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My experience writing a senior thesis

I would like to preface by saying none of this is intended to come off as a brag or boast post. I am very eager to share my experience due to the number of questions I have received from friends as well as my enthusiasm for this opportunity. 616 more words

College Life

The Basics of Trading & Investing: Cryptocurrency

In a previous article, I stated that it IS possible to trade commodities and cryptocurrencies while on a budget as well as mentioned that future articles would be made to get you started on that path. 798 more words


Relationships - Why I don’t write my future spouse letters…

If you all grew up in a youth group situation like I did, there was this idea that went around the girl circles: Write letters to your future husband. 521 more words

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College Life - Things to remember...

When walking through college campuses for the first time, it can feel daunting! So many people, they look like they have it all together, so many people looking perfect, so many people just everywhere! 440 more words

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College Life - Nursing Student/Nurse must haves for a shift.

Obviously every student and nurse will need things like a stethoscope, pen light, and everything else that is on that had dandy sheet your clinical instructor gives you before you ever get on the floor. 699 more words

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06/18/2018: Adolescence

It’s mid-June in the suffocating heat of a typical Florida evening. Mosquitos are swarming in my periphery as I sit cross-legged on a white spray-painted metal chair. 551 more words


Balancing Full-Time Work & School

I usually get this a lot: “how do you manage!?” Well, I just do lol! My parents, being the best they could ever be, did not have the opportunity to send me off to college that easily. 630 more words