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The Myth of the Entitled Millennial

In the past decade, an impactful myth about the millennial generation has taken shape. The general framework is this: Young people today, more than any point in history, take for granted the bounty they’ve inherited. 366 more words

What’s reality?

I believe that we are all afraid and because we are afraid we create personalities as defense mechanism against this world which seems so unpredictable at times. 96 more words


The Goat

Dear Self,

Lately I feel like it’s just me and you

Because no one understand the changes I’m going through

In my mind, if 1 wins, nobody can lose… 121 more words


The Frustrations of a College Graduate

College is widely pushed towards many individuals while they are in grade school. Literally, every teacher’s favorite line, when it comes to turning in late work, is “they don’t accept late papers in college.” Seemingly, college is this great big force that pushes you to stand out, compared to others, in the job market. 544 more words

Got Debt?

Go to college they said, it won’t be cheap they said…

And they were absolutely right. Cheap is about the furthest vocabulary word you can think of when it comes to attending a University. 1,347 more words

Half of American Colleges Will Be Bankrupt Within A Decade

This blog has written several pieces about college debt and the financial wreck of American colleges and universities. Now another financial analyst has come out with worse news. 253 more words