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The Lawful Brothel: Creating Sad Boys Since 2008

In college, I lived in an apartment with four others girls; we called ourselves/ the apartment “The Lawful Brothel.” Clearly, we were a fun group. 1,124 more words


A special reminder

“You always take me for granted, when I won’t be here you will realize my true worth”.

I uttered out in my defence while having an altercation with my man early in the morning.

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On Losing with Grace and Dignity

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I am one of the biggest college football fans that ever lived– for a girl, anyways. There have been a few times in my life where I probably behaved poorly because I am just that emotionally invested in college football. 523 more words

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My Beautiful Game

You are supposed to be surfing the web for applications of sociological theories of work relating to service sector for your dissertation, and it is not very surprising when somehow you land up in Youtube, going through random videos of babies playing with dogs, different ways in which people fall due to their misinterpreted calculation of distance in roller skating or similar sport, old hindi songs and new Harry Potter theories, latest movie trailers, PeeCee’s Golden Globe dress and then you come across a couple of football videos, namely “Emotional moments of the beautiful game”. 505 more words

Bama vs. Clemson: the Sequel. Totes Awk.

Y’all. Why does Alabama have to play Clemson for the national championship? AGAIN. For those of you that don’t know how deliciously awkward this is for me, let me just put this out there again. 480 more words

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For Wayne...

I have been thinking of him often lately, although I can’t really explain why.

Wayne and I met when I started graduate school, both a part of the Baptist Student Union on campus.  1,010 more words


Look how far we've come...

I met up with my friends from my Lonavala days over the weekend in San Jose. We used to be a trio when we started college. 557 more words

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