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Literary Analysis of Sound of a Voice by David Henry Hwang

In The Sound of a Voice, David Henry Hwang utilizes characters, setting and dialogue in a unique way as he explores the themes of fear, silence, love and loneliness. 1,494 more words

College Days

My College Days

The decision to return to any early scene in your life is dangerous but irresistible, not as a soul search for the lost time but for a walk down the memory lane. 429 more words

Ivanios College

The Great Pig in The Sky


Goodbye blue sky;

Always will you be remembered,green fields;

The Time we spent with High Hopes, will always Comfortably Numb me..

They say time is a flat circle and you keep repeating what you do.. 40 more words


College Diaries- chapter 1 -Welcome!!

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They say in the total life cycle there are a few imprints that last forever. I think for most of us one lasting memory is from school and college days. 733 more words

The Truth Behind the Valkyrie

Hey Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!  Guess what day it is?!  Okay, so yeah happy hump day people.  I hope everyone has been relaxing and escaping the summer heat.  443 more words

Ragnarok On Ice

How a song saved me.

It’s sometimes very funny/interesting how Jesus sends us messages for the first time or as reminders.

I recently purchased my first ever album of music, which so happens to be Adiel Thomas and Ministry Music’s newly released… 692 more words

Childhood Crockery {Or, How I Cleaned Out My Pantry and Connected With An Old Friend}

I ate a lot of leftovers out of this dish as child. Creamed potatoes on one side, black-eyed peas on the other. Cheese grits and fried okra. 496 more words