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Let Me Amuse You-Part 3

See the last few posts before you read this one.


Finding A Job 400
Students will learn about the basics of job searching (ie. how to write resumes and cover letters, where to look for jobs, and how to follow up on applications and job interviews). 277 more words

Why My College Class Changed My Outlook On Social Media

When you learn more about social media everyday by taking unique college courses that cleverly integrate it in to your curriculum, you find yourself making alterations to your outlook on, but it in the best way. 769 more words

What an Interesting Week

Friday the 13th was last week. Typically, it’s a day when anything that could go wrong usually does. My Friday the 13th went off without any trouble. 484 more words

Life As I Know It

Sophomore Year Update: The Good and the Bad

by Ariana

It’s my third semester of college and let me tell you: It does not always get easier.

Unfortunately this reality has been tough to face. 370 more words

College Classes

Quick Update

For those who are curious: College is going alright. I registered up for my last two classes, and I petitioned to graduate yesterday afternoon. It was frightening as hell, but it was also incredibly liberating. 105 more words

Life As I Know It

20 Funny Excuses To Use When You're Late For Class

There are some classes that it takes not only energy to drag yourself to, but also courage. Some classes simply do not deserve your time or energy, for that matter. 1,100 more words


Making The Right Decsion

One thing I have learned during my ongoing 8 years as a college student is how to choose my classes. As a student working full time, taking care of my mother, little brother and sister, I have learned that when it comes to choosing classes do not overload yourself. 346 more words

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