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1. don’t worry so much about what other people are spending their time doing.

2. social media is a lie. it’s all fake. it might seem like your friends at other schools are having the time of their lives, but it’s so easy to pretend to be happy online when in reality you are downright miserable. 1,490 more words

Dining hall intervention helped students' choices

As I have written in some of my blog posts on the brain. It is our frontal lobes that separate us from the rest of the creatures on this earth. 488 more words


Dear Parents of graduating seniors

Dear Parents of the Class of 2017,

One year ago, I stood where you stand in the count down to high school graduation. I teared up at key events, smiled through the rest with deeply exhaled sighs and nervously contemplated the college drop off day! 948 more words


Freshmen now more liberal, especially young women

The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2016, Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA, 2017.


The American Freshman national survey of 137,456 first-year students in 2016 reported that 19% of respondents are first-generation students whose parents never attended college and 1,147 were in foster care after age 13. 420 more words

Status Of Women

What it's Like to Leave Home

By Kaitlyn Pujols

You underestimate the little things; the novelty salt and pepper shakers, the welcome doormats, the smell of home-cooked food washing over you the moment you walk through the door. 374 more words


A look into one freshman’s jam-packed first year of college

Meeting with representatives, learning about advocacy, traveling to Washington, D.C., and working on a lighting design all in one week, what else can one freshman do? 861 more words


Jason Taussig - College and Career Advice That Colleges Won't Tell You!

What are you thinking about when you enter college?  Most students are only thinking about making friends and taking in all that campus and college has to offer as a freshman.   523 more words

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