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Why You Should Get Involved in College

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing day thus far. A few months ago I wrote a blog post explaining how you can get involved on campus throughout your college years – including through student organizations, athletics, volunteering, and more. 487 more words

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How to get college professors to like you

Hello lovelies! Today I’m back for another academic post, and this time I’m diving into the world of professor interactions! I’ve said this before, but it cannot be stated enough: your professors in college are a huge resource in your life, and you should be taking advantage of them! 460 more words

College Classes

Mad Weeks: May

This is the first in a series of postings detailing our lives over the past weeks. Simple enough, this series will go into detail about challenges, successes, and general life for us. 1,115 more words

The Impact of Student Teaching Evaluations

One of the frustrations students sometimes have is a feeling that their perception of the quality of instruction is ignored.  Some will complain that some faculty got a promotion or tenure or didn’t get fired despite getting a scathing review from students in some form of student review of a course (here at CU these are faculty course questionnaires, or FCQs, a term we’ll use as a stand-in for all the variants out there). 759 more words


5 Things I Did to Maintain Straight A's in College while Working 60+ Hours per Week

Hi guys!

For many of us, the semester is coming to a close, which means a huge weight off of all of our shoulders—at least for a little while. 1,291 more words


7 Tips for Conquering College Finals Week

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing 7 tips to help you conquer finals week and rock all your college exams!

1. Start studying early

Save yourself from last-minute study sessions and a whole lot of stress by starting early. 303 more words

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How to Survive Group Projects

Oh, group projects…how we college students hate them… Just kidding, they don’t have to be as terrible as you think! Hello lovelies! Today I am back to share some secrets on how to survive and thrive in group projects! 341 more words

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