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Priceless College Degree or Worthless Piece of Paper

Universities are turned from providers of education to business ventures that strive to be the biggest and the best providers of the “college experience”. From less rigorous curriculums to higher tuition prices, the universities have changed the way people think of education. 702 more words


I've Made The Decision

after much consideration and thinking, i’ve decided to go back to school… it’s really the only thing i’ve been thinking about seriously.. for a while now i’ve been feeling very stuck in my life… like i have nothing to look forward to or do besides my job.. 248 more words


'If I can do it, anyone can!': 90-year-old NC veteran set to graduate college

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 90-year-old North Carolina Navy veteran who dropped out of high school to serve the United States is finally earning his college degree. 86 more words


Continuing Education: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Furthering your education and gaining a degree in college or university could have been a dream of yours from an early age, or simply a choice you can’t avoid to make given the line of work you want to do. 515 more words


The "Wrong" Student Experience

As the May 1 National Candidates’ Reply Date was upon us yesterday (it happens at the same time every year, folks), I had a lot of conversations over the course of the last few weeks with my current seniors about their final school choices. 811 more words

College Equestrian

Rappers Over 30? Part 1

Unsigned rappers over 30, destined and determined to succeed, or guaranteed to fail?

Apparently many believe a rapper who hasn’t signed a major deal by 30 is wasting their time and will most likely end up pushing burgers for the rest of their lives. 685 more words

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