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How to Stay Productive in College Despite an Overwhelming Workload

It’s officially April — which means final exams are right around the corner. If you feel absolutely swamped in your college classes, you’ve come to the right place. 693 more words


My Second (And Probably Last) Semester At Miami: Classes Edition

Well I’m about halfway through my second and maybe last semester at Miami and while the whole time has been full of uncertainty, I am certain that I really enjoy all of my classes :) 706 more words


Surviving Midterm Season

College is all fun and games until its 8 o’clock on Sunday night and you realize you’re going to have a busy, busy week. Exams and projects can be super stressful but there’s plenty of ways to make a college workload more manageable. 699 more words


The Function of Musicking

“In this wonderful sound scape there is melody and rhythm” 

–  Bonnie Wade, Thinking Musically

1,069 more words

Professor Calls College a Waste

DYSTOPIA—In a recently published essay, a Dystopia College professor argues that his classes are a waste of time and money for students.

In the essay: “A Total Waste: Why College Isn’t Worth a Shit But You’re Still Paying for It,” Asst. 967 more words

A Peek Into Princeton: My Favorite Classes

“Creative Nonfiction” with John McPhee

On the first day of class, Professor McPhee wrote the following sentence on the chalkboard: “There are a million ways to start a story.” And with those words, he started mine. 437 more words


Looking Forward in MultiMedia Production

 For the first post in this class we have been given examples of previous students’ blogs and asked to look through them, as sort of a “sneak peek” of what this course is going to look like for each of us. 516 more words