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Here are the most loved (and hated) college courses

Why does it seem at every college across the board, all students dread the idea of a general chemistry lecture and grimace at the thought of having to go through calculus? 339 more words


Unemployment, Really can we add any more stress......

So this is what you get when you file for unemployment. I have received three weeks of unemployment after being forced to take a leave of absence or resign due to no work in the behavioral health community center. 126 more words

Personal Bipolar Journals Written By Me!

Schooling so far

I started community college in the fall of 2016. I had been graduated for over a year, and our living conditions and certain circumstances of the time prohibited me from starting college right after I graduated. 722 more words

Aspiring Midwife

Official College Student

Do you give good news or bad news first? I tend to run all of mine together in the same sentence. As good of an idea as ripping off the band aid may be, I don’t like mine to hurt when I take them off. 316 more words


Diary: Scattered

I’ve been feeling really scattered, lately. I’ve started, like, four blog posts, but I can’t make sense of what I want to say. So, I have all these ideas, but no words to explain them. 226 more words


Diary: College Witchery

My registration date for the fall semester is rapidly approaching and I’m not sure what I want to take, yet. I had enrolled in a class this summer, but dropped it after the first week because taking the bus and walking in ninety degree heat twice a week for eight weeks didn’t appeal to me. 405 more words


The Impact of Student Teaching Evaluations

One of the frustrations students sometimes have is a feeling that their perception of the quality of instruction is ignored. ┬áSome will complain that some faculty got a promotion or tenure or didn’t get fired despite getting a scathing review from students in some form of student review of a course (here at CU these are faculty course questionnaires, or FCQs, a term we’ll use as a stand-in for all the variants out there). 759 more words