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Day 28: Creating a LinkedIn

Challenge: Creating a LinkedIn profile page for myself

What I am afraid of: People looking at my page before it’s finished, people recognizing/finding me (…I know, that’s pretty much the whole point, but until my page it 110% the way I want it, I don’t want anyone looking at it!) 311 more words


Failed a Class? 5 Suggestions for Bouncing Back with a Vengeance

No one heads to college thinking that they might fail some of their classes, but it is always a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for any eventuality. 644 more words

Guest Post

Inwardly Cringing

My fate was sealed the moment I drew a tiny piece of paper out of a jar.  The slip of paper would read my blogging topic for the entire semester.   192 more words


My First College Class Experience

Yesterday, August 10th, was the last day of my first college class!

For reference I took an art appreciation class as a 5 week Summer course. 554 more words


College Basics: Reading Homework

Study at the university level can feel like an overwhelming task. You have this huge book or stack of books to read for multiple classes, you have notes to go over, unlimited online research to do, and the final to prepare for or to write, all within a tight timeframe. 653 more words


College Basics: Note Taking

Notes are a major part of college, grad school, and studying abroad. When you’re ready to write your final paper or take an exam, you can rely on your notes to get proper information and make the process go by quickly. 767 more words

College Life

Basic College Student Tech

College is serious business, and keeping up with the work and doing it well requires a few devices. For the essentials not listed here, check out… 620 more words

College Life