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A Little Flashback

On May 2017, I wrapped up my final college year. Both academically and athletically on tennis. 252 more words

Last two training weeks (57 miles, 53 miles + 60 min swim)

Happy first day of October!  It finally feels like fall here, although I wouldn’t know because I’ve been in the library most of the day.  Our first finance midterm tomorrow is supposed to be a killer.  952 more words


Confessions of Being a College Athlete

“Oh you don’t have to pay for school you have a full athletic scholarship, ” they said. People who say this definitely have a different idea of this concept. 413 more words

College Athlete

If You Won't Be A College Athlete, You Will Be Okay

I’ve played softball for ten years now, and I dreamed of being a player at UCLA when I was little. As I got older, the sport got more intense, but I never lost my passion (even through the good, bad, and ugly). 914 more words


Was Being a College Athlete the Right Choice ?

Being a professional athlete for many is a dream job, but overall it is a one in a million chance that many are willing to fight for.  539 more words

not all fun & games

In an effort to make my online presence as a writer a bit more cohesive, I will be taking pieces of mine published on various platforms and adding them to my LipLiner portfolio.   750 more words



I entered Northwest as a naive kid who thought the world was fair and that if I wanted something I could just do it. I was shy, awkward, and desperately wanted to find those life long friends immediately. 410 more words