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Saying the White House is Failing Does Not Necessarily Mean It's True!  

The political silly season has been non-stop for President Barack Obama. What he has been able to accomplish despite political enemies who vowed at any cost to see him fail is somewhat remarkable. 350 more words


March Report Card

March 27, 2015

March Report Card: A

Total Paid: $11,646.29

Total Student Debt Balance: $56,237.85 (See PDF March Loan Summary)


  1. Paid off my remaining credit card balance on 3/13/15 and took my credit card out of my wallet.
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Student Debt

Crippling Debt

This evening morning, two hours ago at 2am, I decided to calculate exactly how much time it would take me to pay off my college loans. 423 more words


Can I Afford College? If Cash < Tuition/Room& Board = NO

Here’s how to calculate college affordability:

$_______Cash Available for Tuition (family, scholarships, grants) NO – student loans don’t count as cash

–  $_______Cost of College (tuition, room & board) 456 more words


Prospective college students: Here's what $100,000 in student debt feels like

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Loads. Of. Debt.

That’s the story of graduates today.

But $100,000? Or more. Any debt counselor will tell you that’s insane. 522 more words


going public

hands down. public. not just public, but public in-state college. it’s a fraction of the cost. save yourself the long term pain of the debt that comes with private education and go in-state public. 803 more words


Forget Harvard and Stanford. It really doesn’t matter where you go to college... Hmmm... I agree...

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now – does it really matter to the majority of students where they go to college…? 1,168 more words

China Education