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I'll Start with my Own Story

My name is Liz.  I am a short story writer. My stories sum up my imaginative journey in this world, which is sometimes the product of my real life journeys. 1,139 more words

My Job as a Security Guard

This is where I work, nights, as you can see.  I am a security guard, however we call ourselves, “security officers”.  We are night-walkers, around the building time after time, night after night, making sure the doors are locked, or secure, as they say.  232 more words



Speech Language Pathologists normally need a master’s degree. Graduate programs include classes in speech and language development, age-specific speech disorders, alternative communication methods, swallowing disorders. Many states require a license in order to be a speech language pathologist which can only be obtained with a master’s degree.

Paying For College - What is a 529 College Savings Plan and How Do I Get One?

Being able to get a college level education is a worthwhile investment. Paying for college by saving a little every time goes a long way and it helps reduce reliance on debt such as student loans. 571 more words


Eventually you reach the point where most of your life is behind you. You have to exert considerable imagination to keep the days from being repetitive. 2,235 more words

Getting Old

Paying for your Child’s College Finances

Let us suppose that you have got a young child that will be graduating soon from high school. Of course, you’ll feel pleased, just like any parent that is proud have their children graduating from senior high school. 564 more words


Mike Rowe Aims and Misses with Comments Against Bernie Sanders

For some reason getting political commentary from the man who brought us Dirty Jobs is who is the new trendy thing. Over the past couple years I have seen this guy trending on Facebook whenever he makes a post. 910 more words

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