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My First Post

Since this blog is through my student e-mail, I have found it difficult to choose what my overall theme in posts should be; or if there should be a theme at all. 86 more words


Time Management: RISE Mentors’ Tips and Tools

By Lindsay Mensch

School is often stressful, but I find that October and November can be the most stressful months. Between midterm exams, jobs, group projects, career fairs, class readings, and just trying to get enough sleep at night, you can quickly burn out and lose motivation to complete the tasks you need to. 976 more words


[03.2005] first foray into photography

about 12 years ago I was a college student in my 2nd term sophomore year. we had a digital arts class: basic photography.

i have taken pictures before. 156 more words


What RISE Means To Me

By Racheal Chris

RISE is an opportunity I could never imagine missing. Honestly, I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I got here. Upon arrival, I received warm welcomes from some of the  students and the Director, Dr. 119 more words

What Is RISE?

Day 28: Creating a LinkedIn

Challenge: Creating a LinkedIn profile page for myself

What I am afraid of: People looking at my page before it’s finished, people recognizing/finding me (…I know, that’s pretty much the whole point, but until my page it 110% the way I want it, I don’t want anyone looking at it!) 311 more words


Failed a Class? 5 Suggestions for Bouncing Back with a Vengeance

No one heads to college thinking that they might fail some of their classes, but it is always a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for any eventuality. 644 more words

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Inwardly Cringing

My fate was sealed the moment I drew a tiny piece of paper out of a jar.  The slip of paper would read my blogging topic for the entire semester.   192 more words