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My Little, Not So Secret, Secret

Something that will surprise people is that I have many very different sides of me. I am a college student who is in a sorority and enjoys going out and socializing. 198 more words

Blog #230, Day 242.

Monday April 24th, 2017 at 8:44 PM.

I didn’t really get as much done as I would have hoped to. I wanted to finish my calculus test corrections and get a good amount of my math structures homework, but that didn’t happen. 294 more words


Things that no one tells you about going to Gettysburg College for the Civil War when you're from the South

  1. There’s no sweet tea.
    It seems like an obvious thing that should not have to be said but in the excitement of going to college little details are lost.
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My Path In College ... A Journey to Finding Something I Love

To me, school has always been required and necessary. From the time we are born we are constantly faced with opportunities to learn and grow, which isn’t a bad thing. 834 more words

College Life

Quality not quantity: How I make the most of my free time in college

Every quarter i find myself saying “this is the busiest quarter I have ever had”

Is this quarter an exception? No. This is the busiest quarter I have ever had. 747 more words

College Life

7 Ways For College Students To Go Green

ICYMI: Earth Day was on April 22nd! It’s great to have a day dedicated to appreciating our home and all it does for even us, and even better to spend some time doing service that will benefit the environment. 362 more words

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