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Oh, freshmen. I hate you.

I totally felt like I was a high school freshman girl all over again today. I need a fucking drink.

So, if you didn’t know, I teach college English. 117 more words

5:2 Diet

Handy Tips for Incoming College Freshman

Freshmen year is definitely overwhelming for some students, who are dealing with the freedom and responsibility of being on their own for the first time. This is a great source of tips for incoming college freshmen. 15 more words

Paint Chips and Cinderblocks: Erin Woo's thoughts on making the most out of your dorm room

“You have to have fun while crafting! This is your personal space, make it reflect who you are.” Erin Woo

Freshman Erin Woo has lived in two dorm rooms in TCNJ’s towers, and through her own creative ways she’s managed to make the most out of both of them.

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DO U FYE? Analysis of First-Year Experience Programs

Much of my professional career has been working with students in the first-year experience and transition to college. The word freshman first appeared in the English language in 1550 to describe a newcomer or novice in a field of work or business yet the origins of the first-year student can be traced to the twelfth century when young men converged in Bologna, Italy to study law (Dwyer, 1989). 2,905 more words

Higher Education

Al About Hal

This is a piece for my Advanced Fiction Workshop Class! Please enjoy :)

Al About Hal

Freshmen year against the warnings of my orientation guides I enrolled in pre-med courses. 2,916 more words


Deconstructing a Life

“That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation

often becomes the height of wisdom in another.”

Adlai Stevenson

When my father was preparing to move off of the farm,  my sister, my two nieces and I were at the farm going through some photos and linens and items in the dining room china closet.

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Why College Freshmen Are More Stressed Out Than Ever

Think back to your freshman year of college (or if you are a freshman, think back to–this morning!). What were your anxieties? This year’s crop of college freshmen are apparently more stressed out than ever, thanks in part to this interesting factor… 172 more words