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Debt, the Burden of the Future.

For many years a college degree was considered your ticket to employment. With that piece of paper, employers could see that you had earned the skills necessary to work in their field or at least that you were able to learn how to function within their field. 1,041 more words


After College: Pick Your Federal Student Loan Repayment Plan Carefully

If you graduated this past spring after borrowing Federal Direct Loans, your loan servicer will soon contact you about how to repay them. You can pick from as many as seven different repayment plans. 380 more words

College Affordability

What is a “quarter-life crisis" and are our kids headed for one?

As a parent with two kids in the millennial age group, I was struck by the term “quarter-life crisis.” There is definitely a transition period after college graduation and trying to figure out the next phase of their lives. 445 more words


College loans ( great lakes higher education corporation <---- they black mail people [ or well someone does, hard to tell when they hire other companies so their reputation does not get tainted, cowards)

Just because i owe someone money means they are allowed to go through and steal everything I write? Again , I come back to realizing it is not me that is insane, but everyone else, by simple definition. 51 more words


Can i leave?

Will my plane explode if I try to leave and go to a country that actually wants me ? Or will I be allowed to leave here in a little ? 299 more words


Stripping and Sugaring: How Some Women are Paying for College

Getting a college degree is an expensive endeavor. Most students are forced to take out loans to pay for school, and the average student accumulates $37,172 by graduation… 1,112 more words

Jon Neiderbach & Cathy Glasson for Iowa Governor

I support both Cathy Glasson and Jon Neiderbach for Iowa Governor. I believe that both are great candidates and both have bold progressive agendas.

I support Jon Neiderbach because he believes in education and ensuring everyone has an equal chance to get ahead. 837 more words