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I Wouldn't Have Undertaken This Project Without The Struggle I Went Through... By OLYMPIA's McKenzie Chinn

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“Five years ago I was finishing my second year of grad school, and had just ended a significant long-term relationship. Between the intensity of graduate school and the trauma of the relationship ending, it was one of the most difficult times of my life…. 132 more words


The struggle danny alvarez

I think that students shouldn’t pay a lot of money for their studies they should be paying less than 5,000 dollars per year.  The reason why I think this, because I am a student and I can connect to the struggle each student have. 459 more words

College Debt

Capitalism needs free education.

Capitalism needs free education

by Roy Villalpando

The access of tools and information for an individual benefit Society in different ways, and depends on the adaptation of this individual to get the best of this opportunity.   499 more words

College Debt

Bet Your Dollar

by Iris Ruby

“Cheaper is better”, a phrase coined by an unknown person and used by nearly everyone, implies that cheaper price/item is better than the more expensive price/item. 1,088 more words

College Debt

Tennessee high school senior gets into all 8 Ivy League schools — and turns them down for the University of Alabama

Aside from the fact that this student seems to be rather bright, academically, I find it more heartening and impressive that he decided against the Ivy’s because of the almost ensured debt he will be taking on over the years.

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Screwed by an Older Generation

by Dennis Selder

Older folks were happy when their parents were paying for almost all of their college tuition.  So why have they become so stingy with the next generation to come along? 46 more words

College Debt

Debt: Not a Life Sentence

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As graduates walk across the stage this spring, many will be taking more than a diploma into the real world: debt. Student loans have caused a majority of graduates in Colorado to start their career by paying off their debt, according to the Colorado Public Interest Research Group. 361 more words

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