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College Brochures (And Traditional Marketing Strategies) Do Not Cut It

Is your marketing to prospective students modernized? The answer might be “Yes” if it involves much more than just brochures. I recently watched a webinar on marketing strategies for prospective students. 592 more words

Higher Education

Six pieces of critical college information you won't find in a college brochure

High school students should not rely on college brochures or college websites to provide all of the information they need to know about a school.  You need to check out all of the resources available to make sure you are getting the straight scoop.  100 more words

The REAL Value of a Higher Education Photographer

Viewbooks, search pieces, post cards, websites, billboards and whatever else I’ve neglected to list are the stock and trade of my work.  But it’s the Capital Campaign and the Casebook that carry the heavy lifting. 62 more words

Here Come the Print Samples

This is a great time of year. I start getting copies of the projects I’ve worked on last year. It’s a thrill to see.  President’s Reports, Capital Campaign books, calendars and even a banner or two start popping up.   76 more words

Admissions Marketing Photography

Do Admissions Marketing Search Pieces Work?

Our mailbox overflowed for most of the last two years with college search material.  Naturally I was interested in how institutions used admissions marketing photography.  I’d give the brochure, card or book a once over and put that day’s pile of solicitations in a spot for my daughter to go over when she got home from school.  289 more words

Admissions Marketing Photography