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Why critics are wrong about liberal arts degrees

For the last time: No, earning a degree in English, philosophy, art history, name-your-humanities-discipline will not condemn you to a lifetime of unemployment and poverty. 943 more words


Sunday Seven: bitcoin, college and art

Been travelling! A lovely few days in Copenhagen with my daughter, with oodles of walking, talking, walking, talking and eating the most divine open-faced sandwiches I’ve had in my life. 759 more words


Top 10 disappearing jobs in America

In case you were thinking of pursuing a career as a civil servant, here’s one you should avoid: mail carrier. According to CareerCast, a national job search portal, it is the “most endangered” career based on the hiring outlook and changing economic landscape. 517 more words


Committing to complete your degree

Ryan Derenbecker
Staff Writer

Faculty and staff on campus are committed to help raise the graduation rate on this campus and that is why Office of Student Life has organized Complete With Me Week. 287 more words


How underrated is a college education?

Yesterday I made this post, which I think generated conversation in areas that were beyond my intent.

Quoting my own remarks on the comments section of that post: 440 more words

Wyatt Bush

Secrets of Personal Finance: "Don't Save Money. Make more."

“Don’t save money. Make more.”

Even Walter White couldn’t argue with that.

Oh, if you’re already squeamish about making lots of money for moral reasons, understand that wealth, at least in the west, is part of a long-standing tradition.  

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Credit, Credential, or Competence: Who is Counting?

As a consumer of higher education, the business world continues to make demands on institutions to produce graduates with competence that matches employment needs. Sadly, business leaders often view graduates of higher education as better prepared for the industrial age labor market than the globally connected world of today (Davidson, 2013; Flynn, 2004). 760 more words