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Easter Holidays & Simple Nails

Hello again 🎉🎊

Finally I’m free from college for two weeks, which basically means I have more time to post here! (Yaaaaaaaaaaaa…aaaaaay!)

I have some things planned for the blog for the easter/spring time so pay attention because I might post things you like *winks* 169 more words



I am always astonished by the sheer number of people present at my local Denny’s when I show up after midnight. When I came in an hour ago, there were eight people present besides me. 211 more words



I lived my life for 11 years moving every two years. Settle down somewhere and then uproot and go somewhere else. I was so upset as a kid that I couldn’t just stay in one place and keep the same friends and go to the same schools and just grow up in one spot. 117 more words


What I've Learned from Sweet Briar College

College is a learning experience. Not just in the classroom, but in every aspect of this new life you lead, there are lessons to be learned. 588 more words

Self-Discovery/Get To Know Me

A Month of Heat Free Hair!

After a conversation with one of my really good friends a little while ago, I decided that I wanted to at some point donate my hair. 376 more words

5 Tips For Keeping Your Cool In College

Story By: Berkeley Lovelace Jr. (@Blovelace_Jr)

Spring break is about over. Now, all us college students are reluctantly coming back to campus with fresh tans and restful night sleeps –hopefully. 689 more words


The Phantom Effect

“He can’t hold that over you anymore.”

I sat across from her in a soft chair as she spoke. There was a single light on, the evening growing progressively darker as the minutes passed. 492 more words