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21 Things No One Told You Would Happen in College

College was our Barbie Dream House, that thing we always worked towards and saw as the moment our real lives would begin. So far, college has been the most amazing time of our lives, but there were definitely a few things people forgot to mention. 15 more words


Note Taking: High School vs. College

When it came to my first semester of college, I was a little bit frazzled by vastly different being in class was.  My professors seemed to talk at the speed of light, I never wrote down everything I needed fast enough, and it was difficult to get down anything concrete before they were moving onto the next power point slide. 1,161 more words


What Classes to Take & When

Hey yall!

I know a lot of incoming freshman have already been to orientation but I also know a lot haven’t yet and there’s one thing you will be doing while you are there:  866 more words

Conquer College

John 21:22-23

Do you feel left behind? Are your friends and acquaintances accomplishing amazing things, while you feel you aren’t achieving much of anything? Perhaps they are taking college classes, getting graduate degrees, studying foreign languages, traveling to fascinating places, becoming online teachers, acquiring teaching certifications, winning competitions, or becoming recognized speakers, but whatever it is, you don’t see yourself doing the same, and even though it may be for a very good reason, maybe–just maybe–you feel a little left behind. 756 more words

5 ways to avoid becoming a ‘super senior’

Students who graduate in four years are the exception rather than the rule. Less than 40% of those who entered a four-year college in 2008 had graduated by 2012, … 873 more words


This School Is Teaching a Class on Donald Trump

A lot of us are still confused about how Donald Trump made his way from being a real estate mogul and reality television star to clinching the Republican nomination. 186 more words


5 Reasons Every College Student Should Take A Yoga Class

We’ve all seen the yoga craze all over the place – people walking around with yoga mats in form fitting clothes and Instagram photos of complicated poses accompanied by yoga lingo-filled captions. 659 more words