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Ransacked and Lived in

She looked at the room with tired eyes – the kind that felt worn out, like maybe there were just lumps of coal in the sockets where her eyes were supposed to be – and she wondered.  489 more words

🤔10 Things All College Students Do 👀

by Jaly Marquez

Every student has their quirks, but there a few things we all do, for better or worse. Here are a few things we found: 447 more words


Please Don't Let This Go 7

It is my firm belief that the Boston Celtics men’s professional basketball club should take advantage of their 3-2 series lead (best of seven, mind you, so four games is the winner!) and defeat the disdainful Milwaukee Bucks men’s professional basketball club at home, in the TD Garden, on Thu Apr 26. 422 more words

Junior year reflection

Hello from the corner of junior and senior year! I’m in disbelief that, aside from an exam (and just a couple more papers), I’ve completed my third year at UF. 1,094 more words


Why Pop the College Bubble When You Can Gently Let It Open?

2016 was weird. We all know that. It was occasionally sunlit, but mostly full of political and social storms. At its close, it was infamous for the deaths of so many legends across all forms of media. 1,311 more words

College Life

College Students Enjoy the Company of Their Own Pets

Pets. Are they really as good as everyone says they are? Do they really relieve stress like people say that they do? Are they worth all of the time and effort? 723 more words

Emotional Support Animals