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Why Men Are the New College Minority

As typical, the Atlantic comes perilously close to the answer, only to bury the lede and move on.

“… at most college campuses the attitude is that men are the problem.

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Alan S. Blinder: One Side of the Offshoring Concern

Should America be concerned about foreign competition? Offshoring is the process of a company hiring overseas employees instead of domestic over a period of time. Alan S. 1,561 more words


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If you follow or are subscribed to my blog {which you should be! ;) }, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a bit of a private person on here.  1,344 more words

Making a living

So one thing is for certain we need to start making a living and utilize our talents. For example if you’re going to get a degree in art science political science automotive etc. 170 more words

Educate yourself

we learn something new every day, things we never knew before because we don’t ever bother reading anything that we buy, the truth is Hidden in plain sight there’s chemicals in everything we consume and wear everything from milk and meat with growth hormones which causes kids to develop early Foods that cause cancer too…..What we drink or absorbed through the skin contactit is also coming in laundry detergent perfumes lotions etc. 159 more words

Your College Degree Is Worthless

This is not a judgement, it’s just a fact.

A degree is information. Information is an incredibly valuable resource in the market. But in the case of the college degree, far better information is available for far less time and money. 1,584 more words

How to Write Academic Degree Titles

The landing gear is down on another academic year as students and faculty make their final approach toward the graduation runway. Many soon-to-be newly minted grads are now wading into the sometimes turbulent, often murky, and always anxiety-producing waters of job hunting. 486 more words

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