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Why Saying College Is 'The Best 4 Years Of Your Life' Is Overrated

There are many different types of colleges that you can attend: big ones, small ones, state ones or private ones. You will meet different people wherever you go, as well. 188 more words

Odyssey Summer 2017

Heto nanaman tayo...

A week after this, I will officially be in my junior year of college. Honestly, mas nabawasan na yung excitement ko ng pagpasok, but at the same time, dahil nga junior year na, mas kinakabahan ako kasi mas mahirap na yung subjects. 263 more words

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Dealing with Homesickness

**Disclaimer: the following tips work for me. It's not a guarantee they'll work for you.**

Homesickness is the worst thing one can experience. Especially if you're the first sibling to leave the nest. 614 more words

College Life

Dropping A Class 101

So I just graduated in May and if I learned any skills during my time in college it would be knowing when a class just isn’t going to work out for me. 649 more words


Moving 1,000mi Away

So like I was saying, I graduated high school May 24, 2013. Two weeks after I graduated, I packed up my things and drove to Custer, SD where I was a student with the Indian University of North America (IUNA) for the summer of 2013 (obviously). 1,033 more words

College Life

Trump Has Made People Very Mad Online

Every time I wake up in the morning and scroll through Twitter and think “huh, not much has happened, maybe today will be a slow news day,” I get proven completely wrong. 614 more words

Ways to Get Ahead for Fall Semester Over Summer Break

Summer—college students spend the whole year looking forward to it, but once it comes around, the heat, humidity, and lack of structure might make summer feel like a drag. 814 more words