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On the hunt for the perfect college I find myself questioning long held beliefs

My daughter is a high school junior. We have spent recent school breaks and long weekends  touring colleges. I started this project with the concept that we are fortunate to have resources.  918 more words

Beating the High Cost of Higher Education and Student Debt

This blog addresses America’s too biggest problems:

  • Slow economic growth averaging just 2% since the end of the Great Recession in June 2009. Faster growth means more jobs and better paying jobs.
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Jack Heidel

Before College: Why Begin At A Community College?

What’s your student’s higher education goal? If it’s to get a certificate or associate’s degree that’ll get him started in a trade or technical field, than he should be looking to attend a community college or public technical institute. 360 more words

College Affordability

Before College: Problems With Beginning at Community Colleges

The financial reasons for beginning at a community college are compelling. But this isn’t necessarily what’s best for every student. Problems along the way undermine some students’ ability to complete an affordable higher education. 412 more words

College Affordability

Gary Allen on Business: New Podcast Available - Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Story of the Pencil and More

Segment 1

How can the story of a simple pencil provide someone with an understanding of financial markets? Find out in the first segment of my program. 427 more words

Show Podcast

Before College: Check Out Those Hidden Fees

When checking out the cost of colleges your student may attend, you’ll find their tuition and fee charges on their websites. But understand that these charges only include fees required of all undergraduates. 405 more words

College Affordability

OVATION: Guest Post - 529 Plans - Are They Right For Your Children's Future?

Any basic financial life plan will include provisions for your children. Most parents, when thinking about how and when to invest, will focus on basics like paying down debt, setting up retirement, estate… 602 more words