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Here Goes Nothing!

Hi! I’m Ruth and this is my blog. Welcome! You’re currently reading the fourth draft of my introductory post. It hasn’t been going well so far (hence the title). 599 more words


A Major is a Minor Commitment #03: Psychology

A natural transition from first to second “episode” in A Major is a Minor Commitment is my other college major, psychology. I wasn’t the only one to major in psychology — in fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, 22% of all Bachelor’s degrees issued in 2016, psychology was amongst the six most popular majors. 658 more words

A Major Is A Minor Commitment

A Major is a Minor Commitment #02: Philosophy

Supposedly, philosophy is the major from which all others originate. Because of this, I feel this is a fitting start to A Major is a Minor Commitment. 633 more words

A Major Is A Minor Commitment

A Major is a Minor Commitment #01: Introduction

Ah, college. The golden years. The glory days. Oh, yes. How I long to relive my heyday as a young rabscallion, attempting to remember what I did the night before with my fellow hooligans. 628 more words

A Major Is A Minor Commitment

Unlimited Time, Talent, and Resources

The motivational/inspirational quote always goes something like this:

“What would you do if you had unlimited time, talent, or resources?  Do that!” 

If you love that quote, you’re not alone.  3,137 more words

High School

My Major is Harder Than Yours

The other day I was browsing Facebook and came across a post discussing that majors within the Liberal Arts are just as difficult as Science majors. 407 more words

Majors (or just Major Stress)

So what are you going to major in?

I always thought I knew what I was going to do with my life. But then one thing led to another, and I figured out how definitely not affordable that career path was and how little it made sense. 471 more words