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Transnational Feminism

Both Iriola from “Kelemo’s Woman” and Nneke from “Growing my Hair Again” were both liberated in one way or another.

Transnational Feminism can best be defined as examining issues from a global perspective while considering how they intersect with our lived expectations in the United States. 236 more words

What You Need for a Productive Study Session

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This time of the year brings students high and low to the library for all-nighters. It’s okay if you’re one of those students. Here is a list of what to bring with you next time you head to the library for a study session. 547 more words

Conquer College

"Cosmopolitanism" by Kwame Anthony Appiah

Cosmopolitanism can best be defined as the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community based on a shared morality.
Throughout both Growing my Hair Again and Kelemo’s Woman, Iriola and Nneke are both almost “trapped” in a certain lifestyle. 247 more words

"Kelemo's Woman" by Molara Wood

“Kelemo’s Woman’ by Molara Wood is a short story about a young couple and tough decisions. Throughout the story Kelemo and Iriola can be seen arguing time and time again about what is going on currently in the country where they live. 296 more words

"Growing My Hair Again" Chika Unigwe

Growing My Hair Again is a story by Chika Unigwe that describes a young woman, Nneke’s, struggle with her abusive husband who has passed away. 330 more words

'A Wedding in Auschwitz' By: Rajko Djuric

A Wedding in Auschwitz by Rajko Djuric is a short story that discusses some of the horrid times during the Holocaust.

The importance of this story is to discuss and make people aware of what went on during this awful time in history. 257 more words

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Ted Talk

The Danger of a Single Story,” a speech given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a captivating speech that discusses why only knowing a single story about someone or even something can sway the way people view it. 340 more words