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How underrated is a college education?

Yesterday I made this post, which I think generated conversation in areas that were beyond my intent.

Quoting my own remarks on the comments section of that post: 440 more words

Wyatt Bush

Secrets of Personal Finance: "Don't Save Money. Make more."

“Don’t save money. Make more.”

Even Walter White couldn’t argue with that.

Oh, if you’re already squeamish about making lots of money for moral reasons, understand that wealth, at least in the west, is part of a long-standing tradition.  

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Credit, Credential, or Competence: Who is Counting?

As a consumer of higher education, the business world continues to make demands on institutions to produce graduates with competence that matches employment needs. Sadly, business leaders often view graduates of higher education as better prepared for the industrial age labor market than the globally connected world of today (Davidson, 2013; Flynn, 2004). 760 more words

How I Graduated from College … Totally Debt-Free

According to the most recent numbers from the Institute for College Access and Success, the average American college graduate walks out of school carrying close to $30,000 in debt. 1,562 more words

There Be Too Many Dragons

There are days when it is very difficult to concentrate on just one topic.  The world cries out with the idiocy of so many dolts and one scarcely knows where to begin.   1,365 more words

The Real vs. the Ideal (Sometimes Life Happens)

The latest issue of Investment News reminded me of an article I saw recently about Marco Rubio, a Senator seeking the Republican Presidential nomination. It seems that he cashed in a 401k to buy a refrigerator, an air conditioner, pay some college costs for his children and cover some campaign expenses. 201 more words

Financial Planning

Bet Your Dollar

by Iris Ruby

“Cheaper is better”, a phrase coined by an unknown person and used by nearly everyone, implies that cheaper price/item is better than the more expensive price/item. 1,088 more words

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