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What College Coaches Look For In High School Athletes

From our friends at TrueSport.org:

With a lot of competition for a relatively small number of athletic scholarships, high school athletes need to know what college coaches are looking for. 30 more words

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Should NCAA Athletes Get Paid?

40 hours is the total number of hours on average that a division one student athlete practices. All of which, is done without pay.

Last year (2016) college football had a grand total of 15,128,000 views, just below the 16.5 million views the NFL received this past season. 244 more words

A Perfect Grocery List for a Student Athlete

Do you want to know what is worse than a college student buying groceries? A collegiate athlete buying groceries! Normal college students are pressed for time and have a tiny grocery shopping budget. 275 more words

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Honors student & college athlete uses drugs to help him get through his day

****Names have been changed to protect privacy.

It is 5:20 a.m. on a dark Tuesday morning. The sky is navy blue. Phillip Hall, 19, drives around the corner of his house, where he lives with his parents. 1,369 more words

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The life of a college athlete

Playing a sport in college is not easy… you must be in love with the game in order to make it through. Calvin College’s academics are rigorous and push you to learn a lot and be prepared for your future career. 145 more words


Finding Your Inner Motivation

Losing is one of the worst feeling and no one likes it. It’s even worst when you failure is watched by others. Being an athlete requires putting yourself in that uncomfortable situation over and over again. 724 more words

First Game Debut!!

Let’s be honest; coming back from an injury can both suck and be scary. I was hurt last my senior year last year, as I mentioned in a previous blog post “ The Journey to Recovery”. 208 more words

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