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What to Expect

Alright, so as a University student nearing the close of the Spring  Semester, I don’t have all the time in the world. Although I procrastinate every day, it was not a smart move to start a blog right now. 212 more words


A Night Out: My College Experience

The Preparation

For my friends and I, going downtown or to the bars is a night to let loose and dance. After a week of my appearance slowly deteriorating as homework piles up, I am more than ready to glam-up for a night out. 446 more words

Creepy Guys

Hearing through the noise

Just over a month ago I turned 20! My friends threw me the greatest surprise party and for a whole weekend I was showered in endless love and affection! 772 more words

In the norm.

The past few weeks for me have been CRAZY! Nothing but anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, and to-do list that are five miles long have overwhelmed me. 620 more words

Small Circle-  In kindergarden, you invite everyone to your birthday party, friend or not.  This pattern continues all throughout elementary school.  Once middle school rolls around, girls divide into cliques.  

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Day 1 : Welcome to My Personal Twilight Zone - March 6th, 2016

My name is Kate, and I live in the Township of Scarborough right outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I’m 18, soon to be 19, and: work a full time job, go to full time school, juggle guys, friends , family, aspirations, exasperation’s, and in the meantime like to write about things that I think about in regards to current events or observations. 265 more words

College Girls

Quintessence IX's 100 Days Celebration.

(This is our 300th blog post!!!!)

The last weekend in January was literally the BEST weekend of my entire life with my class. QT9 is absolutely the best class at Hampton University. 257 more words