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10 Ways to be a Good Roommate

Have you ever had a terrible roommate? What about a great one? Roommates can sometimes bring on stress. Sometimes they do it unconsciously and other times they know exactly what they are doing.  599 more words


Blog #373, Day 385.

Sunday September 24th, 2017 at 9:14 PM.

I just made some flashcards for my test, but now I actually have to study them.

My parents brought me back today, because they wanted to pick some fruit that just so happens to be near my school. 161 more words


One Does Not Simply Nap in Mordorm

Anyone who’s ever lived can easily say that living is an exhausting experience. Even more exhausting is the concept of living and being a college student… 441 more words

Bad Puns

Jaquira and Hellbent

I swear the title will make sense but you need to do that grown-up adult thing and wait. If you need motivation, watch this video about marshmallows and patience. 1,633 more words


Week 3 Pictures

Here are some pictures from the last week:

  • They have Skippy peanut butter in Beijing!
  • I ate cat meat, cat ear to be specific (no, really there’s a small noodle that’s called “cat ear” because of how they’re made. 
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College Life

Napsta's Paradise

Blogging is like shooting a satellite into the surface of Saturn; blast-off is difficult and requires more brain power than your measly corporeal form can muster at one time; the ride is wondrously smooth once you’ve broken free of everything that once held you back; and your ambitions are rewarded with either an eternal drift among the stars as you endlessly revolve around the object of your devotion, or you wind up hurtling yourself into Saturn’s ungodly face as you await your imminent demise, physically and mentally spiraling all the while, screaming. 263 more words

Bad Puns

Blog #372, Day 384.

Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at 8:58 PM.

I went to the 5 hour course today.

Turns out it is actually only like 3 hours.

I had some cupcakes. 47 more words