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A Note on Terminology

It’s an accepted fact that student- athletes are kind of assholes. So, to further add to the stereotype, here’s a list of terms commonly used to describe others on campus. 89 more words

Adventures In Swimming

A Comprehensive Guide For Dating An Ex-College Athlete

1. You must tread the fine line between babying us and pushing us too much.

Listen, we are fragile. We are finished playing the sport we love, so we don’t know what to do with ourselves. 525 more words

20 Embarrassing Things That Happen In Every Girl's Locker-Room

1. Twerking and/or some form of erotic (or just weird af) dancing.

2. Hideous, never-to-be-posted Snapchat selfies.

3. Someone standing on the bench, half dressed, and belting out a Beyonce song. 202 more words

Opening Weekend.

It’s here. It’s officially the greatest time of the year! Everything that you have done over the course of the last 5 1/2 weeks is for this. 389 more words


5:45 AM: Ah, Monday, we meet again. The first alarm goes off, yet the sun isn’t even up yet. Snooze. Just five more minutes.

5:50 AM: Snooze some more. 258 more words

25 Things You Need To Thank Your Teammates For

1. For eye-rolling alongside you when coach scheduled Friday 5:30AM weights, but always showing up and working hard.

2. For rubbing out that huge knot in your shoulder when you just couldn’t handle it anymore. 281 more words