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What to do With a Horrible College Professor

Hey yall!

At some point in your college career you will get a professor that is HORRIBLE, it’s inevitable. You can either let that horrible professor ruin your GPA or you can work to conquer that class with the horrible professor. 933 more words

Conquer College

Day 57: Biology Lab Room and Bonus

Challenge: Using the biology lab room to do some homework for my biology class

What I am afraid of: Feeling like I’m not supposed to be there, scared of the dark… 702 more words


Conquering Your Study Session

Ever feel like your confidence is missing when you need it the most? I feel that way a lot. Sometimes it can be lack of studying or not studying the right way. 378 more words

Day 46: Computer Lab

Challenge: Going to a computer lab that I’ve never been to before to edit my film project

What I am afraid of: Not supposed to be using the lab… 144 more words


Day 40 (Part 1): Wear some Buttons

Challenge: Wearing two buttons all day

What I am afraid of: People commenting on them, maybe. I’m not really sure what I was afraid of, maybe just standing out. 151 more words


Anne of Green Gables Typographic Posters

The last project we finished in Intro to Layout was a series of three typographic posters.  All three had to be related in some way, so I decided to do a poster for each movie in the  264 more words


Business Models/Ideas, Demand & Competition, Sourcing Products - First Blog Post

Topics Covered: Choosing A Business Model & Idea, Demand & Competition, Sourcing A Product.

I need to start my first college blog post off on the right foot by saying that the most important lesson I have learned from Kent Lundin’s class is to link his… 615 more words