11, care home abuse, school shootings). 232 more words


Top tips on how to college.

Moving to college. It’s a huge event in any persons life, but not all of us know exactly how to college straight off the bat. If you’re making the move to college this year you’re soon going to be asking yourself “but how do I college?”. 833 more words

College Assignments


A mixture of heat from the smog shrouded sun and burning trash filled the air with fumes as thick as sweat. If the taste of vomit had a heart it would write poems about this pocket of olfactory assault. 286 more words

College Assignments

Habits for success in cross-culture communication

Setting: Eastern Europe
Date: 2012
Mission: World Race, H-squad 2nd generation

Our American contact Clinton took my team of seven on a tour of the capitol city Kiev by foot, supplementing his landmark anecdotes with cultural facts we would need to know about Ukraine. 551 more words

College Assignments

How to Deliver Bad News at Work

If you’ve been wondering how to deliver bad news at work, listen to the story of Kimberly Clark, a supervisor at a spy technology support center, as she deals with the duplicitous Smith Smithers, a seemingly average hostile employee. 1,050 more words

College Assignments

Internet dating profile

*This is a fictional creation of the internet’s online dating profile.

Name: Internet
Nicknames: Interweb, world wide web, wifi
Surname: Arpnet

Age: 50+ years… 345 more words

College Assignments