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Remembering G: The bike rides in the rain

I hear it’s been raining in Bangalore this past week while I swelter in the Mumbai heat. But rains in Bangalore have lost their charm too. 334 more words

Learning to fly....(it's all about the love)

Do you remember when we stood outside

As the cold wet snow fell down,

Black wool coat increasing weight

As the wetness of tears and glistening drops of ice… 459 more words


A Photo That Makes You Happy- 30DBC

Ok, so there are a bunch of photos that make me happy, but I’m not going to put most of them on a public blog as I know many of my friends would not wish to be recognizably shown, nor do I want my child to be shown like that.  421 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

I am guardian to two college kids, a nephew and a niece. It took a while to get used to having them under my care, certainly a lot of paranoia which I kept mostly to myself, and a whole lot of thinking twice about whether I’m doing—or showing an example of—the right thing for them as they grow into adulthood. 226 more words


"Welcome to the family, can you move some furniture for me?"

My siblings and I grew up to be strong, independent people. Independent because that’s normal, strong because our mother always had us moving furniture for her. 336 more words

Family Tales

Random Clicks #2

How many of you in your college days loved to sketch/draw/write/scribble on your desks?

Well i did and my crazy girl gang did too!

So here is few pics what my best friend drew on her desk. 105 more words

Random Clicks

SIDE STAND……Shogun vs RX100

The splutter of the engines coming to life, there must have been a fair few of them all revving around the same time.The stamping sounds of rushing footsteps; some heavy, some flat and some dragging. 1,805 more words

Annamali University