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Non-Graduates - You Can Still Learn Your Way To The Top

While having a tertiary education is more important today than it ever has been, it doesn’t mean those without degrees cannot achieve success. In fact, take a look around at some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, and there is barely a university degree between them. 1,009 more words

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Here's how much Bernie Sanders' Free College for All plan would cost

New York just made college free. And if this new Senate bill becomes law, free college will go national.

But free isn’t free — this plan would cost a lot of money. 745 more words



Honestly, I always felt like I was never worth your time, let alone a piece of your heart….but now I see that the way you came up makes it not all of your fault. 212 more words



The world I live in has a variety of focuses…everyone exposes their flaws but they all go unnoticed… in this world we do not believe in hate or fear…. 94 more words


Proud to be an American Janitor

It’s ‘interview season’ for the freshly baked, soon-to-be college graduates. Some deem it a stressful time, when one competes for positions in the workplace, crammed shoulder to shoulder with his or her constituents, all dressed their best and trying to ‘stand-out’ and be as professional and like-able as possible for potential employers. 489 more words

Focus On The Future | College Conversations

Somewhere along the way college became a taboo conversation in most households.  I’m not talking about the idea of attending college, I’m talking about the costs involved, whose responsibility it will be to pay for it, and the coordinating plan to go along with those intentions. 727 more words

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More and More U.S. Colleges Are Helping Students Pay Back Their Loans

With ballooning student debt reaching record highs, some colleges are beginning to step in and help students shoulder some of the loans they took out to cover their tuition. 187 more words