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I just wanted to thank my readers all over the world for frequenting my page and motivating me to begin writing and sharing again :) My blog reached 2,000 views today!! 56 more words


Doomed for Eternal Sleep Deprivation

Every. single. time. 

I want to say so much more, but I refuse to give in- Sweetest dreams <3




Hello Spring Quarter;

Yet another quarter has begun(: It’s actually going on second week, I have just been delayed with my posts. I notice time and time again that I am absolutely terrible with this regular blogging thing. 1,232 more words


When you least expect it

life works out in your favor. Looks like Im going to go to the psy trance moontribe event in San Francisco tomorrow with my loves after all :3 I got off work hella early and got 6 extra hours to work on my Hinduism paper after grubbing on some delicious BLT w/avocado and chicken noodle. 10 more words


Intricate water droplets

I find them strangely captivating.
By far my favorite part of the rainy season,aside from cute warm clothes that look fabulous paired with scarves. Rain is wet causing bad hair for days,but that’s a small price to pay for rejuvenation.This week of rain and gloomy weather is strangely fitting for the end of the quarter. 169 more words


Soulmate Timer?

So instead of working on my final Cultural Development paper as I should be doing, due tomorrow might I add, I’m making the most of my night with a glass of wine, cookies&cream ice cream (they didn’t have cookie dough), my baby and an indie flick “The Timer”. 188 more words