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Millennials, Lead the Way!

Millennials certainly complain a lot. They seem to think that the baby boomers they are looking at today are the same individuals and had all the same stuff and job status when baby boomers were the age of today’s Millennials. 695 more words

Degrees alone won't get students jobs

You got your degree. What now?

Most people want to believe that once they graduate they’ll go straight to work.
But does getting a degree really guarantee you a job? 695 more words

The Rambler

Colleges in Crisis: Who Is Responsible?

I read the Sunday Boston Globe (April 1, 2018) today and there was a front-page article regarding the declining enrollment of many Boston area colleges. Without going into the specifics of the article, it centered around the declining enrollment of these colleges, one had lost 90% of its students over the past decade. 578 more words


A fascinating article which explains the author's view about why classes in the humanities are helpful for students of the sciences.

Monday was the first day of Dartmouth’s Spring term. So, as I often do at this time, I started teaching my course for non-science majors called “Understanding the Universe: From Atoms to the Big Bang.”

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Student loan ripoff

Read this from a NYTs op-ed 2-11-18

I’m not dismissing my responsibility for this. But along with many other 17- and 18-year-olds, when I went to college, I didn’t know anything about student loans, interest rates or rude private debt companies that hound the living hell out of you.

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Governing RePost: Fewer people are getting degrees in public service

The latest data from the U.S. Department of Education shows that several of the top government-related academic fields — including criminal justice, political science and public administration — have seen the number of degrees awarded level off or dip slightly over the past few years.

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Diamonds and Degrees

A diamond is forever.

Proposing marriage with a diamond ring is the norm of today. And we all brush it off as an age old tradition.

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