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4 Differences Between High School and College Classes

Don’t be nervous to start classes at college! Here is a list of 4 differences between high school and college classes to give you some expectations before you begin.  995 more words

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What to do In-Between Classes

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You’ve chosen the perfect schedule this semester where you have time in between your classes to relax right? Here are 15 things you could be doing in those little chunks of time in-between your classes that you don’t really know what to do with. 756 more words

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Why You Should Take Summer Classes in College

Hello lovelies! Today I am back to discuss why you should consider taking summer classes during your college years. I personally took summer classes this summer online while I was in New York, and I absolutely loved the experience and how it helped me move closer to graduation and finish up some general requirements. 298 more words

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There's A College Course Dedicated To Kanye West And We Want To Enroll Now

Attention Yeezy fans! There is now a super intellectual, in-depth college course dedicated to Kanye West. The only problem? You have to be a student at Washington University in order to enroll, not to mention we have a feeling that it’s going to fill up pretty quickly, especially after the shoutout on… 275 more words


Why You Should Interact With Your Professors

Hello lovelies! Today I am discussing a few reasons why you should try to interact with your professors in college. Sometimes doing this can be hard – or even scary! 278 more words

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How to Save Money on Your College Textbooks

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing a few tips on how to save money on your college textbooks – where to look and how to buy them for cheap! 391 more words

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What to do During Syllabus Week

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Unpopular opinion: I LOVE SYLLABUS WEEK!! Everyone always looks at me crazy when I say this, but I cannot tell a lie! Syllabus week can be so relaxing if you know how to handle it! 1,161 more words

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