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Golf Club Management student takes an entrepreneurial leap

Golf Club Management student Gareth Lewis knew that he wanted to run his own business eventually, but a family tragedy changed his timeline drastically. Last year, his first at Holland College, the 18-year-old’s world was thrown into turmoil when his father died suddenly of a massive heart attack. 569 more words


Why the Urgency?

The cost at which students are paying, mentally and physically, is becoming out of hand.  Many students question their college education because it takes such a tremendous toll. 244 more words

College Education

Who Cares?

When it comes to a higher education, students are the biggest stake holder.  We are the ones putting in 6+ hours of work, (aside from actual class time), for school everyday while still having to take care of other responsibilities.   120 more words

College Education

Kiery Actually Does College

CC image courtesy of Flickr, GotCredit.

Editorial note: The following is reprinted with permission from Kieryn King’s blog. It was originally published on March 23, 2016. 542 more words

Educational Neglect

Homestead in Arcata, CA

Map from the laboratory 10 of my GIS class. I had to use the Arcmap to find the best place for a homestead. At the map, you could see the visible and not visible area from the homestead. 30 more words

It make me wonder

I’m not saying that correlation equals causation or anything, but it does cause me to wonder… upon posting this image on Facebook, the people I knew in high school who didn’t attend upper level courses began to rail against me in defense of those who carry firearms, and people I knew in college who did attend upper level courses and graduated held the opposite opinion, that firearms tended to cause more problems than they solved. 14 more words