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Deadlines and Guidelines

If there’s one thing we learn from horses, it’s that our self-imposed schedules are irrelevant much of the time.

This can be both advantageous (when it comes to teaching life lessons) and a detriment (when it comes to actually living life). 640 more words

College Search

Who is the University of Nebraska Online Worldwide?

The University of Nebraska Online Worldwide is NU’s collaborative online initiative providing access to academically-respected degrees offered online by the four campuses of the University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska High School. 291 more words

College Degree

Free & Fancy

I recently found out one can buy, YES buy a college degree on the internet.

Id like to take a moment to thank the people who never got laid in high school/college/ most if not all of their 20s, just to invent the internet and allow me to order pizza, booze, and illegal plants with just a few clicks. 131 more words

Back to School Again?

With the economic downturn of the last few years, many people who had been in the workforce for decades (often at the same long-term company) have found themselves unemployed and wondering where to go from here. 682 more words

Personal Finance

First blog post

August 30, 2016

I finally decided¬†to give a blog the old college try. And seeing as I’m starting a brand new school next week for my master’s degree, the timing felt right. 80 more words


19 year old meets sex worker on Cherry Street

My name is Ricardo, 19 years old, and a long-time resident of San Bernardino, California. I’m also a math-education major at Cal State Long Beach (Go Beach!). ¬† 2,177 more words


Which college degree offers the best return?

Since many people go to college to increase their income, we decided to investigate which majors pay off, and which don’t. Learn which courses of study return the most and which are the worst investments in terms of expected salary in our infographic below: 40 more words