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When I first gathered with the new members of US Ski and Snowboard Teams, I opened with: “Don’t Get Happy.” Their success on the junior level and on the national level have put them on a USSA national team, but as I told them, “If this were halftime of a soccer game, the score would be 0-0.” We brought some great athletes together last week for our “Rookie Camp” to begin their journey as international athletes, but I thought it important to emphasize how much more growth is ahead of them. 766 more words


Review of College or Not by Chad Grills

College or not? That’s a thought that weighs on all high schoolers minds. They have questions like: Can I make good enough grades to get accepted, how will I pay for it if I don’t get a scholarship, can my parents afford it, what should I study? 272 more words

Book Reviews

One way ticket for a disappearing job

Reviewing a college educational structure proceeds now. Most colleges will be realigned as organizations teaching practical occupational knowledge not liberal education.

While the employment rate is improved on the background of economic recovery and labor shortage, the gap between skills enterprises demand and those college students hold becomes big. 199 more words


Comfort and Joy in the College World

Crabby wonders whether college will end with a bang or a whimper…

Two recent books lie at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding college attendance. One, Frank Bruni’s… 2,195 more words

College Admission

Naturalism and Education

In this blog series, I have been examining the effect of sin on the quality of higher education. In particular, I have been examining how worldview changes (and their subsequent effects of society) have led to a change in the quality of higher education as well as the mission of higher education. 1,374 more words


Supporting Instructors through Change

Supporting Instructors Dealing with Change

To remain relevant to society, post-secondary education has to be flexible, nimble, and responsive, which requires instructors to keep changing many aspects of their work, including the curriculum, delivery modes (online or f2f), and teaching strategies. 847 more words


Never too old to study?

Its fair to say, that at 57, I had assumed my days as a student were well and truly over. Given the last examination I took, was in 1976 ( An A grade in Accounts O Level), a reasonable conclusion, you might say. 452 more words