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A Letter to Moms with College Degrees

Dear Mama,

Motherhood is not a waste of your college degree.

I understand how some people would think that you just spent a lot of time and money on four years of school only to become a mom, but you aren’t “just a mom.” 680 more words


The State of the Humanities 2018: Graduates in the Workforce & Beyond

The State of the Humanities 2018: Graduates in the Workforce & BeyondAmerican Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2018

 Discussions about the value of a college degree in the humanities have become something of a cottage industry of late. 165 more words

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Inaction is Not an Option

If you’re a rider and you’ve been in the sport long enough, you’ve been there:

You’ve had that moment when the horse you’re sitting on decides to make for the hills (or far end of the arena) and take you with it. 666 more words



Do you think, a college degree is so important, or can we skip it? I think, the first purpose of college is to educate us enough so that when we go seeking a job we can be ready to face questions or tasks thrown to us. 703 more words

Going Back to School as a Mom

As much as I love being a stay at home mom, I have always regretted not finishing school. When I first had Ella I put everything else on hold so I could focus on being the best mother possible. 472 more words


Mid-Term Campaign Update

Hello Lovely Supporters!

This is probably my last update for this semester. It is hard to write presentable updates, while also writing at least three papers a week. 826 more words


New Semester, Same Old Questions – How Am I Going to Afford My Degree?

Ensuring Aid for Looming College Expenses

By: Jayme Farbowitz

A new semester starts, but many of the same questions about how to afford a college degree remain.   318 more words