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Letters to the College Athlete: Are you a PUPPET?

As you are discovering your identity, make note of character traits in others that are not in agreement with what you are trying to establish as your identity.  450 more words

try again after football season

I don’t know where to begin. I can start from the beginning but that might take awhile… or I can start right now and work my way backward but that might be confusing. 2,007 more words

Probability of Competing Beyond High School- By: NCAA

“Many boys and girls grow up dreaming of playing sports in college and the pro ranks. But of the nearly 8 million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United States, only 480,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools. 115 more words


Giving Up The Sport You Loved & The Transition

There comes a time in every athlete’s life when they have to give up the sport they love. In this post I will share some of my story and talk about what struggles I am currently facing in my life after letting go of the game that I love. 1,578 more words


This Past Weekend

In the past 96 hours I have spent 20 hours on a bus, 7 and half hours actually playing in a lacrosse tournament, but 7 and a half hours at the same tournament waiting around to play again, 8 hours practicing, 12 hours in class, and 12 hours doing homework. 361 more words



Welcome to my blog! I have been waiting my whole life to be assigned the task of creating a blog about my interests. Luckily, this has happened and for my MIS class, I have to opportunity to use WordPress to write about sports. 271 more words


Why Swimming?

I was only 7 years old when I made one of a the biggest decisions in my life, and I didn’t even know it. My parents told me to pick either gymnastics or swimming because I couldn’t do both. 285 more words