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Talkin' bout my generation?

You know what I’m pretty damn sick of seeing? You don’t?? Good, then I will tell you. So kick back, relax and enjoy my tale (disclaimer: it’s not really a story). 470 more words

Our Guide to Conquering Student Loan Debt

Are you graduating college this year? Then you may be joining the ranks of over 43.3 million Americans who have student loan debt. Graduates from the Class of 2016… 1,131 more words

Financial Education

Hillary Comes Clean on Free College

Dear Young Voter,

You may have recently heard that I have joined Bernie Sanders in calling for “free” public college for all students. You may have also heard, however, that I have a great deal of difficulty with the truth, so some of you may be misunderstanding what I mean by a “free” college education, actually thinking that you’ll get a free, high-quality education.   953 more words

Small Investor

College Is More Expensive Than You Think

This article originally appeared on MONEY.com.

You’ve read the scary headlines about tuition hikes and seen the surveys of families concerned about what college costs. 1,179 more words


Here's how to reduce your student loan debt — while still in college

Anxiety about debt is the top worry of college students as well as for parents preparing to send a kid off to college. But guess what? 952 more words


Doing What Needs to Be Done

Our plan was uncomplicated plan as we bumbled through raising our children, trying to give them a safe place to grow, the necessities, and a few of the things they wanted, hoping they’d become strong, independent, contributing adults. 201 more words


"Growing Up"

After a long day at school I asked my 12 year old daughter to pose for this painting. She agreed to a resting pose. The fatigue displayed upon her face belies the beauty of a kind and gentle soul hidden beneath the burden of daily reading, writing and math assignments. 266 more words