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5 Can't Miss College Majors in 2017

Ask any recent college grad and they will confirm that life is rough out there for these youngsters. Employers are hiring cheaper labor, and finding employees with more experience than the grads fresh out of their graduation caps and gowns. 602 more words

Ranking Every College Major, Based On How Good Of A Kisser They Are

Humanities & Liberal Arts

People with this major will certainly live-up to your expectation. Their kisses are just like them; passionate and wild. They are masterful at kissing because they know how to make someone feel desired and cared for at the same time. 465 more words

Is there a Bias Towards College Majors?

If you’ve ever wondered what other students think about your college major, my group and I did some interviews. We found a few ideas about what each major means in terms of difficulty and success.

Courtney Mettler

Loyola University Chicago's Wealth of Environmental Majors Make Other Schools Green With Envy

In these challenging times, there’s a strong need for young people who can conduct scientific research on climate change, pollution control, and green manufacturing practices; develop conservation plans that will protect threatened and endangered plants and animals; help restore polluted areas; create sustainability programs; and educate others about these topics. 779 more words

Career Growth and Development

When I graduated from high school, I thought that I wanted to be a doctor. With two older siblings already in school and a younger brother not far behind me, there was little doubt that my first two years of college would be spent in junior college (now know as community college) to get my prerequisites before transferring to a university. 740 more words

What I Would Study if Cats went to College

Is there anything as absurd as a 5 month old kitten with a corporate job? Maybe only as absurd as one who blogs. I’m also the only member of our otherwise-human team at… 783 more words


Choosing the Right Degree: When it Matters and When it Doesn't

Picking the right degree in college can be a difficult decision. After you graduate, you will want to be happy with your decision and be able to get a job in a career field that you enjoy. 689 more words