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We Can’t Go Back

How many of you have said “God, I hate school!” and “Wish I could get over college already!”

Don’t deny it. You may have not said it out aloud but you must have at least once thought these words in your mind, am I right? 1,005 more words

8 things I've learned while I was in College

                                                                                                                                                              Credit: theodysseyonline.com

So I have been a college grad for about two weeks, and I have to admit, it still hasn’t hit me. probably since I have to go back to get my masters’ soon it’s a little bit different for me. 1,169 more words

Personal Experience

A Winning Moment Speech

Happy Monthsary! Happy one month graduate to me. :-)

             It’s been a month since the day I’ve come up to the stage at Philippine Convention Center last April 25, 2015 to get my   College diploma ‘kuno’. 1,539 more words

My Thoughts

Can't Sleep Rant

Ever had one of those nights when sleep just will not come?  I’m having one of those nights.  I’ve even taken a couple of night time pain pills but I’m still wide awake.   564 more words


Beat Me Up; Beat Me Down

When I gave my heart away, I thought that it would be as simple as a one, two, punch.  It would be the punch to the gut and then no more breath left to give a fuck with. 464 more words


summertime sadness

Except that I am literally not sad at all. It feels really good to be home for a couple months and I totally deserve the R&R. 594 more words

The Journey

"It Was Only Just A Dream..."

I lived in England for five months. England was my home for five months. But because I’m home now I have about 15-minutes to write this blog before my mom hears me typing and come gets me from bed to hang out haha… 964 more words

College Life