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Student Loan Debt Crisis in the Maldives

With the introduction of student loans in 2012, it became the long-awaited savior for many prospective students who were unable to afford tuition fees and the cost of living in the capital city Male’. 767 more words


5 Lies You Were Told About the American Dream

(Header picture: Person holding protest sign that reads “The American Dream is Over”)

The United States of America, the greatest country in the world, the place where people come to from all over to create better lives and achieve the goals they have for themselves and their families. 700 more words

Strategies For Teaching ADHD Students At Home

Considering that the recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and of their equal and inalienable rights is the foundation of freedom, … 290 more words

College Education

Advice for a New Professor

Start your first class with a question … and a promise

As in any group of diverse individuals, learners come with varying identities, histories, levels of motivation, prior knowledge and experiences, as well as different wants, needs and openness to change. 505 more words

Post-secondary Education

Admissions Letter

Dear Dean of Admissions,

I am very much interested in enrolling in George Mason University. I’m a Northern Virginia Community College graduate and I have applied to GMU before. 773 more words


Best ways to pay for your child's college education

Whether your clients’ higher-education bills are a year or two away, or just arrived in the mail, you can calm even the most panicked family by informing them that there are more ways to meet the expense than just by writing a big, fat check. 183 more words


There's no such thing as free college

I have seen a few comments in social media over the past few days celebrating Rhode Island’s decision to offer “free college.” There is of course a little more to it than that, but the recent action by the Rhode Island legislature, signed by the governor, bears examination. 959 more words

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