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How To Be The Most Irritating Roommate Imaginable

Hey, you. Do you live with a roommate? Would you like to irritate that roommate beyond all reason? Well, you’re in luck! Today, I’m going to give you foolproof tips to aggravate the unsuspecting person with which you share a room. 478 more words


I'm watching

We’ve found our rhythm, haven’t we? On Mondays we learn a new style of writing, then we brainstorm and outline.  On your own you write a draft.   417 more words

Freshman Composition

You Wrote!

On the first day of class, I said that everyone should be writing for ten minutes each day.  Let’s call this journaling.  It’s free writing — no worries about grammar, punctuation, spelling, or format.   376 more words

Freshman Composition

The Onionicity of Dolls and Drafts

I thought I had two different translations of Nobel Prize winning poet Wyslawa Szymborska’s poem, “The Onion.” But what I have is two books by her, neither one of which has the poem. 413 more words


3 Things I Learned When I Lost My Laptop

I like to name my stuff. My phone has a name, my backpack has a name, and my laptop had a name. Yes, the last one is past tense. 503 more words


My Students

I’ve only met with you three times and already I see you assuming your stereotypical roles:

The Jokester – You always show up first.  You’ve got wisecracks on day one.   716 more words

Freshman Composition

Hey...I'm Off to College!

College freshmen…this one is for you. It’s almost time to be dropped off to start your first year of college. I have been watching parents and new freshman go through this ritual for almost twenty-five years. 402 more words