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I don't speak Photoshop...

I know millions of people do. I’d like to say that I’d like to be one of them. But I’m not sure I would. Perhaps the mood of my responses to the title ‘Fears and obsessions’ reflects my frustration…

College Assignments

Skills Required for Graduate Study

In order to meet the demands and workload of graduate study, you need to focus on understanding the course material rather than memorization. Self-discipline, determination and sense of responsibility are a few important skills that you will need to develop to manage your time and assignment schedules. 250 more words

Exploration of self

Part of my drawing final was a self-portrait project in charcoal.  To say I struggled with this is an understatement.  First off, I despise doing my own self-portrait.   367 more words

College Assignments


“Baubles” a white conte crayon drawing on black paper.  This was part of my final assignment in Drawing class.

College Assignments

The evolution of Alice

Our latest assignment for my drawing class was to draw an interior using 2-point perspective.  I decided to go with Alice in Wonderland.  The piece had to be 18″x24″ and done in pencil.   204 more words

College Assignments

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

There is always room for improvement, and sometimes there is a LOT of room!  I’ve always struggled with perspective, and have had a kind of ham-fisted approach with it.   224 more words

College Assignments

Live Long and Prosper, continued...

Here are the other two pieces for my “Live Long and Prosper” assignment for school:

This one is a tribute to Spock.  I have to credit my friend Jennifer for the title of this one since she posted the phrase on her Facebook page when Leonard Nimoy passed away. 14 more words

Colored Pencil