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Nothing can beat street food

Food is the need for every living being on our planet earth. Food gives us energy and helps all of us keep on moving. But apart from being a necessity, a lip smacking food is a big weakness of every human being. 336 more words


Sobber Nights

Life Problem: One annoying aspect I find senseless yet I find myself doing all the time is being the only sober one at a bar. Now you’re probably asking yourself why the hell I’m I at a bar, if I ‘am not getting drunk, right. 251 more words

College Days

The Beautiful Tapestry Called Life

Where do I begin? In the last few months I’ve been amazed of how much your own world can change so drastically. Change is really doing its part as one can imagine. 687 more words

College Days

A Little Late for Graduation

I’m graduating this evening, from Fresno City College. Or at least, this evening is the commencement ceremony, when I get to don a black robe that’s too big and a mortarboard hat that’s too small, and sit with a multitude of other MIB (and women too) to be presented as the graduating class of 2015. 639 more words

College Days

My Letterman

There seems to be a lot of endings this year. Mad Men. The Colbert Report. Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. Perhaps the saddest and most melancholy for me is the end of… 811 more words


College days :DDD

The cool drinks that was tasted till the last drop in the canteen,which was so and so called TREAT.

The busy mobile chats under the table in silent mood (one mobile with three sender) 121 more words

Humor Me

Give me a Friday, any day!

Good bye to college days

In the initial few months of my first job, I realized the futility of bonding with friends on weekdays. Somehow, despite best intentions of an early evening just to say hi,  and with the urging of friends, the evening blends into the night, making the next morning, uneasy. 491 more words

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