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The life of a college athlete

Playing a sport in college is not easy… you must be in love with the game in order to make it through. Calvin College’s academics are rigorous and push you to learn a lot and be prepared for your future career. 145 more words


Finding Your Inner Motivation

Losing is one of the worst feeling and no one likes it. It’s even worst when you failure is watched by others. Being an athlete requires putting yourself in that uncomfortable situation over and over again. 724 more words

First Game Debut!!

Let’s be honest; coming back from an injury can both suck and be scary. I was hurt last my senior year last year, as I mentioned in a previous blog post “ The Journey to Recovery”. 208 more words

College Athlete

BBC: 'What Made Maddy Run'.

So official.

An important read.

Hey there! We’ve made it through another week, and you know what? This weekend is one of my favorite times here in Austin: it’s the Austin Film Festival and Writer’s Conference! 974 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Finding Balance Between School and Sports

Many college athletes struggle with transitioning from high school to college. While there are many rewarding opportunities associated with being a student-athlete, many struggles in finding a balance between academics and athletics.   317 more words

College Athlete

#TBT: An Idea for the Student Athlete [April 2016]

Talking after our podcast last night, I came up with what I think is a valuable solution to the question, Should college athletes get paid? I am a whole hearted advocate of this, especially with all of the multi million dollar institutions that profit off of the literal blood, sweat and tears of thousands of young athletes, some of which will never make the NBA or other pro circuits of their sport of choice. 372 more words

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A Little Flashback

On May 2017, I wrapped up my final college year. Both academically and athletically on tennis. 252 more words