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Choosing a productive major

Welcome back to college; time to choose your major! At age 20 you need to guess what you want to do with the rest of your life. 1,130 more words

Another Year is Here

I’m back for my junior year of college. I haven’t been able to update this blog much because life got really busy last semester.

This is the year I really get into my major. 268 more words


Freshmen year: stressed out

Hey guys, I believe I should update you guys with what is going on in my life at the moment. Well first, I started college just two days ago and I can say that some classes will be intimidating, and some will not be too hard on me. 314 more words


Hi, I’m a Parent and my kid wants to go to college.

If your kid aspires to attend an institution of higher learning, I encourage you to do everything you can to make their dream a reality! As a parent, you may say, “no matter what, my kid is going to college!” Or you may ask, “We don’t have the money, how can my kid go to college?” Whatever shade of the spectrum that you’re on, college entry and graduation is possible for any kid that wants it bad enough. 30 more words

A Major in Storytelling

A close friend of mine made his own major in college. His official major is “Entrepreneurship, Design, and Technological Change” which, to the surprise of no one, remain his current passions to this day. 544 more words


Take the "S" away from "STEM"!

Recently, I did a little research on the wage premiums for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) major graduates. What I discovered was surprising. It turns out that although in general, people who major in subjects like electrical engineering or computer science fare much better than graduates with, say, journalism or sociology degrees, people who majored in pure sciences like biology or chemistry generally earned LESS than those liberal arts majors. 55 more words