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Choosing the Right Degree: When it Matters and When it Doesn't

Picking the right degree in college can be a difficult decision. After you graduate, you will want to be happy with your decision and be able to get a job in a career field that you enjoy. 689 more words


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

As a 30 year old, I consider myself an adult… And I still don’t have an answer to this question.

When I was younger, I asked myself this, and I always figured that as I got older, I’d just know one day, but that didn’t happen. 291 more words

Degree Exploration: How to Decide On a Major

Are you stressing out about which course of study to pursue at college? There are multiple approaches you could take to arrive at a decision about which major to declare. 472 more words


8 Myths About College

Myth #1 – It’s better to get good grades than take challenging courses.

When you have even modest success in advanced or accelerated courses, it indicates to a college that you can handle challenging courses – like those you will find in college. 562 more words


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Monthly College Mate Writing Contest

Hey there College Mate Readers!

We’ve been so busy with client work that we find ourselves in need of an extra article or two per month – and we want you to send them in. 513 more words


10 high paying jobs in the US and UK market for young professionals

In this infographic created by AssignmentMasters human resources professionals with years of experience in job market analysis, you will find the list of the TOP10 in-demand professions and needed skills in the US and UK job market. 212 more words

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What Do Philosophers Do (and Why Bother?)

I love philosophy, reading it, writing it, and talking about it. I acknowledge this is a bit of niche interest, as most primary and secondary do not offer philosophy in their curriculum, and many people see philosophy as a “Worthless Major” in college. 1,079 more words