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Go to School They Said

As a kid they all told us to go to the school but what they didn’t tell us was that we would be  accompanied by a large sum of debt.  369 more words

The Sinister Statistic

When you look at me what do you see?
Do you see me as I am or as an image portrayed on tv?

Am I being judged based on my character or on an infamous Gangster who’s plans you wish to shatter. 314 more words


This family collaborated on a book to help college students fight debt

Coming to college can be overwhelming. Deciding where to live, shopping for groceries and juggling bills can be a difficult balancing act. College students have to face the financial responsibilities of growing up while dealing with student loans and filing taxes. 1,641 more words



Scientists have agreed that based on their body composition bees 🐝 shouldn’t be able to fly. In other words their wings are not physically strong enough to carry their bodies. 71 more words



On our journeys through life there are some paths which we are required to travel alone or with different and new people . Always remember that when a connection is genuine the people who’ve been connected will always find a way back to each other. 27 more words


If I were president...

Have you ever stopped to think and wonder

What life would be like if you took over?

Would there be endless change in sight?

Or would it remain the same both day and night? 137 more words

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What is "Pain"?

What if pain isn’t real? What if pain is just stunted growth? Growth that has been stagnated by our inabilities to let go of the parts of us that need to die off in order to make room for the parts that havent manifested yet. 28 more words