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Let Me Amuse You-Final Part

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Subtle Workplace Rules 318
The main purpose of this course is to teach the student that Google does not have all of the answers when it comes to workplace etiquette. 222 more words

5 Things Your Professor Wants You To Know (Written By One)

As we head back to campus this fall, what better time to share some insight from the professor’s side of the story? I’m an adjunct lecturer at a Midwestern university and have been teaching at the collegiate level for the past five years. 1,123 more words

6 Days To Go...

…and I still feel like I have so long until I leave. I’ve finally have a suitcase big enough to fit a years worth of clothes in. 227 more words


10 Reasons Why Every Student Should Take A Theater Class In College

Taking a theater class isn’t only for those who want to make a career as a Broadway actor or a Hollywood movie star, every student should at least take one theater class in college, IMO. 513 more words


Illuminated Autobiography

While at the University  of Southern Maine, I had the good fortune of attending The Illuminated Autobiography. Taught by Dennis Gilbert, it was my favorite class. 547 more words

College Class

Verse - Lillian Weaver

Lillian Weaver’s
College Class

Her eyes would glint below grey hair,
she’d lift the book so we could see
the Fine Art illustration. Her
gold wedding ring was a ruby, 65 more words


How many students are in a typical class?

The answer to this question varies by institution and subject matter. In high school, you can expect a standard size of about 30 students — no matter the class subject — with the exception of some smaller, more exclusive honors classes. 61 more words