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Who values the liberal arts?

“Why did I have to take that math class?”

“First year seminar?  Are you kidding me? I don’t need to learn how to study!”

“Ugh, what’s the point of a common book? 1,239 more words

Doane College

Hard Times as Motivators toward Future Success

(Omar Correa is an admired colleague and great friend.  He is also guest blogger this week providing his perspective on the enrollment management and higher education today) 1,134 more words

Enrollment Management

The long-run effects of charter schools

Many short-term interventions in a child’s life (e.g. pre-school) can generate positive effects for the subsequent years. However, the problem is that the effects of many of these interventions is not persistent. 1,423 more words

Economics Of Education

Why Iran and Brazil are sending more college students to the US

In the US, there are upwards of 886,000 international students, primarily from China, India, and South Korea, which together account for about half those students. But the number of students coming from other countries, like Brazil and those in the Middle East, is growing, according to… 959 more words

Statistically Speaking

In my last post, as part of laying a base for future posts, I gave you the definition for gender based violence and also listed some acts that people commonly refer to, or understand as gender-based violence. 564 more words

Sexual Assault Prevention

College "Hump" after Fall Semester: Preparing for Spring 2015

As the end-of-the-semester grows near, college students are preparing for the dreaded term exams. Exam preparation means pestering around campus searching for computer labs and spending late night shifts in the campus library seeking quiet corners. 535 more words


Where did everyone go? “Baby Bust” affects both prison population and college enrollment

Someone once told me if you build a prison, it will fill up. Conversely, if a prison is full, criminals will be let out.

From this it is easy to conclude that a person who normally would be free might get locked up, and a person who normally would be jailed might go free. 643 more words