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Should collegiate athletes one day be paid?

by Michael Husson

An often discussed topic made the news again this week. The question, should collegiate athletes be paid for playing the sport that they love? 433 more words


Five Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

There are numerous coaches, players, and fans that believe that college athletes should receive a stipend, along with their tuition, room and board. Because these athletes at some of the larger schools help bring in sizeable revenue at some institutions, people feel that these athletes should be given some of the cash they help bring in. 540 more words


Robert Griffin III talks logistics in paying college athletes

Washington Redskins quarterback and 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III says that paying college athletes would be tough.

Would a football player and a tennis player make the same amount, he asks?

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Andrew Luck discusses thoughts on paying college athletes

Indianapolis Colts quarterback and No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick Andrew Luck shared his thoughts on whether college athletes should be paid at the 2011 Heisman Trophy presentation. 16 more words

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Notable NCAA Dates

Click the below picture for a look a some notable NCAA dates over the years.

Interactive timeline created using Tiki-Toki. 8 more words

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Video: Jim Mancari's in-depth look at whether college athletes should be paid

I am a graduate journalism student at Hofstra University. For my final Capstone thesis project, I explore the much-debated issue of whether college athletes should be paid. 52 more words

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Video: Dissecting the issue of free market labor rights for student-athletes

I spoke with former student-athletes to discuss their take on whether college athletes should be able to negotiate salaries based on free market labor rights. 53 more words

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