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A Major Reason for the Ridiculously Increasing Costs of a College Education

There have been previous healthy memory blog posts about the inexcusable increases in the costs of a college education.  Instead technology should be seriously reducing these costs.  985 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

High Tech = Higher Graduation Rates

Georgia State is always looking out for its Panthers and it shows through how we use technology and collaboration to help them stay on the path to graduation. 657 more words

Is the cost of a college education really worth it?

How do you know when the cost of a college education is really worth it? A lot of factors—both financial and emotional—go into making that decision. 703 more words

Career Development

Treasure Hunt

Principles for life are laid out in God’s word. Not only are methods laid out in the law – don’t steal, don’t kill, but we also see using running water prevents disease and infection as Leviticus chapters 14 and 15 explain. 985 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body

2nd Edition Now Available!

Not my normal kind of post but when you publish a book, you need to put the word out.

Three years ago, I started collecting advice for a niece entering her last year of high school and planning to head off to college. 113 more words


highest homicide rates in 25 years, highest college costs in history

There was a shooting at the University recently.  I received a barrage of automated email alerts from the campus police.
I’d like to be shocked or surprised. 522 more words

Universities Have a Spending Problem

Hello Blog Friends,
I know I’ve posted about the high cost of college in the past, but this critical issue must be kept at the forefront.   421 more words
Educational Reform