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5 Reasons Every College Student Should Take A Yoga Class

We’ve all seen the yoga craze all over the place – people walking around with yoga mats in form fitting clothes and Instagram photos of complicated poses accompanied by yoga lingo-filled captions. 659 more words


5 Thing To Do After Finals Week

Hello Friends!
As we all know, finals is fastly approaching and well nobody is quite excited. But, I though I would give a little insight into what we should do once our finals week is over! 317 more words


How to Make Your Class Schedule in Excel

Happy Registration Season!

With the summer coming close and planning to be made, I thought we would all like to see what our class schedules would like the following semester. 209 more words


Twitter Mania

When I was first told that I would be tweeting for class I was not too happy. At first, it seemed like an assignment that would just take up time and I personally would not feel a benefit from. 226 more words

7 Reasons Every College Student Should Take An Art Class

This is the one place where it’s perfectly okay to be yourself, even if it’s your very weird self.

Being a dedicated student is hard work. 686 more words


Impending Changes

Changes are coming. Nothing too cosmetic, but I am listing this blog for future employers (per my Career Advisor’s instruction), so things are going to be a little different with the types of things I post from now on. 188 more words

Life As I Know It

Major Blues

“Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life” – Buddha

by Natalie

When I started college a year and half ago here at Concordia, I was dead set on being a Music Major.  706 more words

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