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little victories

I have often been told that I am enthusiastic about everything, and of course I agree with this. But it’s always been in my personality to get excited over the most minuscule things; I love little victories. 350 more words

Where is your focus?

Focus on your goals baby girl. The boys ain’t going no where…

For all the single ladies!

So I know a lot of freshman girls probably some upperclassmen are asking themselves already “will this be the year I meet my future husband?” “How are the guys like on campus?” “I wonder if they’ll like me!” Or “what can I do to make myself more attractive?” I was in the same position two years ago. 455 more words


7 Things No One Warns You About Your First Year of College

Hi friends!

If you’re preparing to go away to college for the first time in the fall, this one’s for you! We’ve compiled a list of some of the things we felt unprepared to deal with, so you can learn from our mistakes.:) 1,282 more words

College Advice

for the impossible days..

Boy oh boy has today been a long day, and tomorrow will be as well …and the next day… for about the next two weeks. I moved in to my dorm room today for the year and began my Residential Life training to be an RA for a hall of sophomores. 358 more words