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Another blog?!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all good :) It’s been two months since I published my last blog post. Long time hey? Last semester alone was one hella of a roller coaster ride with a bombing taking place at a shrine near mine and a family illness that I do not wish to discuss for now until I feel comfortable with doing so. 176 more words


Fashion Communications Assignment Part Two: Street Wear

The second choice of theme for this assignment was casual high street wear. The shoot took place at a capark in a group mate’s apartment. I printed out the pictures in black and white for my presentation but I’ll include the colored ones as well so that you guys can see the difference :) 25 more words


Fashion Communications Assignment Part One: Traditional Attire Photoshoot

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous summer and I’m very overjoyed that mine has finally started after what seemed like an eternal two weeks of back to back finals and assignments. 372 more words



Photographs usually capture the present or transport us to the past. In this series I have tried to project my images into the future, by speeding up the ageing process. 107 more words

College Assignments

In fashion

Fashion photography is not an area that has ever particularly interested me. However, given the brief and the opportunity, I gave it a go. The result? 25 more words

College Assignments

I'm not afraid of the dark...

…it’s my friend. I could happily spend hours on end in the darkroom, adjusting enlargers, changing filters and agitating trays. There’s something so much more civilised about processing films and prints in the old-school way than sitting in front of Photoshop. 15 more words

College Assignments

Visual diary

Sometimes the widest brief is the hardest to respond to. Having been asked to keep a visual diary, I could have chosen to do so in any way. 133 more words

College Assignments