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Bet Your Dollar

by Iris Ruby

“Cheaper is better”, a phrase coined by an unknown person and used by nearly everyone, implies that cheaper price/item is better than the more expensive price/item. 1,088 more words

College Debt


The dark cloud has disappeared from over my head, and I’m back to my old joyful self. I’ve always been very positive and friendly, and I’m starting to feel like myself again. 302 more words

How much is that physics major in the window?

A friend pointed me to a recent study looking at the earnings (salaries) of people with degrees in different majors — for example, what’s the average salary of a physics major? 360 more words


Choosing a college major? Read this first

People pick a college major for all kinds of reasons, of course, some of which have little or nothing to do with money. Even so, and especially now that record numbers of graduates enter the workforce carrying a heavy load of debt, about 80% of college students choose a major based at least in part on how well the resulting career will pay, says a new… 417 more words


No Regrets For Some Things In My Life.

Looking over my life from almost seventy years of living , there are things I did I will never regret.  Here is a list of them: 407 more words


How College is Screwing Young People And Turning Them Into Future Debt Slaves

In today’s evolving job market, going to college is now almost required.  Yet the cost of tuition continues to rise into the stratosphere and graduates are discovering that their expensive degrees aren’t translating into good-paying jobs, causing many to rightfully question whether college is still worth the price.  994 more words


Wednesday Inspirational and Motivational Service (Stir up your Gift)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, today’s lesson is a very powerful journey that the Apostle Paul first begin teaching his son Timothy that we also may learn from it and teach other about the value of the gift that God gave us from the beginning of time.   91 more words

Vine And Branch