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Why You Should Check Out College Info Geek... Even If You're Not In College!

Last year I came across one of the most useful blogs that has helped me immensely in school, blogging and just life in general – … 530 more words

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Why Is College So Expensive?

In The New York Times, Paul Campos has an excellent piece on why college tuition is so damned high. Contrary to the usual progressive whinging, it’s not thanks to reduced public spending. 1,114 more words


The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much

“What cannot be defended, however, is the claim that tuition has risen because public funding for higher education has been cut. Despite its ubiquity, this claim flies directly in the face of the facts.”

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The US government holds more than $875 billion in student loan debt

This post has been corrected.

Americans are taking on new debt at a strong pace—7% more than last year, according to the Federal Reserve. But one statistic that sticks out, particularly in chart form, is the student debt held by the US government. 173 more words

Voices: College not the magic wand to happiness

The average amount of college debt for the class of 2014 is $33,000. More and more students are finding it increasingly difficult to find jobs after years of school, with the… 711 more words


Obama promotes student bill of rights at Georgia Tech

President Barack Obama visited Georgia Tech March 10 to speak about college affordability. He was there partly because of a letter written to him by Georgia Tech student Tiffany Davis, in which she expressed concerns about student loans. 368 more words


Saying the White House is Failing Does Not Necessarily Mean It's True!  

The political silly season has been non-stop for President Barack Obama. What he has been able to accomplish despite political enemies who vowed at any cost to see him fail is somewhat remarkable. 350 more words