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Thoughts on College and the Struggles of Being Part of the Working Class

My second college promised me that there graduates would be stronger, more confident, and that they were definitely “Going Places.” (Which, BTW, is super vague, because prison and insanity and Detroit are places one can go to, but it doesn’t mean anyone should or that anyone would want to.) 644 more words


Opinion: You don't have to go to college to be successful

No matter how good the education will be, the debt that you owe to whichever school will leave you wishing you had second thoughts earlier. College and universities are so expensive that it leads up to the point of rethinking what you’ll do for a successful living. 534 more words


Could You Get Your Student Loans Forgiven? Here's How to Find Out

It’s supposed to be simple: If you work in the public interest — at a non-profit or for a government agency, say — and diligently pay off your student debt every month for ten years, the government will… 698 more words

Memoirs:Theory About Riches

What does it mean to be rich? Which value do we use to measure someone’s wealth in this life?  Is it by the sum of luxury one has experienced? 118 more words


Before, During, and After College: You Need a Plan!

About 4 million babies will be born in the U.S. this year. Naturally, their parents want each of them to enjoy the American dream. Now, more than ever, that dream includes, even depends on a good education beyond high school. 366 more words

College Affordability

Debt, the Burden of the Future.

For many years a college degree was considered your ticket to employment. With that piece of paper, employers could see that you had earned the skills necessary to work in their field or at least that you were able to learn how to function within their field. 1,041 more words


After College: Pick Your Federal Student Loan Repayment Plan Carefully

If you graduated this past spring after borrowing Federal Direct Loans, your loan servicer will soon contact you about how to repay them. You can pick from as many as seven different repayment plans. 380 more words

College Affordability