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As someone who is obsessed with both languages and Adidas, it’s no surprise that this Adidas tee (featuring English, Japanese, and German writing) made it into my wardrobe. 137 more words


Why Tee/Tank Dresses are Essential

Hi everyone, Welcome back to my blog!

I wanted to thank all of you for the positive feedback after my first blog post launched. Everyone had such great things to say and I really appreciate all the support. 840 more words


How to Dress for an Interview

So you got an interview, congrats! But now comes the hard part, what should you wear?

Well a good way to get started is to do some research. 201 more words


Is Fashion Predictable?

Recently, some retro fashions have become popular again. Mom jeans from the 80s, chokers from the 90s, even clunky go-go style boots from the 60s. And there seems to be even more trends making a come back every season. 133 more words


How to get Pet Hair off your Clothes

No matter how cute your outfit is, pet hair really ruins it. No matter what you do, you look like you’ve been ambushed by a pack of dogs and your super cute black pants now look more like a furry jungle. 329 more words

College Fashion

How to dress up a white t-shirt

So you’re wearing a white t-shirt and jeans/leggings and it just looks…boring. I’m here to tell you that having this problem is actually a gift, and here are just a few ways you can jazz up your plain white tee. 252 more words


Are you wearing the right bra?

Do you have one bra that you wear every day? Don’t really remember when you bought it or when you last washed it? It’s probably pushing 2 years right about now and I’m here to tell you that it’s time to put it out of its misery and it’s time to find a new bra. 829 more words