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What is "Pain"?

What if pain isn’t real? What if pain is just stunted growth? Growth that has been stagnated by our inabilities to let go of the parts of us that need to die off in order to make room for the parts that havent manifested yet. 27 more words


Live Nation to help employees pay off student loans

LOS ANGELES — Add Live Nation and its nearly 9,000 employees to the growing list of companies offering to help pay down student debt as an employee perk. 370 more words


Fear and love 

You can lead by fear or you can lead by love.One form of leadership demeans a person and makes them feel inadequate, the other raises a person to heights that they themselves couldn’t reach on there own. 14 more words


Mountain Peaks 

Today I let my shoulders fall and when I felt their broadness I felt elevated.For longer than I can remember I kept them tight, tense and coiled. 50 more words


College career-training programs leaving more students in debt

Source: RTAmerica
January 14, 2017

Hundreds of colleges and for-profit institutions in the US are leaving a growing number of graduates stuck in debt, eating a larger chunk of their earnings. 6 more words


Love and other drugs continued 

Everything happened so fast. One minute I’m cursing you out via text asking you “where the fuck you been” and the next minute I’m staring at your dead body. 173 more words


The Revolution 

The revolution will not be televised:It will be recorded on a smart phone, posted on social media to go viral

and viewed in a courtroom by a selected jury who will vote “non guilty” Causing race relations in the community to spiral… 198 more words