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That wooden bench..

It may be a bench for you but that’s benchmark of memories to me. This picture took me back to the memory lanes of old golden days of EDII. 260 more words

College Days

Unheard Answer

“Shaurya will you bunk the class for 1st two lectures?” was the question asked to him by his classmates in the whatsapp group. “No” was the answer as he was uncomfortable with the partial bunking; he had a motto “If you wanna mass bunk then do it for the whole day “. 686 more words


SEX… The consolation prize..!!

It was a full moon, high tide evening on the seashore where roaring waves were increasing the pulse rates of two hearts. Silent tears were rolling down, trickling into the sand from the 2 pairs of eyes on different beaches. 646 more words


With and Without You...

When Arti and Rudra were lovers, the fact that she was lecturer in the same college DIT university where Rudra was pursuing B-Tech seemed irrelevant to him, except it limited their being together. 1,290 more words

Love And Romance

A Picture says a 1000 words ( 722 in my case)

DAY 2 :

As If the 30 day challenge was not enough to satiate my needs of expressing ( and gaining popularity :P ) I have also decided to be a part of the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. 709 more words

Life Lessons

Camaraderie at its Finest!

All of my adult life I have tried to embrace diversity, and encouraged others to do the same. The logic goes like this. If one of my purposes in life is to break down barriers between people with disabilities and those without disabilities, then accepting differences is essential. 785 more words


Farewell to college days...

Recently, I had college farewell. Farewells are to mark an end of a particular special periods of times we’ve gone through. Especially, end of college days brings a lot of new beginnings, turning points and uncertainties in a person’s life. 63 more words