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I must admit that ...

I’m tempted to take engineering course. Mainly because I am curious of what the class is like and to see if I enjoy it. I wonder if I would be interested in majoring in Engineering.

College Life


I’m the kind of person that hits high highs and low lows. I’m sure most of us are to a certain extent, but sometimes I think that I lean far in that direction. 640 more words


Repurpose Old Recipes

Food can often become boring in college, after all having to spend weeks or months on end subsiding on Ramen noodles, coffee, cereal, and cut up hot dogs isn’t easy for anyone. 412 more words


The Coffee Obsession (Part One)-

It’s no surprise that Seattle is known for coffee. As home of the original Starbucks and a geographic location that can often have dreary weather it makes sense that most Seattleites carry around a hot caffeinated beverage, especially during the winter months. 469 more words

Community Involvement

On the Rewatching of Friends

Like any good ’80s born young adult, I watched quite a lot of Friends.

When the series finale aired right after my freshman year of college, three girlfriends and I raced to the phone during the commercials, calling each other round-robin style. 566 more words


My High School Experience

Hey, all!

If you have been following my blog for quite some time now, then you would know that I write about my college experiences from time to time (more like, every Tuesday- check them out then!). 1,446 more words



I’ve never been that girl that can trek through grass, uneven floors, and slippery slopes in heels. I could barely handle prom night in heels. Flats have always been my go-to form of foot transportation. 764 more words

College Life