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Free Advice: How smart is smart?

Free Advice is a periodic feature in which I answer anonymous letters sent to markbialczak.com. Today’s reader asks for my opinion about the relationship between academic degrees and everyday intelligence. 591 more words


"A Handy Way To Shift The Discussion": How Republicans Will Use Scott Walker's Lack Of A College Degree To Stir Class Resentment

Since we’re now all fascinated by Scott Walker, there’s been some discussion in the past few days of the fact that Walker would be the first president in many decades who didn’t have a college degree. 768 more words


Generational Footsteps

When I tell people I grew up on a farm in Kansas, there are a number of reactions from Wizard of Oz jokes to curiosity about the path that led me to my current role in higher education as a Dean.   639 more words


Diplomas Smell Like Freshman Year

I ripped open the envelope that contained my college diploma this week, and I was surprised at what I felt when I held it in my hand. 981 more words

Creative Writing

The 5 highest paying degrees of 2015

More and more people are earning college degrees. As of 2011, close to one out of every three people over 25 held a bachelor’s degree, according to a U.S. 825 more words


College Educated and Still Working in Fast Food

I’m having trouble finding a new job and it is, I don’t think, a typical problem faced by job seekers in our society, at least not one that gets much attention from the media.  430 more words

College Degrees

Not everyone needs to pursue a college degree

Michelle Kearney


In the age of information it shouldn’t be a shock that a great emphasis on higher education has taken precedence in this nation of ours. 781 more words