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10 Strategies for Keeping College Debt Manageable

It may be necessary to borrow in order to go to a college that’s a good fit. But making smart and disciplined decisions can help keep your student’s college debt from becoming an unaffordable monster. 908 more words

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Sanders' Free College Proposal: Con

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) has made free tuition one of his most prominent policy positions. He argued for it in a Washington Post op-ed on October 22, during the beginning of his campaign, saying free tuition would be the “driver of a new era of American prosperity.” 500 more words


Sanders' Free College Proposal: Pro

As most college students know, seeking higher education is almost always a debt sentence.

Opponents of Sen. Sanders say this proposal is the reason he has garnered the support of so many millenials. 620 more words


Why My College Debt is Worth It

My college education cost a lot of money. Not as much as many people’s, certainly, but much more than others. I’ve been out for four years, and while I’ve whittled away at my loans significantly, I still have a ways to go. 694 more words

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EdWeek is WRONG about this

In a recent EdWeek article, Douglas Harris asked, “Should K-12 Schools be Governed Like Colleges?” While frustratingly he did not come to any definitive conclusion on the matter, leaving the audience waiting for his next blog, I can already answer this in a pretty straightforward manner: NO.  763 more words

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Try to breathe as you watch the student loan debt rate rise by the second

In case you need a swift reminder about how much money you might owe upon graduation, MarketWatch has created a literal debt clock that does the job nicely. 128 more words


Chelsea Clinton, dream killer

Thank you, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of privilege, former hedge fund employee, and wife of financier, for pointing out that we should aim for the compromised ground instead of our dreams. 364 more words