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This Past Weekend

In the past 96 hours I have spent 20 hours on a bus, 7 and half hours actually playing in a lacrosse tournament, but 7 and a half hours at the same tournament waiting around to play again, 8 hours practicing, 12 hours in class, and 12 hours doing homework. 361 more words

College Athlete


Welcome to my blog! I have been waiting my whole life to be assigned the task of creating a blog about my interests. Luckily, this has happened and for my MIS class, I have to opportunity to use WordPress to write about sports. 271 more words

College Athlete

Why Swimming?

I was only 7 years old when I made one of a the biggest decisions in my life, and I didn’t even know it. My parents told me to pick either gymnastics or swimming because I couldn’t do both. 285 more words

College Athlete

Letters to the College Athlete: Whose fault is it?

As a college athlete, you are going to have to develop your identity with a strong foundation in attributes that will help you succeed.  This will help you become attracted to people and situations that are conducive to your success in college and beyond. 395 more words


When Your Sister Becomes Your Teammate

In my family, I am the oldest child, so for me I’ve been the first child to do a lot of things. I was the first to get my ears pierced, the first to get a cell phone, the first to become a teenager, the first to learn how to drive, the first to leave for college, and so on and so forth. 342 more words

Letter To My Freshmen Self

I know you’re nervous to start college. I know you’re also excited to start the new chapter of your life. Take a moment to enjoy the peace before your world starts turning a mile a minute. 521 more words

What Did College Sports Teach Me?

The day I signed my national letter of intent was the scariest and most rewarding day of my life. My school set up a whole press event with all the local papers and news stations there. 422 more words