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Name: Aja Murray
Major: International Affairs
College: University of Georgia
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Although still only in her first year of college, University of Georgia’s Aja Murray is definitely a standout student to watch out for, as she is going to accomplish great things during her college years.

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Is Depression On College Campuses on The Rise?

Recently, a group of adult friends and I were discussing differences among  students today and those back in the 1960’s.  Our parents, we agreed, were far more hands-off than those of today, as we recounted hilarious tales of parents permitting us to run away, play in the woods, and manage school without parental supervision.   334 more words

College = Stress + Anxiety + Depression

February 5th, 2015

The New York Times published an article entitled More College Freshmen Report Having Felt Depressed by Alan Schwarz


This article was about the rise of depression, anxiety, and stress in college freshman over the years. 499 more words

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How To Be A Successful College Student In 3 Simple Steps

1-) Accept the fact that you can only do two of the following things: get 8 hours of sleep at night, make an awesome GPA, or spend all the time you want hanging out with your besties but you CANNOT do all three. 387 more words


Tips for College Freshman

Being a college freshman is a huge adjustment for everyone. The moment I graduated high school, I was scared. Yes, a few days later I got married so at least I was provided for; college is still intimidating to those in my situation. 312 more words

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A College Story -Emory Class of 1964 Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Andrew came by Michael’s room one night to talk. Andrew mentioned he would like to have some rum and coke. Jason agreed and said that was a good idea. 1,329 more words


Acceptance rate

It began today. The messages were waiting when I checked the family email account this morning. Recruitment emails for my high school sophomore. College recruitment. 145 more words
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