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My First College Track Meet (Outdoor)

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post last week… I was in Georgia for my first track meet! This week I will be uploading 2-3 posts though because I have a lot to share. 359 more words

Life Update

Throwback Thursday

It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY and I miss the game and my teammates everyday, especially during the spring time. Softball consumed my life from tee ball through college, and still to this day it’s apart of my life. 339 more words


A Week in My Academic Life (Easy Week)

Hey guys! I have been receiving requests to write about what my weekly schedule looks like with classes. I will tell you about my current week and then I will give an example of what my week looks like when I have a heavy work load. 856 more words

Life Update

Anthony Wilkerson #32 Stanford Running Back

Anthony Wilkerson #32 Stanford Running Back

When players come out of Stanford they are more highly sought after by professionals outside of the sports world.  However in recent years Stanford alums have seemed to have broken that stereotype.  533 more words


Life Without The Game

There comes a moment in every athlete’s career where the clock strikes 0:00 for the final time and in that moment part of you is changed forever. 660 more words

3 Main Reasons to Go Vegan

#1 Animal cruelty

It’s no secret that the cows, pigs, and chickens that Americans eat are brought up in harsh conditions. Pregnant sows are often confined in gestation crates where they cannot even turn around. 737 more words

Mary vs the fear of falling

I’m deathly, gut-wrenchingly afraid of falling.

Coach knows this.

He also knows that I like a good challenge, which is why, on a golden day last week, he called me over to work with the hurdlers at track practice. 2,018 more words