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Gary Allen on Business: New Podcast Available - Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Story of the Pencil and More

Segment 1

How can the story of a simple pencil provide someone with an understanding of financial markets? Find out in the first segment of my program. 427 more words

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Before College: Check Out Those Hidden Fees

When checking out the cost of colleges your student may attend, you’ll find their tuition and fee charges on their websites. But understand that these charges only include fees required of all undergraduates. 405 more words

College Affordability

OVATION: Guest Post - 529 Plans - Are They Right For Your Children's Future?

Any basic financial life plan will include provisions for your children. Most parents, when thinking about how and when to invest, will focus on basics like paying down debt, setting up retirement, estate… 602 more words


Symposium 2016: The costs of attending college have skyrocketed while actual learning has declined. Are these costs legitimate and has learning simply become a big business?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent- Since 1980, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average college tuition increases have more than doubled the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). 1,461 more words

Annual Symposium

The Chivas Regal False Assumption

  Gotta watch those assumptions.  Reading in a recent news magazine about how one formerly pricey private college increased their admissions applicant pool intrigued me.

Struggling to attract enough incoming freshmen scared off by the $32,000+ tuition price tag, … 281 more words


Average college degree pays off by age 34

NEW YORK  — If you’re debating the value of your college degree, rest assured it will likely be worth the cost — eventually.

It takes an average of 12 years to recoup the cost of getting your Bachelor’s degree, according to a new report from The College Board. 296 more words