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College Crisis: That Thing I do Where I Keep my Options Open and Never Commit to Anything

So for some reason, I have this habit where I want to do sooo many things, that I end up doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s so frustrating! 642 more words

Hello November! Wait, Hell no-November?!

How in the world is it already November? We are a month away from DECEMBER GUYS. The last month of 2016. I guess this is a good and a bad thing. 445 more words

A Letter to undecided high school seniors

Now that you have finished high school, the next sensible step would be getting into a good college. If you can afford it then, by all means, you should. 851 more words


October 13, 2016

I looked at a lot of blogs that had posts about social media. None of them really had anything to fully do with my topic which is social media affecting communication, which I found strange. 90 more words

How to avoid the infamous 'Freshman 15'

Alexus Baldwin | Staff Writer

“Freshman 15” can be a college student’s worst fear. When a teenager is put into a new environment filled with fatty foods and no parents restricting them from junk food, it can be hard to keep off a few extra pounds. 334 more words


Move in Day

On Thursday, September 1st, I packed up the car with most of my belongings I would be taking to college with me. It was a real-life game of Tetris, but we managed to fit it all in one car, aside from my clothes and a couple shoe racks. 1,058 more words

Health & Fitness 2k16: I didn't get the Freshmen 15 but I did get Prediabetes

I honestly thought I was pretty healthy during my stay in the dorms, but looking back I can clearly see what I did wrong. So here I am with a simple workout routine & diet… 2,735 more words