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Jason Taussig - College and Career Advice That Colleges Won't Tell You!

What are you thinking about when you enter college?  Most students are only thinking about making friends and taking in all that campus and college has to offer as a freshman.   523 more words

College Success

What to Expect Your Freshman Year in College - Part 1

Every student inevitably carries expectations and preconceived notions about college with them when they first arrive.  Our perception of college is shaped by many things like older siblings, friends, popculture, or our parents.   1,337 more words


Jonathan Oliver (The Ultimate) - Wisdom From A Recent Graduate

Our second installment of ‘Wisdom From a Recent College Graduate’ features none other than Mr. Jonathan Oliver.  He has offered his best advice today about going to college and making the absolute most of your investment.   752 more words


7 Senior Level Study Tips for College Freshmen with BONUS PRO TIP

Transitioning to college is definitely a memorable time in life.  Campus life is very exciting… new experiences and many people to meet, late night dorm room shenanigans and campus events.  1,175 more words

College Crisis: That Thing I do Where I Keep my Options Open and Never Commit to Anything

So for some reason, I have this habit where I want to do sooo many things, that I end up doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s so frustrating! 642 more words

Hello November! Wait, Hell no-November?!

How in the world is it already November? We are a month away from DECEMBER GUYS. The last month of 2016. I guess this is a good and a bad thing. 445 more words

A Letter to undecided high school seniors

Now that you have finished high school, the next sensible step would be getting into a good college. If you can afford it then, by all means, you should. 851 more words