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31 Real-Life Struggles Of Being An English Major

1. People often refer to you as ‘A English major’ and this makes you queasy (and sound super snooty when you correct them, Yes, I’m… 661 more words

What will my major be?

Finishing up my sophomore year in college I am met with the big decision, “what will I major in?”

The decision felt so heavy on my shoulders because ever since I saw Harriet the spy when I was 10 years old I wanted to write everything I ever saw, ate, smelled, or felt down in to my notebook. 385 more words

Choose a Major Based on Your Personality Type

If you’re having trouble deciding on a major, don’t worry; you are not alone! Although it may be stressful to make one concrete decision on what you’ll essentially be doing for the rest of your life, you’ve got options, and surprisingly enough, your personality may be the deciding factor as to what that may be.  626 more words


So You Don’t Know What You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

Me either.

I started touring colleges my junior year of high school. I remember it was a rainy Saturday and we drove out to my dad’s alma mater for their open house. 354 more words


See Which College Majors Lead Graduates to Their Parents' Basements

It’s an old joke among humanities majors: You may be nourishing the soul, but when you graduate, it’s back to living with your parents while you look for a job with that degree. 251 more words


My majors are Architect Design and Engineering Technology ! I am doing everything I can to find programs that have these majors outside of school.



I am looking at colleges that has great majors in Architect Design and Engineering Programs. I would really like to do architect design because learning about buildings and how they are structured is interesting to me.

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